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Light of the Phoenix title.jpg

Light of the Phoenix
Player: @LightofthePhoenix
Basic Data
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 50
Occupation: Full-time Hero, Retired school director
Personal Data
Real Name: Elizabeth Kerensky
Known Aliases: Phoenix, Phe
Species: Human
Age: 55 (Appears early 20s)
Height: 5'7
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Fire Red/Orange
Blood Type: O Type (Universal Donor)
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Wytheville, Virginia
Birthdate: February 28, 1954
Citizenship: American Citizen
Current Residence: Confidential
Religion/Faith: Agnostic
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Known Languages
Known Relatives
Father - Alexander Kerensky (A sorceror)
Known Powers
Pyrokinesis, Empathy, Self-Propelled Flight, Teleportation
Training / Abilities
Her powers are her own


Originicon magic.png Personality H archetypeicon controller.png

Elizabeth is always ready to help anyone in any way she can, whether it be citizens or fellow heroes. She has even been known to hang around Atlas Park to make sure the latest batch of super-powered citizens of Paragon City make it through their first steps alright. Her heart is pure and she will do what it takes to keep the world safe and clean of villainy and thugs.

Originicon magic.png Pre-Heroic years H archetypeicon controller.png

When she was born, complications caused her to be deemed officially passed away mere minutes after being brought into the world, but shortly after her heart beat again, and she was found to be perfectly healthy. At the age of 5 she tripped and fell down the stairs. She was rushed to the hospital where, again, she soon passed away, yet, again, she became healthy once again, and her injuries immediately healed themselves. Shortly after her 16th birthday, when driving her new car, a truck pulled out in front of her, causing her to swerve and crash into a ditch. When the emergency crews came, her car was completely totaled and blood covered the steering wheel and her body itself, but not a scratch was on her. Her father says she has the spirit of the Phoenix coursing through her veins. This was proven even further when she discovered an ability to create and control fire with but her mind. Among her new abilities was the ability to cure any wound, no matter how severe, as well as ability to fly unaided and to instantaneously teleport herself or others across great distances.

Originicon magic.png Paragon City H archetypeicon controller.png

Upon Elizabeth's arrival in Paragon City she took on the mantle "Light of the Phoenix," joking that every other form of 'Phoenix' was taken. Since coming to the City she has only grown stronger and is now considered among the ranks of the city's greatest heroes. She had come to the city in the 80s so she has seen much in her time, but the Rikti War was the first moment she really shined. Being of a magic origin she was able to take advantage of the Rikti's main weakness, but it also meant she was often targeted by them. Thanks to her immortality the Rikti failed to keep her down, and she only kept up the fight. She joined Statesman's Alpha Team to provide a distraction for Hero 1 and his team to finish the war once and for all and was able to keep many of the heroes on the team on their feet.

After the war she continued to serve the people of Paragon City to the best of her ability. She has fought every villain group to show themselves to the city, teamed with countless heroes, and been a member of many of the major organizations around Paragon, including the Freedom Phalanx, Vanguard, the Midnighter Club, and, most recently, The Palladium Sentry.

In all of Liz's time in Paragon City she's been on so many adventures she can't remember all of them right off, but given time she can recall even the color of the shirt the boss was wearing. Her apartment is filled with souvenirs and badges from across the city and time itself. Occasionally, however, an event will stick out in her mind stronger than others.

Almost a year after first signing on with The Palladium Sentry, Liz was called by Vanguard to lead a strike team (Simply codenamed Strike Team Phoenix) against a Rikti incursion in an undisclosed corner of the world. Upon leaving she maintained radio silence for almost two months. The whereabouts of her team a mystery to the Sentry.

Months after disappearing a strange garbled radio message was sent over Sentry channels. After working to clear up the message the reasons for Phoenix's long leave of absence were revealed. The message read as follows: “Come in Palladium Sentry! This is Light of the Phoenix. Palladium Sentry! Come in! I repeat. This is Light of the Phoenix. The Rikti have created some sort of time portal. We can’t let them invade before humanity is ready. Going to go through to stop them. I may not return. Wish me luck.”

Hours later an Ouroboros portal opened within the Sentry base and out stepped a wizened Phoenix of the future, referring to herself as Mender Phoenix. (Prologue can be found here [1])

Originicon magic.png Powers/Abilities H archetypeicon controller.png

All of her powers are derived from magic. While still in the womb her spirit came into contact with the spirit of a phoenix that had been torn from its body centuries before, wandering the world since. The phoenix felt drawn to her powerful aura and as their spirits met the phoenix' abilities were passed on to Elizabeth.

Art by my friend Kal-El7. Check out his Deviantart page:

FireTrap FireCage.png Fire Control FireTrap FireCage.png

The first real power Elizabeth exhibited was the ability to create and control flame without an outside fuel source. Knowing the destructive power of fire she tries to keep her abilities in check, preferring to use them in a support manner rather than a fully offensive assault. Over time she has learned enough control to generate pets to support her, Fire Imps. Her Imps are her main source of attack capability and seem to have an at least mild sentience. She has jokingly named them Inky, Pinky, and Blinky, citing that they seem to follow her like the ghosts from Pac-Man of the same names.

Empathy RegenerationAura.png Empathy Empathy RegenerationAura.png

It was obvious from the beginning that Elizabeth possessed healing powers due to her impressive regenerative capabilities, but shortly after discovering her pyrokinetic abilities she exhibited the ability to heal another person's wounds. At first she was only able to heal certain injuries but in her time as a superhero has fine-tuned this ability to allow her to heal anything from a headache or a sprained ankle to a gaping slash. These abilities can sometimes seem erratic, particularly in or after a battle, in that she cannot always heal to the best of her abilities. It is a common belief that she heals with her own life energy, requiring her to rest and allow her own regenerative abilities to heal herself before she can continue pushing herself.

Sketch done by my good friend Blue-Bug

Flight TravelFlight.png Flight Flight TravelFlight.png

Another major power she possesses is that of self-propelled flight. Throughout her hero career she has developed this ability to the point where flying is as simple a thing as walking to her.

Teleportation Teleport.png Teleportation Teleportation Teleport.png

The final power in Elizabeth's arsenal is the ability to instantaneously move herself and others from one location to another. Though most often seen only teleporting one being at a time has exhibited the ability to transport multiple persons at once when she pushes herself.

Originicon magic.png Affiliations: Supergroups Archetypeicon controller.png

The Palladium Sentry - The only officially sanctioned super group Elizabeth has been an official member of. She serves as the leader of the group's Search & Rescue team and is oftentimes called upon to serve as a Second-in-Command to Knight Sentinel (Though she now shares this with American Avenger.*)

Originicon magic.png Affiliations: People Archetypeicon controller.png

Matt King - They first met during a Task Force sent by Statesman to stop Lord Recluse's latest scheme. During that battle they gained a mutual respect for each other, and after realizing they were both members of the same Coalition (albeit in different groups) became friends and have been known to team together on multiple occasions.

Knight Sentinel -

Blue Bug -

Dragonfly - At one point Light of the Phoenix served as the director of Crimson Academy, a school that devoted itself to teaching young heroes better control of their abilities while also providing a normal school curriculum. Kristen Jones, a.k.a. Dragonfly, was one of her best students. Elizabeth has the utmost respect for Dragonfly and Dragonfly returns the sentiment, and then some. While Dragonfly doesn't like showing signs of weakness she sees Phoenix as a mentor and a role-model, even deciding to follow Phoenix in joining The Palladium Sentry, to Phe's amusement.

Originicon magic.png Opinions & Thoughts Archetypeicon controller.png

"Liz is a great hero who cares deeply for Paragon's citizens. I hope to fight alongside her for many years to come." - Matt's thoughts about Elizabeth.

Originicon magic.png Costumes Archetypeicon controller.png

Main - The costume Light of the Phoenix typically wears when patrolling the streets. The entire outfit is made from a fireproof material, but at times her flames can burn so intensely that even the special fabric can't withstand it, causing damage to the sleeves of her trenchcoat.

Vanguard - When Light of the Phoenix joined with Vanguard she was given a set of armor that she soon modified to her liking. What she ended up with was an outfit that was obviously Vanguard, but at the same time her own.

Future - In certain futures Light of the Phoenix has modified her basic costume to provide better protection in an attempt to better keep ahead of increased dangers as villains got better equipment and better powers.

Mender - Even further into the future Light of the Phoenix has left time itself to join with Ouroboros. Her immortality gives her a much longer carbon tether than many others in the organization. The outfit she wears takes cues from the typical Ouroboros uniform, while at the same time showing elements of her original costume, most notably in the trenchcoat and belt. Physically, she herself remains the same, such is the life of an immortal being.

Golden - (Not pictured) In the early days of her heroic career Light of the Phoenix went with the stereotypical tights and cape, long since that time she has hung up the cape and tights to instead sport her current appearance. (I will get a screenshot of this costume at a later date. I don't have it in one of my costume slots and the game won't let me take screenshots in the tailor/character creator)

Close up of the hero.

Story Arcs

Light of the Phoenix can be found in:


AE Arc: Flames of the Phoenix v2.0 ****Unpublished for the moment - The Devs took out the flaming forest map for reasons unknown to me, without it the second mission doesn't make sense.****

  • Arc ID: 7348
  • Length: Long
  • Morality: Heroic
  • Level range: 1-54 throughout
  • Mission 1: Small map. Release 3 captives, Defeat All. 10 minute time limit.
  • Mission 2: Outdoor map. Defeat boss, Collect 3 Objects, Defeat All. 45 minute time limit.
  • Enemy Groups: Custom group.
  • Description: The powerful hero known as Light of the Phoenix has finally met her match. Herself! Help her to send her Praetorian counterpart back through the portal.
  • Author Notes (OOC): *CAUTION: A TEAM IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - You have been warned* The time limits and defeat all objectives may turn people away from this arc but as people who have played it have told me it is very enjoyable. The time limits are completable as personally tested with multiple teams of 2 and a team of 6. The time limits are meant to represent how quickly fire can spread and meant to invoke a feeling of panic in order to push the team to their limits. Much testing was done to insure the arc was doable. Should a glitch occur that you cannot locate an enemy or an objective please do not mark down my arc as it is entirely out of my control, I ask that you only try again or don't rate it at all. The final boss is meant to be difficult but is defeatable by a team of 2 and a pick up team of 6.

AE Arc: Fallen Snow

  • Arc ID: 47121
  • Length: Long
  • Morality: Heroic
  • Level range: 1-54 throughout
  • Mission 1: Medium map. Defeat boss, Collect object, Patrols, Defeat All.
  • Mission 2: Small map. Ambush, Collect two objects, Rescue Ally, Defeat All.
  • Mission 3: Medium map. Defeat boss, Destroy 3 objects, Patrols, Rescue two Allies.
  • Enemy Groups: Council
  • Description: The young hero named Snow Panther has gone missing! Light of the Phoenix, leader of the Search & Rescue team of the Palladium Sentry has contacted you for help.
  • Author Notes (OOC): This arc was mostly designed as one for my Supergroup to run however I worded the text to allow for others to run through it should they want to. The final mission can get a bit weird due to the game's random placement of the allies and boss. It is set for one ally to be in the front, another in the middle, and the boss in the back. Somehow it generally puts the middle ally in the front, the boss in the middle, and the front ally in a place cut off by the boss. As such the dialogue can get a little weird. This is proof of our need to at least allow specific placement of allies and bosses rather than the game generating them at random every time. Until this feature is implemented however, the mission will remain as is (unless I decide to go in and test their placement directly).
Malin Akerman as Light of the Phoenix.



Originicon magic.png Theme Songs H archetypeicon controller.png

  • Matthew Good Band - Indestructible [2]
  • Chantelle Duncan - Forever [3]

Originicon magic.png OOC H archetypeicon controller.png

Light of the Phoenix is my main hero, really my main character over all. I'm an avid altoholic so she was the first character I stuck with long enough to get past level 20, and when she finally reached 50 at the time she was the only character I had above 25. Inspiration for her is drawn from various Marvel characters, the most obvious one being Phoenix [Her costume is a combination of her comic and X-Men 3: The Last Stand appearances], the other inspirations are Elixir (of the New X-Men/X-Force), and if Dr. Strange had a daughter.

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