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Montag mid-shot.
MKU Montag
Player: Merg
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Preston Montague
Known Aliases: Monty, Uncle
Species: Human
Age: 17
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Praetorian
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Praetorian Dimension
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Sharpshooter, basic combat training, avoidance
2x Pistols with varying Ammo, Prototype Energy Gauntlets, Grenades, Taser
He is 10 years displaced.

MKU Montag is a pistoleer from Praetoria. When he left Praetoria it was 2000, but when he arrived in Primal Earth it was 2010. He fights on the side of heroes in an effort to make up for his past as a Loyalist assassin.




MK Ultra

Montag's parents were killed in the aftermath of the Hamidon Wars, leaving him alone as just a baby. He was adopted by a secret organization known as MK ULTRA, formerly a clandestine CIA division, repurposed for use in the Hamidon Wars and the creation of Marcus Cole's new city, Praetoria. MK ULTRA's past research into mind-controlling substances proved useful in the creation of Enriche, but chemical control was now just a part of what the organization did.

Montag was trained as an assassin and used to root out Resistance cells before the movement could take hold in Praetoria. He excelled at his job, killing Resistance leaders with an efficiency that echoed Praetor Keyes' own Clockwork robots. Between missions, he continued his training and though he was allowed to venture freely outside the MKU compound, he usually chose to stay within.

Montag accepted his role as assassin until one day he was sent to kill a particular Resistance cell. He did his job as efficiently as ever, and it was only after he'd killed the last of his targets that he noticed something was wrong. The people he'd killed didn't have crates of weaponry as he was told, nor did they appear to be smuggling technology. They had signs and stencils and spray paint cans. They were simple protesters, not full-fledged Resistance terrorists. This fact was underscored when he found a little girl hiding within the walls of the apartment, whose name was also listed as a target.


Montag didn't kill the girl. He let her hide there until he was able to sneak back in later that night, and he smuggled her into his quarters back at the MKU facility. He knew what could happen to her if anyone else found her -- she'd be killed or sent to a Praetorian orphanage, which in his mind could be worse than death. She hadn't seen who killed her parents, and Montag felt it would only cause problems if he told her.

She was quiet at first, like Montag, but slowly she began to recover from the trauma of her parents' death. For months he took care of her, keeping her out of sight while he went out on missions, sneaking food to her and using what little money he was allotted to buy her clothes and toys.

She and Montag warmed to each other, Miriam referring to Montag as "Uncle." Finding Miriam had changed his life. No longer did he go out on missions blindly following orders to kill. In fact, he didn't kill at all, which made his superiors suspicious.


The MKU received information on a new project headed by a Resistance cell of scientists, and Montag was brought on board to participate in the raid. What they found when they raided the Resistance hideout was a new kind of prototype technology, a "rift enclosure" that allowed travel between dimensions. The Resistance were planning to use it either to escape to another dimension, or to call for help. MKU operatives quickly cleared out the scientists; Montag avoided killing any himself, but was saddened to see his fellow operatives take up his slack.

When the raid was completed, Montag's direct superior confronted him about Miriam. He'd been investigating Montag's strange behavior, finding evidence of his purchases on his credit file and eventually finding Miriam herself in his room. He held her there in front of the prototype portal, explaining to Montag that she was simply a distraction, and that he needed to learn to do his job. He then tossed her in.

Montag went mad, leveling his guns at his boss, the man who'd trained and raised him his whole life, and pulling the trigger over and over. But the man was equipped with a kinetic shield, the bullets bouncing off and perforating the surrounding equipment, destabilizing the rift. Montag rushed into the portal after Miriam, and the wobbling rift sealed shut behind him.

Primal Earth


Montag emerged in a Portal Corp lab in Peregrine Island. he was disoriented and demanded to know where Miriam was, but the scientists didn't know what he was talking about. A member of The Artful Dodgers happened to be nearby and managed to calm him down and learn about his plight. He eventually joined the Dodgers, grateful for their willingness to help in finding his lost friend.

Where he was didn't come as a shock, as he had, of course, gone through a dimensional portal. When he was was a different matter, however. Because the portal had destabilized before he went through, he wound up 10 years in the future, in 2010. If Miriam had gone through before the portal destabilized, that would mean she'd been here for 10 years!


Because of the time difference, Montag wasn't sure he should reunite with Miriam. But he knew he had to at least find out if she was alive and well. While searching for her, he became acquainted with several Dodgers who helped to introduce him to a non-Praetorian way of life. Among these was Mimi, a rather open young woman with electric superpowers who seemed to be the antithesis to Montag's quiet introversion.

Between heroic missions and awkward social gatherings, Montag continued his search, but with little luck. He had enlisted the help of Jack Travers to look into adoption files, but the red tape was thick.


One night, Mimi and Montag were having a chat, and Mimi was able to get Montag to open up about what had happened to bring him to Primal Earth. He told her of taking care of Miriam in secret, and of her being found out and taken away.

Mimi, it seemed, was already familiar with the story. Mimi's full first name was Miriam. She was the girl Montag had taken care of, a decade ago for her!

At first, Mimi was hurt that it had taken 10 years for her "Uncle" to find her, but as Montag explained what had happened, she was simply happy to see him. Montag was relieved to see that she was alive, though saddened to hear of the difficulties she faced after their separation. The two became close again; Mimi even began to call Montag Uncle once more. For awhile, everything seemed good.

The Truth

Mimi wanted to know what had happened to her parents. She had her suspicions, but she wanted to hear it from Montag herself. Montag was still racked with guilt over murdering her parents, and he knew the day would come when he would have to tell her the truth. And finally, he did.

He confessed to Mimi in a church, fully prepared for any vengeance she felt the need to take. But Mimi didn't lash out at him. Through a tear-choked voice, she asked why he'd done it. Montag told her about the MKU, about his boss, and about the realization of their lies that hit him like a Granite fist in the face, all too late for her parents, and countless others he blindly killed that could have been innocent.

Mimi said that she didn't blame Montag, that he was just a tool used by others. She told him she was just thankful she finally knew the truth.


Montag doesn't have any super powers of his own. He is highly trained and skilled in the use of pistols as well as basic combat and weapon avoidance techniques. In other words, he can shoot and dodge really well.



Montag carries two semi-automatic pistols with him at all times, holstered high on his sides. They have varying ammo capability, an upgrade he acquired since his arrival on Primal Earth. The handles and magazines are stamped with the Praetorian Star, Emperor Cole's symbol. Though he's no longer part of the Loyalist regime, Montag keeps the guns around because they're what he's used to and are more than adequate for his needs. Montag keeps many spare magazines in various places on his person, hidden beneath his coat and ready to be used to refill his guns.

Power Gauntlets

Requisitioned to him during his time as an MKU assassin, these power gauntlets are prototypes of the kind currently in use by the Praetorian Police Department. They attach to his arms over a layer of electrode panels adhered to his skin. These panels are able to pull in electricity from his own body and movements in order to power the gauntlets. The waterproof panels can be removed when needed, but because it's as painful as removing duct tape from one's arm, he usually elects not to.

Other Gadgets

Though he doesn't use them very often, Montag keeps a supply of other gadgets on his person such as smoke and stun grenades and tasers. A pragmatist, he likes to be prepared for any situation.

OOC Info

He's a Dual Pistols/Energy Manipulation Blaster, and he's pretty heavily IO'd out for Lethal/Smashing defense. He's not my first blaster, but is the first I've taken to 50. He's real fun to play, especially after the big i19 respec and the acquisition of his IO sets.

Montag is influenced by various stories of oppressive regimes. His name comes from the main character in Fahrenheit 451, with his background and abilities heavily influenced by Equilibrium, among others, including some real-life examples.

I make a lot of claims in his back story relating to Praetoria's history, including using the real-life defunct organization MK ULTRA in the back story of Enriche. Because of the experiments the real MK ULTRA did, I figured they were the perfect group to try to tie into the creation of the chemicals used in Enriche. Luckily, no current canon exists to conflict with my version of Praetorian history.

In my own version of events, the Praetorian MK ULTRA has since been dissolved and folded into the MICIR division of the PPD.

Current Status

Montag helps fight crime with the Dodgers and continues to try to acclimate to this new world and time with the help of Mimi.

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