Neksar Dragonet

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Winter Moonlight.jpg
Neksar in flight
Player: @Neksar Dragonet
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 17
Personal Data
Real Name: Neksar Dragonet
Known Aliases: Nek
Species: ???
Age: ???
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 187 lbs
Eye Color: Glowing sky blue
Hair Color: Dark brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Cleric of (deity's name withheld)
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: ???
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: ???
Known Powers
Ice Control, Half-dragon Heritage, Cleric Training, Divine Favor
Known Abilities
Weapon Knowledge
Consecrated Axe

Neksar is the name that this player uses for most of his main characters. He ended up creating a brother character for his real world brother's main character.

(elder brother/GM insert: If only you knew...)



Neksar's not your typical cleric. For one, he chose the axe instead of the classic blunt weapon used by clerics. Typically he shows a sharp wit and mischievious love of practical jokes, as well as a childish misunderstanding of the modern world as he continues to adjust. Stubborn at times, he often takes the hard route rather than adjusting to the technologies of this modern age, though he finds himself enjoying the technology more and more.


Neksar uses his inherent powers to manipulate the air around him to incapacitate his foes with ice. As a cleric, he has learned more non-lethal methods of combat than anything, and will typically render his foes helpless as his allies deal the final blow. In combination with his restorative holy abilities, he is definately a hero one would like to have at their side in a tough fight.

While sworn as a cleric, he longs to learn more about the art of melee combat, particularly with the axe he had been given by his goddess.

Icy Manipulation

Neksar is most proficient with his natural draconic abilities. He has mastered the icy blood running through his veins to the point where he can manipulate ice in such a way as to render his foes helpless without too much harm coming to them. This is probably due to his juvenile love of practical jokes - it's more fun to watch enemies fall on their butts and hit each other than it is to impale them with ice.

Neksar is beginning to experiment with using his icy mastery as a form of armor to protect him in combat, or perhaps even fight with it. Unfortunately, it'll take a lot more practice, so the going will probably be slow.

Heavy Weapon Affinity

Neksar prefers heavier weapons to light, weak ones. While impish in behavior, and, sometimes appearance (floating in an upside-down lotus tends to earn him a few odd looks), he prefers a more direct approach to combat in which he hits hard and decisive strikes rather than quickly and consistently. He is able to magically alter the weight of the heavy weapons he uses to allow them to be handled with much more dexterity than one would expect. He seems to be gravitating more towards heavy weapons of the automatic variety, however...

Divine Favor

Neksar's goddess still appreciates him as a loyal and dedicated follower, albeit an unconventional one. She watches over him with a close eye, protecting him from harm and granting him the power to heal and protect himself and his allies. In combat, he can be seen rousing his allies from an unconscious state and channeling life-giving energies into their bodies to mend their wounds.


Neksar's mastery of ice and frozen winds has allowed him to manipulate the air around him so he may fly, when he doesn't just use his wings.

Character History

Neksar's goddess sent him here so he may search for something. For whom or what remains a mystery to those who do not know him, but his entrance certainly wasn't anything out of the ordinary as far as Paragon goes....

(Coming soon!)

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