Leather Fyre

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Leather Fyre
Player: @Night.Fyre
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50 (+)
Personal Data
Real Name: John Callum
Known Aliases: None known
Species: Human (Mutant)
Age: 27
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 190 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Kings Row
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Talos Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known; He has been spotted with a middle-aged man wearing a biker jacket, but the biker's identity isn’t publicly known.
Known Powers
Energy Blaster/Melee
Known Abilities
Generation of Concussive Energy for ranged or melee attacks, kinetic energy absorbtion, flight.
Power Suppression belt unit
Leather Fyre wears a power suppression belt unit due to signs that his mutation is growing still, and he is in danger of his body converting itself wholely into energy. See Dr. St John-Smythes report for more details.

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Leather Fyre is my original character. When I first created him, he was on Pinnacle, and was named Night Fyre, hence the global name. And yes, I know the name doesn't really fit an energy blaster, but I was just getting into the game for the first time and wasn't worried about the name reflecting his powers. When I discovered all of my friends who played were on Virtue, he was recreated there, and since I hadn't gotten any higher than lvl 10, I eventually just deleted the original. Since the name Night Fyre was not available on Virtue, he was renamed Leather Fyre. One of my friends would endlessly tease him in game that he had no fire powers, but I came up with a reason for the name, because I didn't want to pay to rename him. Later, I actually created a Night.Fyre character and incorporated him into Leather Fyre's background.




John Callum fits the description of many heroes: tall, athletic, and handsome. At 6' 2", he actually is shorter than average for most heroes running around Paragon City. Black hair, green eyes, and well tanned means that if he is not dressed in his biker leathers, most people dont recognize him from a distance. Until they get close to him.

Up close, the air always seems to faintly crackle with energy. Also, the belt he always wears becomes noticeble as some sort of technology, the "buckle" being a dial to control it, the center always glowing.

When John is out being a Hero, he is usually dressed in biker leather (vest and pants), leather straps and chains, and his bare chest shows a Tribal wing tattoo, and blue flames on his arms. A blue-ish hued energy plasma visibly rises from him, almost like fire.


John is friendly, and easily approachable. He always seems cheerful, and tends to look on the bright side of things. As Leather Fyre, he is still just as friendly, but tends to be focused on the task at hand, and unlike some heroes, he doesn't usually banter or quip while he is fighting villains. He tends to go on patrol solo, not because he feels anti-social, but more because he feels more comfortable when he is protecting the city on his own since he grew up mostly on his own. But he will team up with anyone who needs help, or against major threats.

History and Origin


John Callum is an orphan of the Rikti War. He grew up on the streets of Kings Row, fending for himself against the gangs and criminals in that run down area of Paragon. He got pretty good at snatching what he needed when it was unattended. Enough to get by, anyways.

Around when he was 14, his powers first began to manifest. He discovered he could channel energy into blasts of concussive force, or surround his fists with that same concussive energy to give a punch that would send his target flying. But this was unreliable at first, mostly during moments of stress or fear. Later, as he began to be able to produce the energy on demand, he was tempted to use it for his own gain, but using it in a controlled manner would use up his stored energy quickly, and it would take time for his stores to regenerate, so he bided his time and practiced in back alleys and abandoned lots.

This is how he was discovered by Paul Rushton. Paul did a lot of charity work with street kids, trying to keep them from joining gangs or turning to crime. He'd heard of John through some of the kids he worked with, and went looking for the mysterious teenager who had been blasting energy bolts at Skulls. Paul found him practicing in an alley, blasting dumpsters and trash cans.

After talking with John for a little bit, Paul convinced John to come back to the youth shelter with him by telling the teen a little about what it was like in prison, because Paul was an ex-con himself. He explained to John about how much worse the sentences are if the crimes are committed by someone with powers. And he would get caught, as the heroes of Paragon are really good at catching superpowered villains. (Paul purposely avoided mentioning that the ones that got away were usually part of gangs, because that was what he was trying to steer him away from...). Paul also mentioned how if John got caught, he’d end up in the power suppression section of the Zig, and how much worse it would be without his abilities to protect himself in that section.

After dazzling and baffling with all the consequences of going the crime route, Paul offered him an alternative: He could register as a Hero, and possibly take advantage of Paragon’s subsidy offered to registered heroes, or potentially join Hero Corps, or any number of sponsored supergroups. And then he could get paid to use his abilities to help people, and achieve some level of fame as a Hero, and looked up to, rather than looked down upon.

John didn’t have to consider it very long. Become a hero and possibly be famous? Sounded good to him. He went with Paul back to the youth shelter, and although he found he had to be 18 to register, the youth shelter did help him get the education he had been missing out on living on the streets, and after some years of remedial schooling, and being fostered by Paul, at 19 he was ready to register at Paragon City Hall as a Hero.

His first couple of choices of names were already taken, but after thinking about it, he registered as Leather Fyre: because in the few years he’d been living with Paul, John had embraced the biker culture and Paul’s gang as a sort of extended family, and so his first choice of costume was biker leathers. And for his 18th birthday, he’d gotten blue flames tattooed on his arms, due to the energy plasma that his body exuded when he activated his powers that resembles blue flames.

Early Hero Career

Leather Fyre

Powers and Abilities

Core Powers: Energy Blast/Assault

As mentioned, despite his hero name, Leather Fyre’s powers have nothing to do with fire. He instead manipulates energy, projecting it in a variety of concussive blasts, or imbuing his fists with concussive energy and sending his foes flying, or stunning them with the concussive force.


Due to his ability to manipulate energy, Leather Fyre can attune himself to the natural invisible currents of energy present everywhere, and can ride the currents, or redirect them to allow him to travel through the air in a form of flight.

Energy Aura

Leather Fyre’s body is constantly absorbing energy from the environment, although most of the time this is a passive effect that gives him a charge of energy constantly, making the air around him subtly charged with energy. But he can fire up the ability to a greater level (which causes a visible energy plasma to be emitted from his body), which allows him to be “bullet resistant”, since his body will absorb and convert the kinetic energy from projectiles -- although it still hurts a whole lot to be shot. But on top of the absorption of environmental energy, he can tap into the energy suffusing everything (often called Zero Point Energy) to fuel his more active powers. He can project this aura farther from his body, making him effectively invulnerable, but this also prevents him from using his own offensive powers, as projecting his energy outward in this manner requires all of his concentration.


Leather Fyre wears a power suppression belt, After Dr. Saint John-Smythe had given him the boost to his powers, it apparently triggered an advancement of his mutation whereby his cells began to convert themselves into energy. It is uncertain if Leather Fyre would survive the transformation, nor if he would be able to convert himself back. The level of power suppression is tunable, and Leather Fyre will often adjust it to a lower level when he goes up against tougher enemies.

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