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Nocturne Duet Targeting.jpg
Nocturne Duet
Seven prepping her sniper rifle while Six scouts their target.
Lithium Nocturne
Player: @StrayGirl
Origin: Science
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 21
Arsenic Nocturne
Player: Arsenic
Origin: Science
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 21
Personal Data
Real Names: Lithium Serenade Nocturne
Arsenic Scherzo Nocturne
Known Aliases: Opus Six, Lith, Six, Wolfie
Opus Seven, Ars, Seven, Sev
Species: Bio-Engineered Humans
Nationalities: Unknown
Occupations: Covert Security
Places of Birth: Symphony Labs
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Statuses: Single
Known Relatives: Dr. Wilhelm Bravura
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Lithium carries a custom katana while Arsenic is armed with a customized sniper rifle. Both are known to be armed with an array of other small traps.

The Nocturne Duet is a pair of biologically engineered females, created by Dr. Wilhelm Bravura as a gift to Angela Sin of Sin Enterprises on the Etoile Islands.


The Duet by an anonymous friend!

If Dr. Bravura had wanted to create drone-like super-soldiers he would have remained working at Crey. Instead, dubbing himself a Genetic Composer, he sought to create works of art with soul and personality; intermingling faults and flaws among some of the "more desirable" personality traits. As such, the Nocturne Duet may be youthful and spirited in one moment while bickering and goading each other in the next.

The Duet have a playful rivalry between them, mostly perpetuated by Arsenic's occasional bouts of superiority. Lithium is usually amused by Arsenic's attempts at flaunted her prowess, especially when they fail. But she genuinely cares for Arsenic. Arsenic can be a little stupid and over-excited sometimes, but she watches out for Lithium and tries to keep her safe.

Opus Six

Main Article: Opus Six.

Named Lithium Serenade Nocturne, she is classified by Lord Recluse as a Stalker archetype. As the close combatant of the Duet, she relies mainly on stealth and a customized Katana to handle her targets with predatory grace and finesse.

Opus Seven

Main Article: Opus Seven.

Named Arsenic Scherzo Nocturne, she is classified by Lord Recluse as a Corruptor archetype. She proficiently wields a Sniper Rifle, as well as a wide array of different gadgets, fulfilling the role of long range support for the Duet.

Abilities and Features

BA Megalomaniac.png Innate Training
The Duet were infused with basic combat skills during their creation, as well as a wide variety of knowledge concerning the outside world. Although their birthed skills and knowledge is limited compared to someone's life experience, the duo think they're pretty smart.
The Duet are very flexible, partly in response to their need for stealthy movement.
BA Phalanx Reserve.png Hyper Anabolism
Every Opus' cells rebuild at a faster than normal rate, and regenerative chemicals supplied by Dr. Bravura increase the process even more.

Specific to Opus Six

Ninjitsu Hide.png Digitigrade
The internal physiology of her feet and legs differs from that of regular humans, though outwardly is not noticeable by the average looker-on aside from a notable grace and fluidity to her movements. This digitigrade modification is also credited with granting her silent footfalls -- aiding in her stealth -- while also allowing for superior speed and leaping. This feature, however, is not without it's shortcomings as it prevents her from being able to support heavy loads and may cause some issues with traction and the changing of running speeds.
Katana Placate.png Scent Glands
Able to release a variety of pheromones and allomones from the scent glands located at various points across her anatomy, these odorless secretions may alter or trigger behaviors in others. Along with her digitigrade anatomy these glands aid in her stealth, passively, though when in danger they may also induce a brief placating effect on a single target. It is believed that as her body reaches maturity these glands may be able to produce stronger, more effective pheromones and allomones resulting in aggressive confusion in targets.

Specific to Opus Seven

Gears TacticalGoggles.png Eagle Eye
Due to the infusion of Bird genetics, she has increased sight in both eyes, able to make out targets clearly from great distances. The clarity of her vision is four times that of a regular human with perfect vision, mostly due to an inner eyelid called the nicititating membrane. This membrane clears her eyes of dirt and dust constantly, although she still possesses a human eyelid 'blink', reserving the membrane for long stretches of patient sniping that requires never losing sight of a target. The membrane itself is clear, it does not block her vision.
ShadowFighting TouchOfFear.png Hollow Bones
Another mutation from her genetic make-up came in the form of hollow bones. Not only making her slightly lighter than other humans, she is also a fraction more flexible, with double joints and a natural limber, she can twist herself beyond even the greatest contortionist, which proves useful for hiding, stalking, and infiltration. The mutation also has a serious downside, her bones are much more likely to shatter under pressure. This renders her less suitable for close ranger combat, as heavy opponents or weighted weaponry is far more effective against her physiology. The lack of weight though makes her more resilient to falling great distances, or personal injury.


The Duet by Silvani
Flight JumpJet.png Jump Pack
The light weight jump pack gives short burst vertical lift, lasting as much as 30 seconds before requiring a shutdown period. The duet mainly utilize these packs for quick escapes from land-bound enemies, or reaching perches for safety or scouting high above.
Gears ChameleonSuit.png Uniform
The pair are frequently seen in matching uniforms, most often consisting of a simple palette of black and silvery gray. Their uniforms are designed for battle, stain-resistant and durable, light and maneuverable, and specially designed to catch the eye, as the Duet themselves are an advertisement for Doctor Bravura's Opus Project. The Nocturne Duet have a strange proclivity for uniformity, and rarely dress themselves in anything but their given uniforms. As their needs change, so do their chosen attire, though almost always striking a similarity between their innate connections.
EnergyAura Drain.png 'Karinska' Collars
No matter the attire, the Duet are never without their collars. The simple black leather with silver spikes serves as a visual cue to the inherent loyal and submissive nature the Duet have in regards to their appointed superiors, while doubling as a tracking device which is traceable by a selective few. The collar also monitors the Opus' battle statistics and physiology, to make sure they are always in perfect health.

Carried by Opus Six

Katana AssassinBlade.png Shinnihotō 'Serenade' Customized Katana
The triumphantly strong weapon is a merging of ancient artistry and modern advancements, serving Opus Six as her primary weapon. Forged of an advanced amorphous alloy, the molecular structure of the material has blessed the blade with an impressive resiliency and sharpness while keeping it relatively light.

Carried by Opus Seven

AssaultWeapons SniperRifle.png Mk. II 'Scherzo' Customized Sniper Rifle
Opus Seven's primary weapon and beloved tool. It never leaves her side. Seven has made several important modifications for it's use in combat. Able to retrofit a variety of different chambers, barrels, and bullet feeds, she can switch between bolt-action or magazine fed, attach grenade launchers, or include any number of gadgetry onto the weapon's frame. Although, due to her Nocturne designation, Seven relies on low caliber, high velocity ammunition with a silencer configuration, requiring distance and a patient hand to sight her targets. It is only in situations of extreme danger that she would fit her weapon for heavy combat, preferring to keep to the shadows. The weapon itself is emblazoned with a swooping crow symbol, dubbing her weapon 'Tengu', named after the Japanese mythological creature.
Traps DroppedAoEBuffRegen.png First-Aid 'Swan' Triage Kit 
Opus Seven carries a quick supply of stims and items to help her fellow Opus in battle. Although, due to the unique physiology of her teammates and herself, she requires the use of a much more advanced kit. It requires a quick set up period, emitting a low light that attracts an Opus and scanning it for injuries. Using a wireless link, it can receive battle and damage assessments directly from their Opus 'Karinska' Collar's internal computers. At that point, Seven only needs to quickly administer the correct chemicals for quick and full recovery. The downside is that for the wireless connection to function properly it needs to be within the Kit's short range.


Bravura's Exit: A Letter to Angela Sin

In November of 2007 Dr. Bravura penned the following letter to Angela Sin of Sin Enterprises, written on the back of the sheet music for Bizet's Habanera:

Arsenic giving a bit of attitude! Original Juggertha art (tweaked by Lithium)!
Lithium gives a salute! Original Juggertha art (tweaked by Lithium)!
Greetings and a swift farewell to the allocutions of the day! No time for the precocious boredoms of forlorn festering feasibles. Today, we discuss the intangibles of greatness that I properly pontificate we both proudly possess. For it is you, dear dissenter of discernable disinterests, I offer onto thee my heart, my mind, and my soul bound within the capsules of modern artistic innovations. You’ve no doubt taken notice of the great Doctor Wilhelm Bravura and his mental machinations! For I certainly have taken notice of your copious curiosities in fields forever sown by the likes of I. If not, and nay I am not one to propose purposeful expectations erroneously. I propose a gift like none likely you’ve come to experience. I offer you hopes and dreams, I offer you my revolution of artistic expression, and I offer you the Nocturne Duet!

Yes, I understand your thinking, what use could a piece of art ever be to one such as I? Well, I’m here to answer that question. The Nocturne Duet is no mere sitting painting to collect dust through the ages. Long I’ve sought after the very essence of perfection in expression, an act seemingly out of my grasp during my ‘Blue Period” of lackadaisical whimsy. It was then I heard the siren song of your voice, speaking the ballad of scientific discoveries to the dismal doldrums of Crey creepers. Yet, always in my mind I felt a power, a power to grasp onto greatness, and finally I’ve achieved that strength of will, to embrace perfection in imperfection! To finally see the sunbeams of truth and natural will! What I have made in this Duet, my sixth and seventh iteration of the Opus creations I’ve so long worked, is no longer the perfection I so long sought, but the ability and will to find them!

Oh, yes, dear Doctor, I’ve done none other than build with my paint brush of genetic samples a true work for the ages! Skin and bone are the new paint and canvas! I offer you these sobering simpletons, my Duet, a set of silly strumpets with potential unforeseen. Your organization is one of great worth, and I surely know you would never humble me by telling your friends of my stunning genius. Far from it would I ask for your admiration and congratulation, in the form of small bills and donations perhaps? No, that would surely be unbecoming of an intellect such as mine. What I seek is the true revolution, the famed framing of a famous figure, and I shall sit upon the pedestal of power, blazing warm sun of accolades deserved!

See for yourself, Miss Angelina Sin. Play with my little creations, and watch their vicious cabaret! They call themselves Arsenic and Lithium, my perfect little poisons. Each wears a collar specially created to keep a little watch over them. I’ve handed their coordinates to you, and today I say farewell and goodbye to the Duet, and hand the reigns over in completion to you. I’m sure they’re dying to meet you!
-With Admiration
-Dr. Wilhelm Bravura

Arsenic tripping in a failed attempt to show off while Lithium coddles her katana, illustrated by drunkfu (with a couple of minor colour corrections by User:Lithium). You can check out the original here!
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