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Empire of Atlantis
Player: @Rinterra
Empirical Standing
Division: Confidential
Rank: '
Origin/AT: Magic/Blaster
Security Level: 50
Atlantean's Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: '
Species: Rafaeran Elf
Age: Appears 19. Approximately 430
Height/Weight: 5'8, 142lbs
Eye/Hair Color: Pale blue/ brown
Citizenship: Atlantean / Rafaeran
Current Residence: The Temple
Breeding Status: None
Known Relatives: Kiris[father-Diceased] Merada[mother-diseased]
Known Mutations
Training / Abilities
racial attributes, telepathy, Soul magicks, Djinn magicks, Oracle prowess
Personal Items
Undine's Eye-his pendant, Para-unem Gauntlets- magic catalysts
Although he is the Oracle of the water dragon Undine. He is a child and follower of Aphrodite.



My empire of Atlantis character, and one of my favorites because his personality is most like my own. this is still a huggggeeeee work in progress.

Background: Rebirth

Originally, Lukerion was the son of two Rafaeran elves, and was quite the skilled mystic. Eventually, Lukerion became one of thirteen oracles, the oracles of Dragons. Being an oracle eventually lead him to Leviathas, and athe Atlanteans.

Rebirth- Recently, Lukerion became very ill, and almost passed, Albeit a powerful witch, who was once an ally of his family and of his tutor, Lorenius, aided him. She removed all of the magic in the Saphire pendant around Lukerion's neck, and Fused the soul of the dragon within, with that of Lukerion's own spirit.

Essentially, this rebirthed Lukerion, giving him the power of the dragon, Azariel.

Powers and Abilities

Strength- Lukerion possesses slightly more strength than an average human.

Speed- Lukerion can run much faster than normal people, and can jump higher, as well.

Telepathy- Like all Rafaeran elves, Lukerion is Telepathic through his sense of smell, and can smell Thoughts and emotions

Soul Magicks- Lukerion's new spells derive from him now harboring the soul of Azariel, a very old dragonic entity. The flames burn hot untill they come into contact with a living soul, and then they burn cold, burning instead the soul itself.

Healing- Lukerion learned basic white magicks from Lorenius, such as healing non-fatal wounds, and curing toxins.


Para-Unem Gauntlets- Gauntlets forged from the golden scales of a metallic serpent off the coast of Italy. The gauntlets have small crystals imbedded in them that amplify magic power, and make a nastey melee weapon with the sharp points on the knuckles.


Lukerion is far from pacifistic, but is usually quite upbeat, and hyper.


-has icey blue eyes -has fangs -Is a pretty-boy -Always smells like a sweet flower or light mint. -Has the soul of Azariel, an old dragon inside of him -Is talented with charms and hexes -Can smell emotions and surface thoughts

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