Long Arm

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Long Arm
Martial Arts/Suiper Reflexes
Player: User:Charcoal
Activity Level: High
Basic Information
Real Name: Elliot MacTagart
Aliases: Long Arm
Titles: None
Rank: Defiant Fist
Physical Identifiers
Species: Human
Sub-Type: Scientifically altered
Gender: Female
Apparent Age: Unknown
Height: 5'1
Weight: Unknown
Build: Small
Complexion: pale
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Distinguishing Features
Extremely red hair, very short, very stretchy.
Biographical Data
Birthdate: 9/19/1990
Birthplace: Cork, Ireland
Nationality: Irish
Residence: Paragon City, RI
Occupation: Reciprocators operative
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: No Criminal Record
Relatives & Associates
Known Powers
Extreme full body elasticity. Heavily resistant to physical damage.
Skills & Abilities
Polymerized suit to stretch as necessary.



Born into a large Catholic family, Elly was the second youngest of seven children (Four boys, three girls.). Within the family, she got a name for herself outside of "The youngest" by making them recognize her as "The smart one." Being bumped up years in grade school, she found her original calling in chemistry during high school. Heading to Uni on a scholarship, she graduated at 18, and was immediately picked up by a company called Advantech.

One of her later assignments was the creation and management of a new 'Super polymer', to be used in commercial products the world over. It was to be her finest work, and something that would make Advantech millions, if it was ever completed.

For now, the reason for the accident is unknown. The only solid facts are that, during the final stages of creation, the polymer exploded violently, severely injuring many and saturating Elly. She was taken to a hospital and put into intensive care for forty-eight hours, then on observation until the day she awoke.

Learning to ply

When she awoke, Elly found that she had been changed by the accident. Once her family cleared out, she found that her body had become substantially more flexible and resilient. After a very brief period of testing while the nurses were away, she found her body had become akin to living rubber; keeping the appearance and feeling of flesh, but being extra yielding and, to a point, stretchy.

She was released shortly after, keeping her discovery to herself, at least until she got home. She told her parents, and the four brothers that still lived with them, about the powers she had discovered, and her intention to nurture them and try and make a difference.

Her parents, especially, were shocked at first, but came to support her decision. Her father, especially, decided to help her hone her skills using his walking staff (Shillelagh). Eventually, she got to the point where she could bend her body around the incoming blows, and wear her father out enough for him to forfeit.

Practicing with her brothers, she found she could build tension in her limbs, and 'snap' them like rubber bands, creating substantial impact on the target. Once that was mastered, she moved on to the final piece of her heroic puzzle- Her costume.

She collected the insurance money from her job, effectively becoming the straw that broke the camels back for Advantech and leaving them backrupt with premiums. Using her earnings, she bought the materials she'd need to not only make a costume, but make it super-elastic to keep up with her stretching needs.

The costume itself was originally orange, white, and green (The colors of the Irish flag), but has since changed. The design, however, remains the same. A mask that covers most of her face, safe her jaw area and cheeks, that extends down over her chest and under her arms, making it near impossible for either her top or mask to slip off. Her top, done in leotard style, hooks under her legs, and acts as a similar anchor for her pants. Finally, her boots and gloves attach with small hooks- A design she intends to change once she gets a better handle on her stretching ability.

Finally, she was ready.

Coming to America

Elly left as quickly as she could with her family's blessing, headed for Paragon City, Rhode Island. As soon as she arrived, she found herself a place to live, and the most basic of furniture. Her real intention was to get into costume, get registered, and get out there as quickly as possible. Registering under the name "Long Arm" (She thought it was funny.), she took to the streets...And quickly found herself over her head.

She did what she could, but without the know-how of how things worked, she was going nowhere fast. Soon after, she heard about the Reciprocators. She decided to apply in order to both gain some much needed allies, and some practical training instead of just dodging sticks and punching her siblings.


Although she's still very new to the scene, she's not making the same mistakes she used to. Having the Cips to watch her back and keep her more grounded helps, though she feels she tends to annoy them with her constant chatter over their frequency. She hopes to be done with her trial soon and become a Tertiary Fist.

Elly's had some success with some of the bigger fish in the smaller ponds of Paragon, having gone on a mission with two other Recipricators (Black Starbeam and Cyberette) to take out Frostfire, her first "Supervillian." The mission was a success, though the battle was hard-fought: Frostfire had the unfortunate advantage of sporting both of Elly's weaknesses. She's also since worked with Positron to save the dam from a triple threat of Vahzilok, Clockwork, and Circle of Thorns.

Further, she's begun to continue her original experiment with the polymer, but with a different purpose. She intends to make a formula to use on herself, in order to push her body past it's current limits, and become more elastic, and therefor (In her mind) more powerful and super heroic. So far, she has had some success, and boasts a breakthrough is on the way.

OOC Notes

Elly is my second attempt at "Cheating" powers- Creating powers not represented in-game through using backstory and creative use of existing powers. Her accent is, admittedly, horrible, switching between Irish, Scottish, English, and a bastardization of the three.

Elly loves to assign nicknames to the people she likes, and utterly forgetting those she hates- Frostfire was refered to as, among other things, Frosted Flakes. It's not an attempt to be funny, or cute, but a way of blocking the person she hates from her mind.

Elly has two weaknesses, RPwise- Frost, which makes it very hard for her to bend, and eventually makes her brittle, and fire, which makes her 'melty'. This is paired with a strength- She's basically made of rubber, so electricity does nothing to her. Unfortunately, there's no way to show that, other than reacting strongly to fire, and not ICly registering electric attacks as hitting.

Finally, she is admittedly not the picture you'd think of when you think "Science genius chemistry kid", but that will be touched in an arc I have planned for her in the future.

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