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Mu'Eris Main Pic.JPG
Player: @PandaFastpaws
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 32
Personal Data
Real Name: Mu'Eris
Known Aliases: Eris Winters
Species: Mu-Bloodline Human
Age: 32
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 124 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: British American
Occupation: Mu Mystic and Curiosity Shop Owner
Place of Birth: Oxfordshire, Great Britain
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None Living
Known Powers
Channels Mu Lightning to varying degrees
Known Abilities
Various spells and cantrips, as well as Tarot Reading
Only her various outfits
No additional information available.

Mu'Eris was my second attempt at a Mu-concept toon. I started with Mu'Shar, a brute, but that really wasn't for me, then when Electricity came to Stalkers, Dominators, and Corruptors I had a hard choice to make, and settled on making a Mu Assassin. Also, her Praetorian Counterpart is an Electric Resistance member going by the name 'Shining-Light'.




Mu'Eris seems a bit cold, but she simply believes in efficiency. She is quite protective of those in her care, and will put herself in danger before her compatriots can fall. She is also learning Alchemy for healing purposes from the Midnight Squad.


Mu'Eris channels the Electricity of her ancient bloodline.

Electrical Melee

Mu'Eris has channeled her electrical powers into blasts that generate from her hands. The most deadly of which is a shock that can render an enemy unconscious in one blast.

Electrical Armor

She can also charge her body with Electricity, rendering her more resistant to attacks, and even cloaks her frm enemy sight, allowing her to deal more damage.

Additional Powers


As with most Mu, Mu'Eris uses her Electricity to ride on the air.


Mu'Eris does try to keep in excellent physical condition.

Character History

Mu'Eris came to the Etoile Isles when she was a child, and her parents opened a small Curiosity shop. Little did she know that her parents were from the ancient Mu bloodline. Her childhood was relatively simple until she entered her teens.

When she was thirteen her life was turned upside down when some strange mages entered the Curiosity Shop and attacked her parents. The building erupted with Red Electricity as Eris hid herself, using a simple spell that her parents taught to her. Eris watched as her parents valiently battled the robed mages, identified as the Circle of Thorns, but they were overwhelmed. Eris' parents were struck down and Eris was left alone.

That is when she started studying everything she could about Mu, and taught herself the basics of Mu Electricity and Mysticism. When she was old enough, she applied to Arachnos in hopes of becoming a Mu Mystic, but was turned away because of her gender. Apparently the Mu do not include females among their 'bound Mu'.

It was at that point that Eris, now calling herself Mu'Eris, decided to mix her stealth with her Mu Abilities. She did not have much success until another unbound Mu helped to train her. The man never revealed his name, but over the years helped her refine her skills. This was when she suffered another loss. The Circle of Thorns attacked the small shop again, this time taking down her master. It took quite a bit of time for Mu'Eris to rebuild her confidence in herself, and she dedicated herself to studying everything she can.

Now, Mu'Eris works for the Elite Web Guard of Arachnos and is serving as their Mu Liaison. She is finally recognized as an Unbound Mu, and is studying with the Midnighter Club in the arts of Alchemy.

Costume Attire

Mu'Eris Costume 00.JPGMu'Eris Costume 01.JPGMu'Eris Costume 02.JPGMu'Eris Costume 03.JPG

Order from Left to Right
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