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Lady Reanimator
Oksana Lotte
Player: @Kamidesu
Origin: Science
Archetype: Mastermind / Corruptor
Security Level: Needs updating
Personal Data
Real Name: Oksana Lotte
Known Aliases: Lady Reanimator
Species: Altered Human
Age: 27
Height: Tall
Weight: Lithe
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian
Occupation: Professional Reanimator
Place of Birth: No where special, USA
Base of Operations: See above.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Known Abilities

I'm not a bad man, even though I do bad things,
Very bad things, such horrible things...
But it's not quite what it seems...
Ah, hell.
It's exactly what it seems.

—Creature Feature, Such Horrible Things


Being in the lab, especially at the side of an operating table, always made her drift into a nearly zen-like state. Calm, thoughtful, introspective. Her mind wandered while her hands moved through procedures that, thanks to muscle memory and experience, were second nature.

Her childhood was nothing special; your typical born-to-wealth story. However, her family life had always been a tad strained; her parents were always so proud which annoyed the woman from a young age. Everything was so easy, getting good marks in school was nothing, so she wasn't sure why they made such a big deal out of it. It felt false, phony, and she often butted heads with both of her parental figures whenever they were overjoyed about some accomplishment. It came to ahead when she graduated academy -- "Why can't you just be happy?" her mother cried when yet another life achievement was met with apathy from Oksana.

Her response was simple:

"I'm bored."

She needed a challenge.

For a while, that challenge was found within the ranks of Chrysalis Corporation, where she was able to participate in various projects and studies. It was fascinating and held her interest, for a time. But just like her senior thesis was once engaging, she soon grew tired of having to operate within certain rules and guidelines. How could any progress be made at all if she always had to report to a higher authority? Some regulations are made for safety reasons, of course...But arrogance tends to blind one to certain risks. Oksana was always one that needed to go one step further, push past this or that, consequences be damned.

The first time she ended up on the slab, there had been an...incident--incident being the key word, as Oksana detests the failure implied with "accident"--in the lab. Unable to find a suitable test subject for a compound she was working on, she decided to test it out on herself, out of desperation for results. The serum had unexpected reactive and explosive results. She came to after a code blue, gasping for air, irreparably changed; her vision had changed, and she was left with a faulty respiratory system that made her wheezy and seemingly asthmatic, though the use of an assisted breathing device did help some.

Perhaps it was this brush with death that left her so fixated on her own morality -- perhaps the obsession had been there all along. Whatever the case, shortly after she recovered, she broke away from Chrysalis Corp. to pursue her own, perhaps ethically questionable, interests. Bestowing immortality on humans without the full-scale use of cybernetics or magic was something that required lots of..."volunteers"...

Blip, blip, blip...beeeeeeeep...

Oksana blinked a few times, the sound of her current patient flatlining bringing her attention back to the present. Arching a brow minutely, she observed them convulsing before finally going still, and then let out a low, rasped sigh. Leaning over slightly to speak into a nearby recorder, she drawled out:

"Patient 0542-b expired at...22:15. Organs still viable; reclamation process beginning now."

Modifications / Disabilities

Due to her habit of turning the needle on herself, Oksana has some oddities about her. Most of them are really only cosmetic losses(or perhaps enhancements depending on one's point of view).

Chemical Burns: From her cheekbones to just under her eyebrows, Oksana's skin has been scarred. The color and roughness goes from barely noticeable around the edges to hard to miss closer to her eye sockets.
Eye color: The pupils of Oksana's eyes are not visible. The whole of the iris is a molten yellow, with a tendency to glow in low light and darkness.
Necrosis: Definitely the most severe result of Oksana's self-experiments. One of her injections gone wrong caused her lungs to necrotize, inhibiting their ability to process oxygen on their own. Thus she has difficulty breathing and will eventually die if does not have her oxygen mask on.
Dead or living?: Due to her efforts to achieve immortality, Oksana has undergone so many modifications to her physiology that she has essentially gotten herself stuck in a midway point. She's not quite dead; her heart still beats, she still requires sustenance and has a need to breathe. Yet her skin is paled, her body runs cool, and aging seems to have slowed. But she's not quite immortal. Cut her, and she will bleed...do severe enough trauma, and she will die.


Intelligent. Driven. Cutthroat. Passionate. Aloof and business-like, with colleagues and strangers. Organized. Practical. Methodical. Egotistical. Haughty. (Pending in-depth write-up.)


To be updated.


Herbert West: Reanimator

Move Your Dead Bones - Dr. Reanimator
Dead girls like me - Voltaire
Death is the Road to Awe - Clint Mansell

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