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Psychological Profile

Magdalen is a psychologist's worst nightmare--or a fascinating study into the workings of the human mind. Depending on how you look at things.

Her most severe disorder is hypersexuality, or nymphomania, which makes itself obvious in her everyday behavior. Magdalen is promiscuous and obsessed with sex, and therefore with men--though she also trysts with women, though more infrequently. Magdalen's other psychological abnormalities include pathological lying and mild sociopathy, as well as bouts of kleptomania and narcissism.

Personality-wise, Magdalen is first and foremost a minx, with an unstoppable sex drive. She has a sharp tongue and strong opinions, and a fondness for witty conversation. She takes great pleasure in annoying the people she likes most, and apparently she has the charisma to carry it off--though she also tends to make up for her abrasiveness afterwards in a more private setting.

Magdalen 13.JPG
Shrouded in Lies

Magdalen prefers to keep most of her personal information a secret, known only to herself. To this end, she greatly enjoys concocting stores about herself and her history, as well as multiple identities. While she never gives a surname, she will often introduce herself as Jane or Angela, rather than Magdalen.

Most of Magdalen's history is unknown, and what little she shares of it is most likely fabricated. She claims to have been born in Dublin, Ireland (which would conveniently explain her slight accent), and to have lived in multiple cities during her lifetime, including London, Seattle, Los Angeles and Boston. It is known that she currently resides in the Rogue Isles, though none except her close "friends" know specifically where.

Nothing concrete is known about Magdalen's childhood or family history.


The only facts that are definitively known about Magdalen are detailed in the reports of Rogue Isles and Paragon City law enforcement alike. Magdalen is wanted for the thefts of no less than a hundred valuable items, including several priceless artifacts, paintings, state-of-the-art technological gadgets, and historical documents. Police suspect that she does not keep the stolen valuables in her possession but sells them in the Rogue Isles on the black market or to prearranged buyers, but this has not been proven. Police records also note that Magdalen has not been connected with the theft of any item worth less than twenty thousand U.S. dollars.


Magdalen's methods, Paragon police records report, usually don't involve the deaths of security officers, law enforcement officers, heroes, or innocents, though it appears that she is not above killing. She is never spotted during a theft without her katana, which she doesn't hesitate to use in self-defense, but she does not seem to take part in unnecessary killing, and most of the law-enforcement agents and heroes who are unlucky enough to face her in a fight usually survive, though a few have been permanently crippled.

In the Rogue Isles it's a different story. There, quite a few deaths have been reported in connection to her thefts; the deceased are usually semi-significant figures in the factions found in the Isles, including several of the Family's underbosses and more than a few Arachnos agents. Reports speculate that her thefts and assassinations in the Rogue Isles are done for political as well as monetary gain. Reports also suggest that she may have recently joined up with a group of villains-for-hire.

Magdalen's appearance as reported by both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles is fairly inaccurate, since she keeps herself masked and hooded while working.

Magdalen has thus far managed to elude the authorities, and has never been apprehended for her crimes.


Napalm: Magdalen has had plenty of flings with other women, but she had never imagined herself falling in what might pass for "love" with one of them. There's just something about this undead German fraulein that keeps Magdalen coming back for more. (Probably her insatiable sex drive.)

Zyik: The jackass who keeps breaking into her apartment. The first time he broke in, he tried to rape her, but can't rape the willing.

Matty-poo: Magdalen had a good thing going with Matt while it lasted. She'd make him mad, and he'd take her home and give her great angry sex. They've drifted apart since McGrouchpants actually found himself a steady girlfriend, which is no surprise since there's no point in keeping a man as a friend if he can't provide her with what she really needs. She still keeps his Valentine's Day gift (a headless teddy bear and an empty box of chocolates) as a touching souvenir of their friendship-with-benefits. Matt is also the only man who's ever figured out how to make Magdalen genuinely mad.

Blackwell: The leader of the Legion of Loathing. He's been fairly receptive to Magdalen's advances. He has also been providing her with moneymaking opportunities lately, so she's content to stick around.

Kink: Magdalen doesn't run into this young man often, but when she does she fully appreciates his voracious sexual appetite. He was also willing to pudding wrestle with another man for her amusement, which earned him huge points with her. She was disappointed to discover that he's married.

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