Minor Victory

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Minor Victory
Player: @FightingCanadian
Origin: Science
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50+1
Personal Data
Real Name: Steven Kohl
Known Aliases: Minor Victory
Species: Human / Incarnate
Age: 17
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 156 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student at the Daybreak Academy and Metahuman Advancement Center
Place of Birth: Crey Labs, Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Unmarried
Known Relatives: Stefan Richter (Lord Recluse), Marcus Cole (Statesman)
Known Powers
Superhuman Strength, Durability, Endurance, Flight, Enhanced Speed, Energy Manipulation, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Vision
Known Abilities
Boxing, Close Quarters Combat, Aerial Acrobatics
Impervium Weave Jacket, Impervium Weave Hero Suit, Impervium Weave Gloves and Boots
"I'm me, I have my own future to make. I'm not looking to the past, but to tomorrow."




Minor Victory, also known as Steven Kohl, was a Crey Clone Creation designed to replace Statesman after the heroes death.

THE REPLACEMENT PROJECT Crey Labs wanted a signature hero of their own whom they could manipulate, control, one which could be made to do what they wanted. Total control of the hero scene. When Crey got word that Statesman had gone missing after the death of his daughter, they dispatched special agents around the globe to locate his whereabouts. After the events leading up to Statesman's death unraveled, agents were able to gather enough DNA from the deceased hero to further their plans.

Crey already had DNA of Stefan Richter, they just needed another subject, one who was at the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of villainy and heroics. With Statesman's death and his DNA in hand, Crey Labs were ready to start their "Replacement Project". By combining the DNA of Statesman and Lord Recluse and working the DNA into their proprietary cloning techniques, they began to construct the perfect hero.

DIFFERENCES OF OPINION The lead Crey scientist in charge of Steven's 'upbringing' was Dr. John Paul. John Paul was troubled with the cloning practices, believing that Crey should be spending their resources fighting cancer and other technologies that could save lives. He knew that in the wrong hands, Steven Kohl would be a doomsday device just waiting to go off. He was ordered to facilitate Steven's upbringing and education subliminally early on. This gave him the perfect opportunity to 'block' the brainwashing and mind control the Crey had included in the subliminal programming. When Steven was old enough to walk, he spent less time in his containment tube and more time in a enclosed laboratory space. John Paul would work with him in regards to basic motor functions, walking, talking, writing. Everything Steven would have to do physically.

John Paul made sure never to miss a 'birthday' or holiday, bringing presents on various occasions and holidays, trying hard to nurture him as best a 'father' could. It was during these visits, this bonding time, that John Paul knew that simply preventing Steven from being taken advantage of and controlled was not enough. He needed to get Steven out of there before he was released on his 17th birthday.


6 months before the scheduled reveal of Minor Victory to the world John Paul had reached out to the Dawn Patrol for guidance. John Paul did not want to risk getting anyone involved with the freeing of Steven for fear of complicating things. He would see to his release on his own. But he needed a place for Steven to go. He was informed of their school, "Daybreak Academy and Metahuman Advancement Center" which they oversaw, for young supers who needed a place to hone their abilities, in a safe and constructive environment. When everything was set up with DAMAC, and a special package left with them, he waited for the right time to let him free.

On the evening before Minor Victory's reveal to the world on his 17th Birthday, John Paul told Steven everything that had been going on. From his creation to what the Crey had planned for him. When asked by Steven why he didn't say anything earlier John Paul stated that it was because he was unsure how Steven would take the news. He thought it was best to wait until the break out to ensure everything went according to plan.

John Paul had Steven dress in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and proceeded to walk him straight out of the lab after everyone had gone home for the night, hoping not to make a scene. They made it to the first floor lobby. As Steven and John Paul made their way to the front door, one of the security guards recognized Stevens face from a previous post he held in the containment lab earlier in the month and activated the lock down Alarm. Luckily John Paul had prepared for this and had cut the circuits to the lock down procedures. They had mere seconds before the backup came online. John Paul and Steven ran out into a torrential downpour. As they ran across the street Crey Agents stormed out of the building and started opening fire. John Paul yanked Steven back and gave him a manila envelope. Before he could say anything a bullet struck Steven in the chest. It ricochet off Steven's chest and struck John Paul in the heart. He slumped into a puddle, holding his chest. Steven could do nothing but stare in disbelief at his Dad's death. John Paul pulled Steven close and muttered his last words. "Go...Find..." and died.

Steven escaped into the night, able to run and hurl himself away, faster than the Crey could engage. Steven followed the instructions given to him in the envelope, which also included his admittance letter to DAMAC, some money, a USB with a recorded message from John Paul and a picture of the two together on his eighth birthday. Steven arrived at DAMAC in the middle of the night, clothing drenched, scared and heartbroken.


Steven has been attending classes at DAMAC ever since his release. He lives in the dormitory on campus and has finally become friends with various other super-teens. The most prominent being that of Sharon Hopkins, the golden speedster Gold Rush, his first girlfriend.

At first, Steven did not want to become a hero. Between the confusion surrounding his 'upbringing' and being 'dumped' into the outside world, the last thing on his mind was heroism. Day in and day out, he simply attended classes, kept to himself and spent most of his time in his dorm room.

One day, on a walk in Independence Port, Steven was walking along the road by the waterside when a school bus carrying a bus full of elementary students became the target of Lusca, the giant monster lurking in the deep. It didn't require Steven's superhuman hearing to hear the blood curdling screams of the children as the giant beast slowly pulled the buss into the ocean. It didn't take much coaxing to get Steven to react. He had wrestled the bus from the grasp of the Kraken but one child was drug out of the bus emergency exit and was being pulled away with the fleeing Lusca, deep into the ocean depths. Steven flew like lightning into the water and rescued the young boy from Lusca's tentacle. When Steven emerged from the water with the boy, shaken but unharmed, news crews were there to record it all. Not one for the spotlight and scared the Crey would find out, Steven ran off, back to DAMAC.

When he arrived back at his dorm room he found a package at his door. It was addressed to him, from John Paul. In it contained a impervium weaved jacket, gloves, boots and hero uniform, reminiscent of Statesman himself. But most of all, a letter.

"My Dear Steven, If you are reading this, then I am no longer with you in person. I am so sorry. I am sure you have lots of questions. And with time, there will be answers. For now, take this small gift. I had asked the headmaster to hold onto it until you were deemed ready to become the hero I know you are meant to be. Though I want you to tread forward, making your own path, it would be foolish to ignore the past completely. You will find a hero suit custom fitted for you of my own design. You are a young teenager with a wild heart and spirit, but with a legacy of greatness inside you. That is why I created the suit in honor of Statesman. You are not a replacement. You are yourself, a minor victory of mine after many morale defeats working for Crey. I can only hope that this small victory of ours reaps huge victories later, for you and for all mankind."

Steven took the name Minor Victory from the note. And wears the hero suit to this day, to help any who may be in need.


Honor Society at Daybreak Academy & Metahuman Advancement Center; An educational division of the Super Group: The Dawn Patrol.


Steven is naturally shy when it comes to meeting new people due to his secluded upbringing. He had not had many interactions with anyone other than John Paul for the first 17 years of his life. He has come a long way socially. He is strong willed with an even stronger morale compass. He is courageous and determined. Steven tends to be a bit wide eyed with most new encounters, sights or experiences.

Powers & Abilities

Flight: Steven can fly at top speeds of 7,000 Miles Per Hour (near Mach 9)

Enhanced Hearing: Steven can isolate and magnify sounds making it much easier to hear individuals in a crowded stadium, or hear calls for help from across the city.

Enhanced Vision: Steven can focus on an object up to 9 miles away and can focus his vision to such a degree that he can clearly see small particles floating in the air or on a surface.

Enhanced Speed: Steven can move and jump at amazing speeds. Though not considered superspeed, or a speedster, Steven can run up to 65 Miles Per Hour.

Super Strength: Steven can lift upwards of 90 tons.

Super Healing: Steven's body can regenerate at a superhuman rate.

Enhanced Durability: While not quite invulnerable, it takes allot to bring down Minor Victory.

Energy Manipulation: Steven can generate energy around his fists, enhancing his physical attacks. Steven's eyes also glow, but beyond the glow, they produce no other effects.

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