Legacy Warrior

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The Legacy Warrior
Player: @Nerfed
Origin: technology
Archetype: scrapper
Security Level: 30
Personal Data
Real Name: 'Unknown'
Known Aliases: varies
Species: human
Age: 17, varies
Height: 5' 5", varies
Weight: 109 lbs, varies
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: brown, varies
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: unemployed
Place of Birth: 'Unknown'
Current Residence: Confidential
Marital Status: Believed single
Known Relatives: 'Unknown'
Known Powers
broad sword, willpower
Known Abilities
taser, rocket pack, nemesis staff
Capable of summoning / trading places with ancestors


A young street urchin found a mortally wounded time traveler claiming to be on the run from some villainous organization of time travelers. Before he could explain more, he died from injuries he'd sustained in battle. His golden equipment seemed too good to be true, but the girl was poor and knew it must be worth something. She took it and left before the police found the body. Before deciding to try and sell it, she put the gear on to have a little fun. The technological wand suddenly manifested energy blades, and after pushing a few buttons which adjusted settings to see what would happen, she sliced the weapon through the air to find that the weapon could cut through the barrier of time itself. She found herself in a cold land filled with barbarian men, and they were wondering what had happened to their traveling companion... a fierce shield maiden. It wasn't long before the equipment the girl found revealed that she'd moved backward in time but someone else had taken her place in the present. Again, the wondrous time travel tech the girl found proved useful when she realized it was translating between her and the viking warriors. She learned all she could while there, and eventually figured out how to return to her present. After spending some time researching at the library, she discovered that the woman whom she'd traded places with in time was actually a distant ancestor.

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