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Player: @Hollow Point Heroism
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 44
Personal Data
Real Name: Wishart, Tobias Jeremy
Known Aliases: Currently, the tally sits at Sixteen...
Species: Nano-Augmented Homo Sapien
Age: 19
Height: 6'1
Weight: 212 lbs
Eye Color: Luminous Blue
Hair Color: Luminous Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Hero, Former Super-soldier
Place of Birth: Galaxy City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Engaged
Known Relatives: Anthony Wishart (father), Sarah Wishart (mother), Samantha Wishart (sister)
Known Powers
see Abilities
Known Abilities
Manipulation of concussive energy, enhanced strength, rapid regeneration, heightened senses
Class 6 nanomachine augmentation, integrated Comm system

For a long time Novastriker (Previously just 'Striker') had sat in my mind for a long time. I always wanted to roll a Teenage character due to most if not all my characters being about twenty or older but it was when the Willpower set was finally introduced that Nova really came into being.



Tobias has joined the Templars of the Abbey out of both a desire for somewhere to call home and people to call family. Having lived previously from day to day in order to survive, joining the Templars provided a welcome change from scrounging money for food and sleeping in the back room of the King's Row Wentworths.


Novastriker is an interesting person when it comes to personality. While often brash and impulsive in combat, slinging energized fists and the occasional taunt, outside of a scrap he is an inquisitive and often outgoing person when he feels the effort warrants it. Due to his scattered memory, he has some trouble adapting to some social situations but is often quick to thank anyone who steers him toward an understanding. While still slightly muddled, he does his best to reflect the fact that he wants to take his current situation and make the best of it rather than mope and complain.


Novastriker has been augmented with an almost unfathomable amount of experimental nanomachines that lend him many abilities. First and foremost is a passive augmentation to every single system in his body. Tobias is now faster, stronger, fitter and gifted with a greater sensory awareness than any human being could hope to achieve. Currently his maximum strength level is limited to around five metric tons but there are signs he may be able to improve on this.

He is also capable of rapid regeneration, something as severe as a bullet wound only taking a few seconds to mend.

Also thanks to his augmentation is the ability for his body to generate raw, concussive energy spheres around both of his hands. These are capable of melting reactive armor when focused properly or transferring enough force to punch a one ton pickup a good 200 feet.

Finally, Tobias is capable of assembling a full suit of powered armor over his body to act as a defensive measure in the heat of battle. It is unknown at this point just what this suit is capable of but it already shows signs of increasing his ability to generate concussive energy.


While considerably far fitter than the average man, Novastriker's armor has access to a heavy gauge thrust system capable of flight speeds up to and slightly beyond Mach 1. Due to the potential property damage associated with supersonic flight amid skyscrapers, Tobias limits his flight speed while in the confines of Paragon City...sometimes.

Nanomachine Augmentation Cycles

Detailed below is an in depth list of each cycle of nano-augmentation that Tobias underwent as subject seven of Aeon Labs' Project: Sentinel:

Cycle 1

Responsible for installing the primary nanomachines that are responsible for fabricating the factories associated with Tobias' rapid healing ability. A secondary function of this cycle is to assist his immune system making Nova all but impervious to most if not all viruses, bacteria and contagion present in the modern world.

This cycle was implemented first as a way of ensuring that rejection associated with the other cycles and rapid bodily change was minimal if not non-existent at best. Cycle one also contains the first of five integrations of material that are associated with the Novastriker Armor System.

Cycle 2

Part one of Novastriker's muscle and bone structure enhancement cycles. Cycle two focuses on the reinforcement of Tobias' bone structure and tendons, making him able to support the enhanced muscles that were to be later implemented onto his body. Cycle Two also contained the required nanomachines involved in creating the concussive energy generators within his chest cavity which tie into the circuits in his hands and forearms. Cycle two also contains the second of five integrations of material that are associated with the Novastriker Armor System.

Cycle 3

Cycle three focused primarily upon Novastriker's muscle fiber. Through the assembly of nanite chains within the protein sheathes, it adds another level of physical strength above that of the normal man. On top of which, electro-static stimulation also assisted with muscle mass increase and cardio-vascular and organ enhancement. This left Tobias with uncanny strength as well as hyper-efficient organs capable of sustaining the new changes to the body by drawing extra nourishment from food. Cycle three also contains the third of five integrations of material that are associated with the Novastriker Armor System.

Cycle 4

This cycle contained the information and nanomachines required for sensory modification and augmentation. Through bolstering of his sensory nerves within his body as well as modification of olfactory, aural and vision senses, a greater awareness of changes in pressure or air composition as well as multiple view modes were installed into his body. Due to extreme haste however, many of the nanomachine clusters became accidentally lodged in Tobias' skin cells and hair follicles as well as triggering a reaction with his optic nerves and the light enhancement function. Because of this, Tobias now maintains an almost metallic grey complexion as well as luminous hair and eyes. Cycle four also contains the fourth of five integrations of material that are associated with the Novastriker Armor System.

Cycle 5

Cycle Five contained a number of uncategorized systems such as communications, external technology integration, diagnostics, wireless nano-interfacing as well as multiple mental and physical assault barriers that can be activated on cue. Also due to extreme haste, this injection cycle was botched leaving Tobias with a distinct circuitry pattern embedded into his intermediate dermal layers. To this day, strong emotional reaction (embarrasment confusion, anger, joy ect) will stimulate various light patterns across this circuitry as part of a malfunctioning diagnostic protocol. Cycle five also contains the last of five integrations of material that are associated with the Novastriker Armor System.

Cycle 6

Cycle six contains the mental conditioning, information and tactical knowledge required to turn Novastriker into the perfect weapon mentally. It locked down the subject's personality centers and uploaded a torrent of ballistics knowledge, trajectory calculations, close quarters combat information, human biology information as well as detailed information regarding most if not all current forms of weaponry, munitions, and military vehicles in use or in development. After the cycle was complete, Tobias was left incapable of disobeying an order given to him...if not for the backdoor program installed along side it by Dr. Alessia Simes amid an attack of conscience. By use of a specific command, Nova's personality was re-engaged as well as formatting the malign portions of the mental conditioning off his brain. This unfortunately doubled to destroy portions of Tobias' short and long-term memory.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Tobias is often considered weak to any form of EMP disruption as well as energy starvation due to the overworking of his concussive energy systems. Such is even more severe amid attacks that may drain such energy or inhibit its generation. Nova is also still physically very much human. Heavy trauma such as a loss of limbs or serious damage to his vital organs or brain created by something along the lines of a well aimed tank shell are more than capable of overwhelming his healing nanites and ending him outright. Another factor is also oxygen starvation created by severe blood loss.


Much like many citizens in Paragon City, Tobias grew up pretty much normally. Born the first child of Anthony and Sarah Wishart, Life right up until and right through most of his high school education was startlingly uninteresting in comparison to many teenage heroes who often discovered all forms of mutant powers or an advanced intellect far beyond that of their peers.

There was nothing interesting regard his grades or his athletic prowess. In fact the only thing that could be made mention of was his somewhat cutting wit, noble disposition and relationship with classmate Candice Wyte.

His family life was also unremarkably uninteresting. The only thing that could be said as such was his father's somewhat weighty pressure to spur him to a career in law, such as he had done in his late teens. While this rubbed Tobias up the wrong way on a number of occassions, it did very little to shatter the Wishart family by any stretch.

It would've seemed then that Tobias J. Wishart was destined to become one of the many ordinary citizens gazing up in awe at the super-powered community wishing to be something grander than just another lawyer. Fate it seemed had a rather strange way of answering his wish.

On his way home from Galaxy City High School, he was suddenly abducted by an Arachnos scout team hunting for new test subjects for an Aeon Labs weapons project dubbed simply: Sentinel.

For the next two years, he would wallow in a world of black, having had his higher brain functions shut off as he was periodically injected with experimental nanomachines and turned into what most would consider the perfect weapon.

Well, almost perfect.

The lab team was constantly under stress, both to perform their appointed task and at being held under duress. Mistakes were made with the six subjects previous to Tobias 'enlisting' in the Project: Sentinel that had led to fatalities so the prospect of the price of failure a seventh time weighed heavily on their minds.

Errors were made, repercussions were had. Scientists began disappearing amid suspicious circumstances. The few that remained, led by neuroscientist Alessia Simes began plotting a contingiency behind the backs of their shady directors...with Tobias at the centre of their plans.

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