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Hanging around Talos
Medina Hinton
Player: @Cassady
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Stalker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Medina Lexis Hinton
Known Aliases: Forest
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: 5'7
Weight: 114
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Green (Natural brown)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Unemployed
Place of Birth: Royale City
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Swordplay, Electric Armor, Minor Plant Manipulation
Known Abilities
Strength, Speed, Durability, and Agility are well above human limits. Can transform into the Angel of Lightning
Angel of Lightning Blade (Unnamed)
Carries her sword in a sheathe on the backside of her waist.


Birth and Childhood

Medina grew up a fairly normal child. Her father and mother held good jobs and were able to support Medina as she grew up. Her father and mother however didn't have much time for her, and she was typically left alone. She formed a deep bond with her grandmother on her father's side though, and she would frequently visit Medina. The two would go shopping, see movies, and play around in the local park.

Some time after Medina grew to age 12, her grandmother became very ill. Not long after her father became lethargic, not leaving his room for days. Medina desperately tried to get her parents to drive her to see her grandmother, but her mother was always busy and her father simply said no. Medina persisted, but in the end, her grandmother died before she could say goodbye. Medina was hit hard by the loss of her grandmother, and was depressed for several months to follow.

After awhile, Medina began to do anything that would get her attention from her parents. She'd get into trouble, dress in clothing her mother didn't approve of, and cause problems with her teachers at school. Despite all the trouble she caused, Medina managed to graduate. She quickly sought to go to college far away from home, despising her parents and the area she grew up in. Her parents paid for her to go out of state to a college on the west coast.

Short College Life

It didn't take Medina long to get used to life on campus. She made several friends very fast and would go out drinking and partying with them. She soon fell for a man named Vivaje Rubin, who had a love for science. She quickly gave him the nickname "Sunshine" as she claimed he brightened up her day frequently. Around this point, Medina was beginning to enjoy life again.

After two semesters, Vivaje began gaining interest in making a formula that increased his strength, as he liked to fight and despite his constant training, couldn't push himself any further. So he began to spend all his free time perfecting a mixture that would grant him the results he desired. After three months of working on it, it was finally ready to test.

Medina warned him not to test it on himself, since he didn't know for sure what would happen. Despite her pleads, Vivaje assured her nothing would go wrong and took the mixture anyway. At first the results seemed to be exactly what Vivaje wanted, but after a few minutes he became enraged. He attacked Medina and began tearing apart the apartment the two lived in. Medina barely made it to a closet, and was still almost crushed as their bed was thrown at her, only stopped by the closet frame. Vivaje left the house, still raging from the mixture. Despite Medina's efforts, she couldn't wedge the bed out of the closet frame, leaving her trapped.

Vivaje returned the next morning as himself again. He grimly realized he had done this and found Medina whimpering behind the bed wedged in the closet frame. He apologized to her but she was too scared of what might happen again. She broke off their relationship and left the school, scolding him as she packed her bags. She told him to never test on himself again and before she walked out the door, Vivaje promised her if she ever needed anything in the future, she'd help her out no matter what.

Rock Bottom

Medina left the school, the town, then the entire state. She didn't want to be close if he went on the rampage again. However, during her travels at night, she was pulled out of her car by two thugs. They beat her and took her stuff, then drove away with her car. She was unable to report her stolen car, because she hadn't memorized her license plate. This left her stranded and homeless.

She managed to acquire some money to use a public telephone to call her home, but her mother didn't listen to her after she told her she was out of money. She stated Medina had to learn to take care of herself and not be so careless with her money and possessions next time, then hung up. Medina hated her parents even more for not helping her in her most desperate time. Medina managed to get to a homeless shelter, where she stayed for four months.

During the four months, she stole frequently. She stole to make money or for food. She only got caught once however, but managed to convince the store owner not to turn her in, explaining her situation. The man gave her a meal, but warned her not to steal from him again, or he would call the cops on her next time.

Becoming Forest

After her four years of misery, she heard word of a scientist paying people for test subjects for his experiments. Medina eventually found the location of this man and asked him what they were about. He stated he believed he found a way to give the ability to manipulate plants to a human being. Of course, he didn't want to test it himself, in fear of what side effects may occur. Medina vouched to give it a try so the experiments began.

At first, she could only control small things, like flowers and only for thirty minutes at a time. The scientist named Dr. Maza, persisted. As time went on, each mixture would lengthen the time the powers lasted, eventually control even large trees, and after a certain point she could even create plant life herself. She could even turn things like the stems of flowers into blades with thorns covering the weapon, and they'd be strong enough to clash with an actual sword. Another favorite weapon of hers was a vine she could use as a whip, and since she could control it with her mind as well, she was able to do some unpredictable things with it.

Dr. Maza was eventually satisfied with the results, and began to work on another project. Medina objected to this, as she was growing attached to her powers and didn't want to give them up. She stated she felt safe with them, and begged Maza to find a way to make them permanent. Maza agreed to continue the research, but Medina would have to pay him for each mixture she had to take again. It was a costly sum, one Medina wouldn't easily be able to obtain with a normal job.

This meant she'd have to continue stealing, but now she didn't have to worry about being taken by force. She began using the alias Forest (a college nickname) at this time and changed her look, most notably her hair. Her eyes had changed from brown to yellow as a result of the mixtures she constantly took as well.

She began using everything in her arsenal to acquire money. She stole from stores, seduced others into relationships with her so she could to eventually take their money, and other things. She felt bad about it at first, but it was for survival in her eyes, and she eventually learned to distance herself from those she hurt.

College Reunion

Medina eventually tried robbing a bank, and while she did manage to make it with a large sum of money, she was nearly killed and captured in the process from the large SWAT teams that had shown up. It was difficult to steal the money AND fend off attackers. She began trying to recruit people to assist her, but no one took her up on the offer. She remembered Vivaje at that moment, and his promise to help her with whatever she needed. She eventually tracked him down, now with a bunch of super powered humans as his allies.

She easily convinced him to come back, not only for asking for his help, but by stating she wanted to see him again, then kissing him on the spot. Despite his friends were in the midst of battling some fairly deadly villains, Vivaje agreed to leave with her, causing some angry responses from his friends.

With Vivaje's gadgets and devices, it was almost too easy to steal from banks. Medina began to relax at this point, as she felt it would only be a matter of time now till Dr. Maza discovered the secret to eternal powers. But, as all things so far in Medina's life, it wasn't as it seemed.

More to come later.

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