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Finally, Miss Blue gets a virtueverse for reals. Oh lawl.

So Miss Blue is like, the worst PvE mastermind ever. She took so long to level that I made her in i12 when her build was actually a high-end PvP build, but she didn't even get really finished until now, when /poison is considerably less good. I have a running joke among my friends that she is so bad that I would never have to worry about the devs nerfing her, but due to DR and the general need for non-damage abilities in PvP, she got nerfed in i13. She's not horrible though despite that - she still screws healing really badly.

Miss Blue
Player: @Auspice
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: Might as well be 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Aoya Tohko
Known Aliases: Miss Blue, the Magic Gunner, the Blue Gunner
Species: Human
Age: 25
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese-English
Occupation: Magical Scientist
Place of Birth: Oxford, UK
Base of Operations: Prometheus Mage's Academy, UK
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: 1: sister
Known Powers
Magical Science (see notes)
Known Abilities
None of note
None of note



Aoya Tohko is a leading magical scientist from the Prometheus Mage's Academy. Her sister and her traveled to Paragon City and the Rogue Isles respectively in order to research the growing metahuman phenomenon in its natural environment. Tohko is particularly interested in researching demonic creatures, but any metahumans may be targets of her research and experiments.

Her sister is currently employed in MAGI. She is one of the most powerful known mages in existence and is far more powerful than any others in Paragon City. Tohko will not disclose any more information than that, but it is generally believed that her sister knows some secret magic unknown to the rest of the world.


Tohko is generally disinterested in the human condition. She is not a particularly caring individual and will sacrifice anyone for the advancement of magical science. She does not do so in any sort of malicious fashion. She bears no ill will towards anyone, except possibly her sister, of whom she is extremely jealous. However, she generally sees other people as nothing more than guinea pigs or tools to get her more power.

For instance, she considers normal people typically as test subjects and does not really treat them as alive. It is not really known whether she views herself in the same way, as she's never been actually asked what she thinks of herself.

Tohko pursues the advancement of magical sciences to the pursuit of all else. She is often oblivious to other people, and only thinks of things in terms of her latest experimental study.


Tohko's natural ability to cast spells is quite low. Her family is quite known for their lack of magic circuits, but this does not stop her. She has an exceptionally efficient magic circuit compared to most mages, and spends far less mana to produce similar magical effects compared to other mages. While a typical mage might spend a moderate amount of mana to create a healing spell, Miss Blue might spend a hundredth of that amount. This is quite advantageous to her, as she does not appear to be a mage to the casual magic-detecting observer, since the amount of prana stored in her magic circuits is very low. She can still be detected as a mage however if she casts spells, something she does quite frequently.

Disruption Magic

Miss Blue specializes in disruption magic, or the ability to cancel out other magics and powers. Her ability to do so is quite exceptional. When struck with disruption magic, a foe typically loses much of their mutant, magical, or even natural powers, but the effect is different from foe to foe. Rare is it that an enemy loses all of their strength, but they are often so weakened that they cannot effectively fight back against her. She is especially good at crippling healing spells and life draining powers.


The construction of homunculi is nothing unusual to Miss Blue, but her homunculi have no inherent magical traits. Her strength in combat magics is poor, so she uses her skills in creating homunculi to great effect in battle. They carry around modified modern weapons, all of which have been acquired from fallen Longbow, Arachnos, or other military forces in the Isles. She has added several modifications such as alchemical compounds that deplete a foe's life energy directly to the ammunition used.

Reinforcement Magic

Tohko's use of Reinforcement is weaker than most Academy mages. She lacks the ability to create strong bounded magic fields, mostly due to the high prana requirements to use them. She can use her magic to produce healing effects for either herself or allies, although again, compared to a specialized reinforcement mage she is rather weak. She can also use Reinforcement to accelerate her body to supersonic speeds to evade attacks, although this is exhausting for her to maintain for long periods.

Totally OOC

This is all my OOC stuff. There's a lot of it for this character.

OOC Powers

Miss Blue has Challenge. It's not in character at all. She is like the most unprovocative person ever.

The healing unit on the medicine pool is OOC - it's magic.

Miss Blue's entire epic pool is OOC, since she is mace mastery. IC it would be anything BUT mace, but yeah... I'm thinking of using her dual build just to give her soul, since it has dark embrace which would be IC hopefully in the future. Mace is so much better than anything else though for poison, and I want web envelope. Suck it.

Pet names

soldier 1: boring name.

soldier 2: bullet guy.

medic: crazy man!

spec ops 1: SPEC OPS

spec ops 2: SPEC POS

commando: Mr. LEGOs


7 - petcom_name . attack

8 - petcom_all follow defensive

9 - petcom_name . goto

4 - petcom_name . aggressive

5 - petcom_name c follow defensive

6 - petcom_name p goto

1 - petcom_name p attack

2 - unmapped

3 - petcom_name c goto

0 - unmapped

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