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October Raven (Real Name: John Williams) is a Magic-based hero. (Played and created by @OctoberRaven)



John Williams was one of the brightest children of his class. However, a comination of his intelligence, his anemia, and an overall 'creepiness' made him the most unpopular person in elementary, middle, and high school. It wouldn't be until high school before he made his first friend, Faustus Geisteskrank, who would become his mortal foe.

Depression had long set in during the later years of his school life. During his senior year, he attempted suicide by shooting himself with his father's old revolver. Miraculously, the bullet he put in the gun became stuck in the chamber, as if it was weilded into it. Confused by this, he settled off into sleep.

That night, a dark-haired woman came to him in his dreams. "John," she said, "it is not your time. You are destined for great things. Seek the Book of Twilight, and all shall become clear to you."

A month later, in an old bookstore, he found the Book of Twilight. It was written by the Goddess Nyx, a codex of ancient magics harnessing the primal force she represented, the force of darkness. He also learned how to use this force to drain the spiritual energies of others to keep himself strong.

He meditated on the book for a long time, tempted to use it's contents for evil. Then he realized that not only would he be no better than his own tormentors, but that this was also not his destiny. He instead became a defender of the defenseless, a man who fought the evil that lurked in the shadows from the shadows. Dubbing himself October Raven, and wearing a costume that was little more than a hooded jacket, he took the first steps towards his destiny.

Since that day, he has became one of the most powerful mages in Paragon City, and his once shrouded identity is now public to the world. He lives in an apartment in Kings Row and patrols all over the city.

Powers & Abilities

His main ability is psychic vampirism. Not like true or blood vampirism, this is a learned power gained through his magical training. He drains the essence of those around him to strengthen himself. In combat, he uses this to make his targets pass out from lack of energy. Out of combat, he used to use this ability to take little bits of energy (that most wouldn't even notice) to sustain himself and keep him healthy. However, since merging with a manifestion of Nyx (see below), he no longer needs to do this. He can also show people their own evil souls, making them tremble in fear.

He also can defend himself with darkness, which works as a sort of force field around his body. The same tendrils of darkness he uses to drain energy from people are cabable of protecting him, and he can to an extent manipulate objects from a distance. He can also sheild his mind from attacks.

Additionally, he is able to teleport and aportate others, transferring their spiritual energy from one location to another and willing the rest of the body to follow. The basic concept of controlling the body by it's spiritual energy also enables him to levitate almost effortlessly.

His new costume is made from concentrated shadows, and he can manifest and dismiss it with a simple incantation. He has also learned to change the costume to resemble his older one. It also grants him limited protection and insulation.

Since merging with a manifestation of Nyx, he has renewed vitality (effectively curing his anemia). He can also 'invoke' the spirit, giving it some or complete control of his body. He is much stronger in this form, although it greatly weakens him.

He is also a skilled computer programmer, and has assisted in making several firewalls for both the Millenium Paladins and DATA. When Servant 12 is unavailable he usually takes care of most technology that the Paladins come across.


At first, October Raven was very secretive. He joined the Millenium Paladins by invitation of Servant 12, who has since become his best friend and ally. He considers the Paladins his family, and has a deep care for each one of them, and thanks to them he is a bit more open with himself.

He is also a member of MAGI, Ouroboros, and Vanguard, as well as an honorary member of the Legacy Chain.

He is the last of his natural family. His parents died in Hurricane Katrina (something he has never mentioned publicly) and his only other living relative, his cousin Janice, was murdered by Faustus Geisteskrank.

He is single and has never married, or even shared a kiss. He has apparently no regrets about this.

He is a Wiccan and his matron diety is Nyx. He is open about his faith (wearing a pentagram at all times) however does not talk about it unless approached.

The Second Soul

In a battle against the spirits of Croatoa, October accidentally took a small piece of one of their souls, which began to attempt to take him over. This lead to several violent bursts of rage (actually the corrupted soul possessing him). It would have consumed him completely and lead him to murder innocent had it not been stopped.

With the aid of Azuria, he underwent a ritual allowing him to 'die' and visit the afterlife to be purified. In the process he merged his soul with a piece of Divine energy. When invoking this part of his soul, his power increases and he speaks in a feminine tone. Depending on the amount of control he gives it, either he is actually speaking (using "I" to refer to himself), they both are (using "We"), or the spirit (refering to him as "John"). The spirit explained this symbiosis to some of the Paladins:

"I am a fragment of what John calls the Devine, Christians call God, and Buddhists call Nirvana... I am him, and he is me. We are one and the same."

The Wraith's Touch

The first time Geisteskrank tormented John, it lead to the death of his cousin at the necromancer's hands. John took pity on the necromancer, who was trying to ressurrect his fallen fiance, and sent him to an asylum to get help.

One day Geisteskrank escaped and exhumed Janice's body. He experimented on it, and he accidentally turned her into a wraith. October saved the necromancer from death, and in turn was struck full blast with the corrupt magic of the wraith. He destroyed the creature, and put Geisteskrank to justice.

After that day, John began losing focus, and becoming fatigued more easily. He then developed a cough, and eventually began to cough up blood. He breifly became completely bed-ridden before Azuria intervened and began magically treating him.

The Devine spirit has revealed the truth to Servant 12 that John himself has only recently realized: He has been infected with the Wraith's Touch. This is the most powerful of the wraith's magics, which at full effect kills the victim within an hour and turns him/her into a wraith. Due to the spirit's power, and Azuria's treatment, the corruption is moving slowly across his system, and it will in time put him into a coma, and eventually overtake him completely if not cured. Although the spirit told Servant that, with his help, John would live (although after falling into a coma), she/it also warned him that "John must not know". It is uncertain how or if John's realization of the illness has altered this future.

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