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Nexace - Origin of Damnation

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The Demonic
Lord Nexace
Night's Bane
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Art by NGArt

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Demon Summoning
Dark Miasma
Soul Mastery
Player: @Darcor
Real Name
Ahren Ulbrecht
Nerva Archipelago
Death Mage
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Demon Summoning
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Mantle of Nex
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Rune and Dark Magics

This legend starts in the late summer of the year 122OC. The city streets were alive with bustling-feet of traders and merchants preparing for the long winter ahead. For many of them, this would be the last chance they would have to visit the metropolis of Oranbega until the ice melts next summer.

The night-time streets of Oranbega are lit only with the eerie, magical green glow of crystals. Everything in this enchanting city vibrates with the presence of magic and sorcery; found in the middle of all that power and prestige stands the young, talented Ahren, the Archmage over all of the surrounding kingdoms. At the tender age of 20 he has taken the mantle of Archmage in order to fill the shoes of the late Master Uchdorfe—shoes so huge that he feels like he’s drowning in laces of expectations and assumptions. But despite what others seem to think of him and his own self-doubt, Ahren is an extra-ordinary mage capable of taking on the task of being the ordained savior of Oranbega—a hero.

The years came and went and Ahren soon became the most well-known protector in all of Oranbegan history. In ten short years he defended the great city from every manner of invaders, evil-doers, and petty crime. He single-handedly held up the world from falling into chaos and kept the power in the hands of the righteous until the fateful day that Ahren unlocked the power to see into parallel dimensions.

What he learned changed everything. He quickly learned that the world – as he knew it – was no longer going to exist. The power that was in the world was too great and would soon implode in upon itself, as with all great civilizations. The world rejected the prophecy because of the great prosperity currently being experienced and Ahren was left to him to himself, not knowing what to do. Before long good people began killing good people and peace was quickly being taken and Ahren was powerless to stop it.

It soon became apparent that if Oranbega didn’t have a common evil to fight against, the great civilization would turn against itself and fall. To save the people he loved, Ahren knew that he had to unite the people to save them and the only way to do that would be to become the enemy. But a friend pretending to be a foe would not do it, he had to truly become evil and throw away everything he stood for to save his people in the greatest time of crisis of all. In order to do the greatest good, he had to do the greatest evil—or so the legend goes.

And the great Archmage Ahren Ulbrecht fell to uphold his people and their needs. With the help of a few spells as a catalyst he opened a gateway to access an army of demon minions and laid siege on the city he loved. The pull of hatred and evil soon consumed Ahren and he became known as “Nex,” which being translated means death or decay. With the possession of the mantle of the death mage, Nex became the first death mage in Oranbega and was thought to be completely indestructible.

To save his people Ahren had fallen, but he wasn’t prepared for the amount of corruption that would come with embracing evil. Instead of saving his people, Nex laid waste to the inhabitants of Oranbega and ruthlessly destroyed everyone he once cared about. Consumed and crackling with the power of his destroyed enemies, Nexace, the messenger of death, left nothing alive in the once magical city. The wonderful light of magic the city was founded upon changed to darkness and hate. The dead remain and they know not what they seek. Oranbega fell, not only metaphorically, but physically aswell. In only a few years of being abandoned, the once proud city hid from it's shame and was cast into the abyss of the earth where it remains today.

That’s how the legend of Lord Nexace goes.

No one knows the events after the fall of Oranbega. It is not clear if Lord Nexace ever died or not, but regardless he has returned in some form. It's also unknown whether his current form is only an image of himself, an apparition back from the dead, or if he just simply never died. He is here when he once was not, and many have questions--if HE's in the Rogue Isles, is his goal still to balance the magical world through destruction or has his motives changed? What is he planning?

Since Oranbega has awakened with its vengeful dead at the sudden appearance of super-powered heroes, villains, and the Well of Furies, Lord Nexace has also reappeared and is wandering, bent on destruction—-an immortal, silent observer until he is once again needed to stabilize the balance of power in the world.

-The 3 Horrors of Lord Nexace-
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Demon Armies

Long ago Lord Nexace opened a doorway to the plains of darkness. To this day the demons protect him like some kind of king. To us, he is just an old mage, to them, however, it seems he means far more. Perhaps Lord Nexace was the first to open a doorway to their specific realm, and now they worship him as a ruler or deity. Regardless, he has an endless supply of demons at his disposal.

Abyssal Gaze

It takes most magic users years to learn how to focus magical energy through their eyes. It's not an uncommon ability among the mages of today's world; however, Lord Nexace is capable of freezing even the toughest hero or villain with a single look.

He is towering over everyone as the tall enormus being he is... His fearsome gaze, drains the courage from the heroes' hearts, as they know This will be beyond any ordinary battle...

Death Forge

To many, Lord Nexace's most feared ability is known as "Death Forge". According to the legend, Lord Nexace manipulates the souls of those he has killed and uses their energy to power himself and his gruesome minions by channeling their hate-filled souls into destructive energies to curse and control his enemies.


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  • "Theres much more than what meets the eye. I'd like to know."
-Dimitrious Vladimire

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