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She'll Shower You With Love!*
Player: @PowerLeveler
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: What do you want it to *bxzzt* be?
Known Aliases: Dude, that hot chick over there! Yeah! Her!
Species: Robot
Age: Depends on what state you're in
Height: Tall enough to ride
Weight: 600 lbs. (In her bra)
Eye Color: Copper
Hair Color: Varies
Biographical Data
Nationality: All of them
Occupation: The oldest one
Place of Birth: The id of every 12 year old boy ever
Base of Operations: n/a
Marital Status: You'll need a lot more math
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Unconditional love and radiation poisoning.
Known Abilities
Powered by a faulty radioactive core, she can give you the best night, and the worst morning after, of your whole life
Full of useful devices
*Love contains radiation. Do not allow the LoveBot6500 to shower you with love. Do not make eye contact with the LoveBot6500. Do not feed LoveBot6500 between the hours of 3 AM and 11 AM. Limit LoveBot6500's exposure to Batman memorabilia. Failing to do so may result in LoveBot6500 developing a fascination with experimental Jazz, particularly the later works of Miles Davis. If LoveBot6500 begins to smoke, glow, or ring, or you notice that LoveBot6500 has begin to emit whirring noises, high pitched hums, or grinding noises, you should put the LoveBot6500 in a garbage bag, and place it in a second bag if the Deuterium Buddy Uranium Core looks bulged. Please don't attempt to take this item back to a store. Instead, move the item to an area where it won't cause damage and contact the EPA, CDC, and the head of the Paragon University physics department Doctor Kyle Czechlows. If you find a LoveBot6500 in any of the following states: Off, On; then contact your family and finalize your will. Hair contains yellow 32 (to ensure freshness).



Congratulations on your purchase of the LoveBot6500 produced by Crey Industries! Non-aggressive and wholly without a single opinion you have not given her, the LoveBot6500 delivers quality companionship without any of the typical problems of actual human contact.

Package Contents

Your package should include the following:

Installing the Core

Before installing the Deuterium Buddy Uranium Core into your LoveBot6500 model, please be sure you have all the necessary tools, including:

For complete home installation instructions, please refer to chapters 3-9, 11, and 17 of Nuclear Chemical Engineering (2nd Edition) by Benedict, Manson; Pigford, Thomas H.; Levi, Hans Wolfgang © 1981 McGraw-Hill. Also recommended is Introduction to Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion by Francis F. Chen 2nd ed. 1984. Corr. 2nd printing edition (May 31, 2006) chapters 8-15, 18, 20-22.

Software Installation

The LoveBot6500 comes preloaded with all necessary software, including Crey's award winning valtrex.dll, jimmyhat.exe, and a2m.a2m. Please visit our website for additional downloads to further enhance your LoveBot6500.

Working and Playing With the LoveBot6500

The LoveBot6500 is designed to be the perfect companion for anyone tired of conversations, spontaneous outings, meaningful time spent together, or other outdated facets of human interaction. To being working and playing with your LoveBot6500, activate the power switch located on the Deuterium Buddy Uranium Core.

The LoveBot6500 is designed to learn as you interact with her, while maintaining no sense of self outside your relationship-like bond. Each LoveBot6500 is your own unique friend, and thus all are educated best in the same way. The LoveBot6500 is designed to believe every word you say, taken totally at face value. No more worrying about niceties of social interaction, or concern for the feelings of your closest companion!

If the LoveBot6500 is given conflicting orders, a minor error may result. Typically the LoveBot6500 will ask for clarification. At this time, it is best to reprimand[1] the LoveBot6500 to correct the error and ensure the best response to your stimuli. You may yell at the LoveBot6500[2], strike the LoveBot6500[3], or even beat the LoveBot6500 about the face and upper body with a metal pipe[4].

The LoveBot6500 is designed to never press charges. Though, due to a Turing number of 7, the LoveBot6500 does fall under the Asmiov-Hess Robotic Rights act of 2005, the LoveBot6500 has been designed to never contact the authorities and will refuse any attempts to assign a Legal Guardian to it, with force if necessary. There is absolutely no concern that your actions with regards to other sentient beings will ever have negative consequences again!


The LoveBot6500 does not have internal organs like those found in non-robotic lifeforms. For diagnostic help please contact Crey Industries via long distance telephone call.




My LoveBot6500 is not moving!

My LoveBot6500 doesn't like the same things that I do!

Pictures of me and my LoveBot6500 are very grainy!

Since my LoveBot6500 arrived, I've been feeling ill and have lost a lot of hair.

This article is potentially radioactive and shouldn't be opened, touched, or looked at unless you have something really important to say. Side effects may include hair loss, weight loss, loss of appetite, double vision, blurry vision, nausea, difficulty standing for long periods of time, dizzyness, nose bleed, bloody discharge, rectal bleeding, bloody teeth and gums, bleeding through the ears, bloody tears, or headache. In rare cases, certain individuals may gain super powers.

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