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Player: @Mattwo
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Security Level: 26
Personal Data
Real Name: Mat O'Connor
Known Aliases: Mat
Species: Human (actually a high creation god trapped in a mortal body)
Age: 31 (actually ∞)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: Somewhere around 200LBs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Roboticist/Hero for hire (actually observer of worlds)
Place of Birth: Somewhere in Californa (and also somewhere in the high god plane)
Base of Operations: Somewhere in Californa (actually gm_mobenix)
Marital Status: Not intrested
Known Relatives: Mother (unnamed), Matone, Matthree, Myself/Mattwo's Storywriter (Ancestor)
Known Powers
None (his powers are suppressed in this universe)
Known Abilities
Roboticisim, leadership, organizational skills and above average intellect.
Matbots, beam rifle, shield generator and robot wings

Likes: Spicy Italian and Mexican food, cheese, blue, smart people, free thinkers, video games, cartoons/anime, internet, movies, free societies, free thinkers, flying

Dislikes: Magic (because messes with his tech), sheeple, green, purple, beets, cabbage, bland food, books, tyrants, oppressed societies, xenophobia, xenophobic discrimination, doing nothing, being bored, hypothesizing about real life

Just some random guy with a knack for robotics caught up in the battle between the resistance and loyalists. He is definitely not a high creation god trapped in a mortal body from another universe where he has more power. That'd just be silly. He also doesn't have real cat ears and a cat tail, they're realistic but robotic (This is all lies and he will lie about these things). He left Praetoria some time after Tyrant's defeat.

He has medium awareness but pretends he doesn't around others, he knows better than to use OOC knowledge as a result after all.

He has a talent for leading and organization but is afraid of abusing power and refuses to lead other people.

Veritas Corps

Shortly after Mattwo left Praetoria, Mattwo joined with the hero-for-hire group, Veritas corps. Shortly after joining their ranks, he teamed up with them as they saved a young man from the circle of thorns.

He then joined them when Positron had asked them to form a task force and do some "chores" for him. During the chores, Mattwo retrieved a book from Oranbega but after they escaped, handed it right over to the leader of the Veritas Corps, Nayreia, who in turn immediately handed it to Azuria. Eventually, the Circle retaliated and attacked Atlas Park but the Veritas Corps task force managed to push them back. Eventually they learned that the Vahzilok, Clockwork, and Circle of Thorns were targeting the Faultline Dam where the heroes for hire managed to bag their first big name bounty, Dr. Vahzilok!

Mattwo attended a Job Fair in Kallisti Wharf alongside Veritas Corps manager Extraordinary Grunt and a couple of other members. While he personally was unsuccessful in recruiting anyone to the group, Grunt managed to gain new allies with another supergroup (which Mattwo quietly made a joke about because not only were their uniforms purple but so was their leader's prose), which everyone agreed was good enough for the day.


He has begun rivalries with some of his fellow Veritas Corps members including Gloric, due to Mattwo being apprehensive towards magic due to it messing with his tech and Liquid Panther, a praetorian who was with the Crusader faction of the Resistance while Mattwo claims to have been with the Wardens. Liquid Panther is apprehensive towards Mattwo's Matbots, who he claims are Neuron's Clockwork. Mattwo took great offense to the idea of even remotely comparing the two groups of robots.


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