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MG works often with Longbow
Magnetic Guardsman
Player: @TheDisturbedOne
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Theodore Masters
Known Aliases: MG
Species: Mutant Human
Age: 25
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 160
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Fabulous
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Manager of The Fringe
Place of Birth: Atlanta, GA
Base of Operations: The Fringe
Marital Status: Single, in relationship
Known Relatives: none, mother/father presumed deceased
Known Powers
Creation and Control over Magnetic Fields
Known Abilities
Despite his foolish demeanor, he is an accomplished tactician and leader
"High Threat" Armor of his own creation
No additional information available.


Brief Character History

Theodore Masters mutated late in his life at the age of 25 while he was a college student attending school at Steel Canyon. His powers manifested when he and his date were almost run down by a drunk driver late one night. Since then, he has become one of Paragon cities most popular and public heroes, appearing in many commercials and ads, and with his "pretty boy" looks has developed a large fanbase of rabid young girls and women. He currently co-manages a strip club called The Fringe, located in Talos Island.

Current Affiliations

The Magnetic Guardsman is currently a member of the Heroic Fringe, a small band of heroes based out of the club The Fringe. He is currently in a very serious relationship with his girlfriend, Grace of Spades. Among his other friends, he counts Midnight Kestrel as his best, as well as the Leaping Lemur and Sally Sleet. Additionally, he provides assistance to his friends in Onyx Security, as well as the Shield of Paragon.

Former Affiliations

The Guardsman was longtime member of the hero group The Reciprocators, and was one of their senior officers, as well as serving as one of the very first Coalition Liasons in the infancy of the Shield of Paragon. He parted ways with the Reciprocators when his loud personality and violent actions during an investigation created tension between himself and the Reciprocator leadership. He quietly left the group, but keeps close ties with the Reciprocators Alexus Apollo and Pariah Flux, as well as other alliances he forged in the Shield of Paragon.


Outwardly, the Guardsman appears to be a sex-crazed, immature, frat boy with super powers. He constantly rubs people the wrong way on first impressions, and is extremely informal in his conversations. His dialogue is filled with curse words, expletives, dirty jokes, and double entendres. He is also extremely vain, and works out constantly to maintain his, as he refers to it "Bruce Lee Frame." He also gets weekly full body waxing to maintain his, "physique" His hair is the most important and obsessed over attribute, as he is probably one of the few male heroes that carries a compact mirror, as well as "Emergency Hair Gel."

Inwardly, the Guardsman is very intelligent and insecure. He acts ditsy and clueless because he thinks intelligent people aren't cool. The careful grooming of his good looks is because he believes that is all that people value. His obsession over sex stems from his lack of a female role model in his developmental life. And while he acts like a lecherous fratboy, he is seriously devoted to his current relationship. Though he would never admit to it, he craves the stability of the family he never had.


Like his namesake, the Magnetic Guardsman uses his command over Magnetic fields to protect his friends and the public alike. He can immobilize and hold his enemies with it, as well as create force fields around himself and his allies. This ability also enables him to fly.

Additionally, he has an extremely minor healing factor that he attained inadvertently from a blood transfusion. He can heal in a single day what a normal human would heal in a week. While this doesn't help him in the short term of his heroic career, it reduces his downtime from injuries, and has at times been slight edge he needed to hang on to life.

Weaknesses and Limitations

To be precise, Theodore Masters has a mutation of his nervous system. This mutation affects the way his nervous system interacts with his natural bio-electrical field. His natural field is extremely magnetic, and his nervous can boost this field, as well as project it away from him some distance. This gives him his ability to create and control magnetism through his nervous system. But this comes with its own side effects. During extreme usage, his nervous system fires incredibly fast, which honestly doesn't have any side effects that adreneline doesn't produce, except one. The pacemaker nerve of his heart fires quickly as well, resulting in an extreme heart rate. The small tears of his cardiac muscles resulting from muscle strain caused extreme chest pain, and he also suffered from dizziness and fainting spells. His body came with its own power cap, causing him to black out when he pushes his powers too far.

This was until he recieved his minor healing factor inadvertently from a blood transfusion. The minor healing factor repairs those strained muscle fibers and keeps the heart fit, thus preventing the heart pain. This has allowed the Guardsman to push his limits even further.


The Magnetic Guardsman carries with him a wide variety of equipment. He has been known to carry and use tear gas, smoke grenades, IR Goggles, Mutagen Vials, and EMP weaponry, to name a few. It should be noted, however, that while the Guardsman carries gas grenades as well as other equipment, he rarely uses them, since he can do more with his magnetic abilities. Still, when a situation arises where his powers are either unavailable or aren't useful, he isn't without defense.

Besides weaponry, he also carries a pocket first aid kit for emergencies. For communication, he has his earpeice communicator with a tracking beacon that can switch between a wide variety of frequencies for communication, and is also wirelessly connected with his cell phone. For explosive device disposal, he carries a small device known as a "bomb-box" This device is a small yellow box about an inch longer and just as thick as a deck of cards. When opened, the user pulls out the wires and attaches them each individually to the wires of a bomb. The computers run a quick test analyzing voltages of each wire and then tells the user which wire to cut to deactivate the bomb. While this doesn't work for more sophisticated bombs, it has worked with all bombs planted by Paragon Cities' villain groups thus far. A Bomb-Box is often issued to heroes with no formal demolitions training. Rounding out his gadget list is an iPod, Police-band radio, and compact mirror, as well as a small vial of conditioner in case of hair emergencies.

These devices weren't necessarily developed by Theodore as much as his costume was. Early in his career and with the help of his college professor, he developed a fabric that is molecularly bound to metallic threads, resulting in a very strong, flexible material, with a strong magnetic field that he can use to achieve flight as well as use for defense.

He further advanced his armor-like costumes when he signed on with The Reciprocators. He modified the fabric to more closely resemble leather, resulting in an much sturdier costume, as well as a more sleek and stylish look. He used the second version of his armor as his Reciprocator uniform, and still uses the fabric in some of his outfits today.

Soon after joining the Reciprocators, he began seeing increasingly dangerous assignments, particularly in Siren's Call. He began designing a third armor type that he dubbed "High-Threat" armor. Over the months he would constantly improve on the design until he perfected it months later. The armor has a titanium skin that becomes extremely flexible when he bends it using Magnetics. Being pure metal not only made the armor more solid, but also gave him the strongest magnetic field yet. He also added sensor systems that allowed him to analyze threats, download information, monitor his own health as well as his allies, and also added a life-support system with AED and adreneline injections.

For the majority of his hero career, he uses both the second and third versions of his armor, only suiting up into his High Threat armor for dangerous situations. Both had drawbacks, and he often found himself thrown into dangerous situations in only his leather street uniform when the situation called for his other armor. His high-threat armor had its own problems as well, which he learned the hard way when he was struck in the head in Siren's Call. The result was he was dazed to the point where he couldn't focus to use his powers. The Titanium sheath that is normally easily movable through minor application of his magnetic powers immobilized him. He was critically injured in that incident, and immediately afterwards began working on the current, forth version of the armor.

In the forth version, the Guardsman has attempted to combine all of the best traits from his previous suits into something he can use on a more day to day basis. Besides all the sensors and enhancements his "High-Threat" armor has, this new armor system utilizes the molecular bonded leather as the base, and has titanium plates embedded within the fabric around vital organs in such a way that does not restrict movement when he is too weak to use his powers.

Detailed Character History

Before the Guardsman

Theodore Masters was found abandoned and placed in a adoption facility. There he stayed until his early teens. During his life at the facility, he made many friends, but mostly with the girls. He was too small to play with the rough boys, so the girls played with him. The young girls would play house with him, trading him between each other to play the "Daddy," as well get his hair braided by his friends and other girl things. Being without family, young Theodore wanted to have friends be more than just friends, but every time he made a connection with someone else, eventually they would get adopted and leave him devastated at the loss. The human mind adapts, and he soon recognized that all of his friends leave him in the end, and to not get too emotionally involved. To hide his sadness, Theodore pretended to be happy all the time, figuring a family would would much rather adopt a happy child than a sad one.

Eventually, he was adopted at the age of 13 by the Masters family. They adopted him long distance, and since they only had a picture of him in his long, silky hair and frail features, they actually thought he was a girl before they met him. The Masters were a pair of aging multi-billionaires, and they had a large estate outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Mrs. Masters could never bare children, and instead took to adopting children to fill the void. Even though Theodore finally had a family, the sheer number of siblings he had upon moving into the estate just made it seem like the orphanage all over again.

High school started, and Theo loved every moment of it. Being too small for sports like football, Theo played a little baseball, but primarily he played and excelled in Tennis, and carried his school to four district championships and two state championships in his four year career. Off the court, Theo found his studies to be easy and boring, breezing to straight As in his honors courses.

His popularity as an athlete coupled with his good looks and smooth talking personality had him proudly leave high school with a long string of broken hearts behind him. He had his fair share of meaningless flings, but he always delighted himself in stealing away the girlfriend of a "sensitive" guy. He couldn't stand it when guys would try to romance their ways into their girls hearts. Trying to say the right thing, do the nice things, having a committed relationship, that was for losers! Theo loved plucking those girls away from those sensitive guys with just the promise of some pure, raw, fun.

Early Hero Career

After graduating High School, Theo received a number of scholarships, finally deciding to attend college in Paragon in the aftermath of the Rikti Invasion. He majored in Physics, taking interest in molecular research and dabbling in Quantum theories. He somehow managed to easily maintain a 4.0 while also maintaining a very active love life. It was on one of his many dates that his life was changed. While walking his date home to the womens dorm, a drunk driver passed out at the wheel and was about to run them down when Theodore created a magnetic shield around himself, shielding himself and his date as the car crashed. The driver was killed, but the story of the night was the brand new mutant. It was the beginning of his final semester before graduating, and the Guardsman worked with his then mentor Doctor Herbert McCarthy in the development of his first heroing costume, and he became The Magnetic Guardsman.

His newfound career only helped his love life. His good looks and charisma netting him a list of numbers at the days end from women he had rescued, and more than a few times a week he insisted on walking a women home, just to be sure. His focus on gang got him assigned with other young heroes to patrol the area known as the Hollows, where he worked extensively with Lt. Wincott. It was during a routine check-in at City Hall that he met the Black Starbeam.

He met the Black Starbeam in Atlas park recruiting for his then small (compared to its current size) Reciprocators. While Starbeam struck MG as a bit stiff, he liked the idea of the group itself. The Reciprocators weren't content to simply arrest the villains, but also sought to strike fear into the hearts of the criminals. They aimed to reciprocate the fear and pain they caused, to make the bad guys fear them just as much as the civilians fear muggings and kidnappings. It was different and it was something MG could respect. He signed on, and briefly worked as Black Starbeam's sidekick, along with Static Bolter.

New Allies

The Reciprocators grew quickly, and he met friends such as Pariah Flux. The Reciprocators joined forces with the Silver Guard, and so began what would later become the Shield of Paragon. When it was time for MG to earn his cape, it was with the help of the veteran Silver Guardian Blinding Strike.

More importantly, late one night at the Pocket D, Theo first met Spade Retenra, another new recruit, and Midnight Kestrel, one of the Sky Pirates. They drank and danced and drank and drank and laughed and drank, all night long. At the time, MG had promised himself he wouldn't get involved with fellow heroes, but he couldn't help but be attracted to them both, and made his interest drunkenly known to them, as well as anyone in the room with them, even drunkly groping them at times. You could technically say that he had "feelings" for Spade at that time, but he had the same "feelings" for most any woman he laid eyes on at the time. When he went home alone that night, he knew she wasn't interested, and moved on to other women.

MG worked with both Spade Retenra and the Midnight Kestrel soon afterward. During his work with Kestrel, both his duo work with her and the few times he assisted the Sky Pirates, they got to know each other more personally and MG re-thought his "no hero" policy. They were both cut from the same cloth however, and kept their encounters casual and friendly. He counts Kestrel as his best friend to this day.

Another close friend forged at this point in his career, is that of the Leaping Lemur and her former alter-ego, Sally Sleet. While in the D one night, he met a woman fresh off the rebound, Sally Chenowicz. She spoke of heart break and blowing it with a new, handsome, sensitive, older man. Not to be shown up by a man a decade or so his elder, Theodore made it a point to show Sally a great time. A few rounds of Theo's favorite drinking game, Beers vs Shots, an escort home, and suddenly it was the next morning in her apartment. But something his blood was pounding his head, something was jumping on the bed. It was the Leaping Lemur, a magical creature that Sally changes into as part of a magical curse. While it took him off guard, Theodore made the child-like Lemur breakfast this day, and every morning he'd wake with her.

Spade Retenra had no place to lay her head besides the cots in the Reciprocator base, and Theodore eagerly offered his coach, as long as she didn't mind him bringing his dates home, occasionally walking around naked, and keeping a low profile so the dean doesn't find out. They had grown closer during their hero work as well, so Spade agreed. MG enjoyed the company, and the female touch around the dorm. He really enjoyed Spade as a friend as well, and wanted nothing more for her than to be happy. That statement alone sounds more romantic than the situation was. He simply wanted to help her out, like any friend would. Unfortunatly he wasn't equipped to handle all of her problems, she had recently lost her sight during an explosion in a large superdine raid, and while she needed a place to stay he could only offer her a coach in an already cramped dorm apartment. She would soon meet someone that could. Ace McGwain.

Siren's Call

About this time Mg started his work in Siren's Call. Siren's Call is a part of Paragon that was damaged during a explosive blast, and Arachnos has set up a foothold nearby and the area has become a warzone. When the Guardsman arrived, he was appalled at the lack of hero presence in the zone, besides the stationed Longbow units. He wondered how on the other side of the warwall, not even a mile away, hundreds of heroes flitted about taking care of pursesnatchers and beating up gangs, when here an invading force had landed on Paragon's soil and only Longbow and a handful of other heroes had stepped up to combat the real villians that operate in the Call.

It was in "the Call," as Theo begun to call it, that he met Nicole. Nicole was a civilian nurse that was on staff at the hospital in Siren's. Her family was displaced in the aftermath, and she works at the hospital to do her part in the seemingly hopeless battle for Siren's. They met, and Theo started running the usual lines and worked Nicole into his dating rotation. As the weeks went on, when most other girls got tired of Theodore's antics and moving on, she stayed with him. While it hurt her that he still womanized, she stood by him, and for some reason he was glad. She was different than the other women, she really cared about him after all the pain and heartbreak he put her through, and for once he actually felt guilty.

Spade and Ace's relationship also developed during their work. The trio worked extensively together and Theo watched as they became closer and practically shoved the two together. Ace had the answer to all of Grace's problems. He provided her with alien implants so that she could see. She moved into his apartment, into a real bedroom instead of Theo's couch. His psychic training let her sleep without being disturbed by the hundreds of voices and visions her rampant emotional empathy picked up during the day. He got rich from a Arcadian backed company merchandising and making a movie about his aliens rich, action packed history, and he used it to provide for her. And what he lacked in common earth dating sense MG happily made up for, constantly giving him tips and instructions on dates and romantic locations. Places he wanted someone to take his friend Spade too, things he wanted someone to do with her. As the power couple Theo termed as "Space" (Spade + Ace) began to take off, Theo saw how happy they were becoming and examined his own life. He decided that he wanted what they had, and he had it all this time, he just never claimed it. He loved Nicole and she loved him. Unfortunatly, this wasn't the storybook ending Theodore quickly hoped for. It was only the begining of his story.

Nicole was killed in Siren's Call. She was outside the hospital conversing with her Longbow friends when a villian assualted the hospital's back gate. Theodore was wracked with grief and fell into a deep depression that he hid from his peers like he does all of his emotions, behind a mask of humor and lewdness. He had never gotten the chance to tell Nicole how he felt about her. His depression was only compounded by the fact that his best friends "Space" spent more and more time together, leaving him alone late at night in either his apartment or fanatically patrolling Siren's Call hoping to find her killer.


-His first clear memory is actually getting beaten up on the playground, and a bigger, older girl coming to his rescue. Ever since, he had a special place in his heart for strong women.

-Theo's "first time" was at tender of age of 13 with his step-sister Kim. His elderly adopted parents thought he was a girl, and prepared for him to share a room with Kim. With the house being full, and the parents figuring any boy that pretty has to pitch for the other team, decided he could stay in her room for a few days while they figure out where else they could put him. A pair of hormone deranged teens in the same room? You do the math. While both Theo and Kim are extremely embarrassed about what happened between them, they remain very close. Not THAT close, anymore, though.

-Theo's tennis career was derailed when he got his powers. He was quickly accused of cheating by using his powers and was released from the college team.

-He likes big butts, and he cannot lie.

-One could say his disdain for guys seeking meaningful, stable relationships was a deep jealousy, that it was just Theo subconsciously wishing he was capable of having a stable relationship with a woman. However, you'd be more correct in saying that he was just an asshole.

-The Guardsman is the public face for many products. He has been the star of many ads for a variety of products and billbourds, including Hanes (Hero Signature series of briefs) Ford Motor Vehicles, Trojan condoms, Subway and even lent his image to a Panini Making kitchen device. He also has a succesful underwear modeling career, both before and after he became a hero.

-MG uses a great deal of gadgets and gizmos, but he isn't an inventor. He doesn't create his equipment, he orders his stuff and, when the need arises, re-tools it to suit his needs. But he's not big on inventing.

-MG almost didn't join the Reciprocators when he heard they had a uniform policy. Luckily, when he saw it, the uniform was similar in design to his current hero uniform.

-The rules for Beers vs Shots are simple. Line up a number of beers and a number of shots. Each side scores a point when its consumed. Shots always win in this game, it seems.

-As a leader of the Reciprocator, MG first brought the idea of leadership trials to the table. where each Tier member tested the promoting Reciprocator in their own way. MG did this only to force Reciprocators into fighting in Siren's Call, as his trial tested their willingness to rise to a challenge that had nearly no reward at all.

-The Guardsman has had more than one heated and venomous arguement about Siren's Call. Many heroes are just content to let the war walls stay up, neglecting the Longbow troops guarding said wall.

-After Space's relationship turned sour and the Arcadians attacked, Theodore began harboring a very paranoid suspicion of aliens. Later, when the Rikti would invade again, he would be one of the first to fight alongside Vanguard.

-when depressed, MG copes with an A-Team marathon and dozens of BBQ Chicken Wings.

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