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Mademoiselle France
New France
· Mutation Controller ·
Magnetic Manipulation
Time Manipulation
Player: @French Conection
Super Group
Axiom Guard
· Other Affiliations ·
National Government of France
Real Name
Marianne Dupois
Ring Mistress Mari
May 9th, 1992
Rouen, France
French Citizen
Founders Falls, Paragon City
Retail Manager, French Conection Boutique
Legal Status
Represented by Genevieve Auclair
Marital Status
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
135 lbs
Body Type
Honey Blonde
· Distinguishing Features ·
Beauty spot on upper left lip
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Magnetic Manipulation & Chronokinesis
· Other Abilities ·
French, English, Public Speaking

Recently chosen to be the new national heroine of France, Marianne Dupois' proficiency with magnetic manipulation and chronokinesis has led to her relative success in joining the ranks of hero's serving to better Paragon City. The new Mademoiselle France has since arriving in Paragon City, joined The Axiom Guard and begun working part time for the former Miss France, Genevieve Auclair. According to Genevieve Auclair's in production autobiography 'French Maidens, from Joan to Genevieve' "one of Mademoiselle's best personality traits is that emotionally Marianne Dupois is like the time and metal she manipulates -- not hard, cold or unyielding but constant, dependable and relative. 'She's politely honest. She is very up-front with her emotions.'"

A diplomatic soul, Marianne has devoutly taken to her new role as France's premier heroic representative, but she recognises the need for balance of both civilian life and learning her new role as a hero. After the retirement of Genevieve Auclair, and the search for a new Mademoiselle France began, many rumours began to circle that it would be Mari's twin brother that would become Monsieur or Mister France instead, following his rejection of the responsibilities attributed to being a hero, the next choice was herself. As such on the 1st of March 2012, Marianne Dupois accepted her new role as Mademoiselle France, learning, working and representing in Paragon City. Working alongside Xeden, Genevieve Auclair, Jordan Murphy and the rest of The Axiom Guard, Austin is developing her abilities and restoring the faith that many people had lost in French hero's, that was lost after the second Rikti Invasion.

"Whatever thing citizens call Heroic, look for it in Marianne Dupois, and there you will find it." - Genevieve Auclair, Miss France



Early Years

Marianne Dupois was born May 9th 1992, in Rouen, France. Mari and her twin brother, Thierry, grew up in an orphanage in the heart of town, their parents putting them up for adoption at birth due to them being extremely young and unprepared for the birth of two children. Life in the orphanage was neither tough nor easy, it just was the way things were, Mari and Thierry were close even from a young age, with each showing unconditional affection for the other. Working together the blonde haired, blue eyed twins soon garnered a reputation as un-adoptable, with mischievous acts all but sabotaging interviews, and an uncanny ability for potential adopters to mysteriously change their minds.

School proved to be her brothers forte and Mari's undoing, while he excelled at most subjects particularly English and History, Mari languished behind. Despite her ineptness for academics, she did possess a natural affinity for public speaking even during primary school. Thierry's primary education was dominated by gold stars and good grades, following obvious natural genius he was soon accepted into a high school scholarship program. Conversely Mari found herself applying for an apprenticeship at an upcoming circus show, The Circ du Or. She was successful in this endevour and the twins soon parted ways.

At thirteen Mari and her brother were identified with that everyone around them suspected, latent mutation, by the French National Hero Identification. Mari was classified as a potential powerhouse, Gravity manipulation and Chronokinesis being an extremely potent mix of power. Her brother though developed abilities of luck manipulation and although not realized at the time a basic form of reality warping. With proper procedures followed, the two siblings continued their lives with frequent monitoring by the national authorities.

Middle years

Present Day

Powers and Abilities

Skills and Personality

On Her iPod

  • "This is Home" - Switchfoot
  • "Firework" - Katy Perry
  • "The Call" - Regina Spektor
  • "Telephone" - Lady Gaga
  • "Shake It" - Metro Station
  • "Spotlight" - Mute Math
  • "Rockstar 101" - Rihanna
  • "Neutron Star Collision" - Muse
  • "Mine" - Taylor Swift
  • "Meet Me Half Way" - Black Eyed Peas
  • "Magic" - B.o.B
  • "Kings and Queens" - 30 Seconds to Mars
  • "Just the way you are" - Bruno Mars

Alternate Versions

Praetorian Earth

Earth 616/ Dawn of Days

Earth 666/ Apocalypse Forever

Earth 1710/ Bushido Earth


  • Mari loves to watch movies; she has a thing for Josh Hutcherson and Kate Beckinsale.
  • Has a thick french accent, her voice is smooth and relaxing.
  • Despises karaoke and will refuse to participate in it.
  • Natural blonde but has dyed it black several times.
  • Would love to meet Taylor Swift or Taylor Lautner.
  • Regular coffee order is a White Chocolate Mocha.
  • She cracks her knuckles when anxious or lieing.
  • Mari's favourite colours are gold and red.
  • Her favourite foods are sushi and cheese.


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