Madame Machina

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Madame Machina
Player: @Thunder Phoenix
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Morgan Lumic MacVaine
Known Aliases: Madame Machina
Species: Human Cyborg
Age: 22
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 270 lbs
Eye Color: Left eye: Brown, Right eye: Red (artificial)
Hair Color: Violet (artificial)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Etoile Isles
Occupation: Inventor/Cybernetics Technician/Transhuman Scientist
Place of Birth: Aeon City, Cap au Diable, Rogue Isles
Base of Operations: Cap au Diable, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: David Ross MacVaine (father), Marceline MacVaine ("sister")
Known Powers
Assault Rifle/Radiation Emission
Known Abilities
Above average strength and reflexes; expertly precise shot with an assault rifle; able to harness and manipulate radiation; extremely high IQ; eidetic memory; extremely talented at developing, reverse-engineering, and manufacturing robotics and cybernetics; polyglot; sharp buisness acumen.
Assault rifle constructed into right arm, multispectral scanner constructed into right eye, nuclear reactor power source constructed into chest cavity in place of heart, smartphone of own design constructed into right arm, flexible e-tablet of own design which can be stored in right leg
Affiliated with the United Underworld

Madame Machina is a cybernetic supervillainess operating out of the Rogue Isles, affiliated with the United Underworld. She is notable for her extensive cybernetic enhancements, and her cold, pitiless manner.



Madame Machina was born Morgan Lumic MacVaine, daughter of the famous and famously corrupt cybernetics magnate David Ross MacVaine. From even before her birth, Machina was intended by her father to be his masterpiece, a nuclear powered cyborg devoid of all the weaknesses of a normal human: smarter, stronger, and better in every way. She had not even fully developed when she was removed from her mother's womb, and placed into a lab to forge her into the entity she would become. As she grew, so did the extent of her cybernetics, constantly being upgraded and replaced to conform to her current form.

In the contained environment of the laboratory, Machina's father and the technicians surrounding her constantly reinforced the notion that she was a superior being, worthy of every advantage and privilege she felt she was entitled to. As one might expect, she grew into a monstrously spoiled, egotistical child, aided by her already growing physical strength and rapidly increasing intellect. It was not until she was fifteen years old that she and her family were able to place her into an academy where she was expected to be "great", and challenged what she felt was her superior nature. Unfortunately, she was also surrounded by not only other superpowered students, but "regular" human students, whom Machina referred derisively as "mundanes". As Machina observed the usual vagaries and follies of teenaged life, her confidence in her own superiority only increased, hardening her to strive to eliminate anything within her that she felt could possible make her weak. These things eventually came to include any outward emotional responses to anything, or showing even the slightest bit of pity or mercy to anyone around her. Still, she did eventually make a few friends among the superpowered students, have several adventures, and graduated valedictorian.

Machina proceeded to attend Aeon University on a full scholarship, majoring in Omnidisciplinary Science with a focus on Transhumanism. By this point, she and her father had developed her cybernetics to the point where she was a formidable force in battle, with a powerful multifunction assault rifle built into her artificial arm, and the ability to harness the ambient radiation in her nuclear reactor to use against her opponents. She had also taken the opportunity to collect as much knowledge as she could on robotics separate from cybernetics, and assume a position apart from her studies managing much of her father's company's business dealings. With all these elements in places, Machina came to realize that she had a duty to the world, and the human race: to create a world where the superior dominated, and the mundane were either completely disenfranchised or eliminated entirely.

She well realized her visions of a new world could not be accomplished without much resources, effort, and assistance. She assumed the identity of "Madame Machina" in an attempt to intimidate those who would oppose her in her plans (while retaining the "Morgan" identity in her business dealings, though she makes no attempt to distinguish the two identities). She has since assumed membership in the United Underworld, a group of "villains" with similar power-hungry goals to her. Time will tell how her plans and vision will pan out.


Madame Machina has striven to eliminate emotion from her psyche, but she still seems to have much to go before she can accomplish this. Her manner is typically extremely cold, with a near constant air of disdain for everything and everyone around her.

Powers and Abilities

Assault Rifle

Constructed into Machina's robotic right arm is the Multifunction Nuclear Driven Assault System (MNDAS), a powerful projectile weapon, capable of firing bullets, grenades, and a stream of flame. Under normal circumstances, the weapon is concealed in the armor of her robotic arm, but when she requires its use the armor rearranges itself to form the weapon, in essence creating an arm cannon. The weapon is tied into the cybernetics in her brain and eyes, allowing her to be a near-perfect shot with it.

Radiation Emission

The nuclear reactor that replaces Machina's heart, under normal circumstances, does not give off enough radiation to pose a significant threat to organic life around her. However, she has learned to intensify and manipulate the energy inside it to utilize as a way to harm and hinder her foes in battle.

Miscellaneous Cybernetic Abilities

Incorporated into Machina in addition to her central weapons are several other cybernetic enhancements which give her advantages over a normal person:



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