Operative Raze

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Operative Raze
Player: @Neurotix
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Crab Spider Soldier
Threat Level: 32
Personal Data
Real Name: Vladimir Raze
Known Aliases: Vlad, Eight-Stack
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eye Color: Bright Green
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Russian-American
Occupation: Mercenary (Ex-Arachnos Lieutenant, Ex-Marines Sergeant)
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Marconeville, Port Oakes
Marital Status: In a relationship with Psylensia
Known Relatives: Alexandra Raze (mother), Denise Raze (sister, deceased), Andrei Raze (father, deceased)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Sketch Artistry, Parkour, Light-, Moderate-, and Heavy-Weapons Training, Moderate Computer Skills, Extensive Hand-to-Hand Combat Training
Crab-Spider BDU, Notepad, Pencil, Lighter, Wallet, Advil, Bandana
No additional information available.




Psylensia - The first person Vlad really connected with in the D, she's very near and dear to him. Despite the fact that she is a succubus, and most of his friends disapprove of them in some form or another, there has yet to be any spoken conflict between any of them. Lately, they have been spending a good deal of time together, and it's rumored that they are now in a relationship.

Poca Muerte - "Short-stack" as he calls her, is a very good friend of Vlad's. He met her in the D (like most of his friends) while she was in an awkward, and potentially dangerous, situation with an ex-boyfriend. Ever the helpful one, he offered to protect her. Ever since they have been fast friends. It's also rumored that she is actually a relative of his, though this has yet to be proven.

Red Komodo - A self-made killing-machine, Vlad is rather wary of Mark. Despite his outwardly geeky appearance, he is one of the most dangerous heroes that Vlad has the pleasure of knowing. While good friends, Vlad rarely lets his guard down completely around Mark.

Spec Ops Bear - First meeting him during a verbal spat between himself and a certain JusticeEagle, Bear has gained Vlad's respect in more ways than one. A large part of that comes from the messed up shit that they've both seen, and are still sane enough to talk about it. That, and he's a bear-man. That's fucking cool.

Noctis Umbra - While Vlad doesn't know him personally, he thinks that Umbra is a solid guy. Having met him through Petite, and seen the lengths that he's willing to go to for her, Vlad respects Umbra more than he does most men. And his sword's awesome. 'Nuff said.

Ishmitul - Vlad is still not sure how he met Ish. Either way, he thinks she is immensely cute, though she is prone to lounging on his claws while not flying around bothering people. It's rumored that the black tattoo on his left bicep is from her, and is actually a symbol of ownership.

Anarchy Ant - AJ, the superpowered teenager, is a very good friend of Vlad's. While crazy, random, and occasionally annoying, Vlad is rather fond of him. Who knows, maybe he sees a little of himself in AJ?

Eva Nightingale - Vlad won't specify how exactly he knows Miss Nightingale, though if it's for his own protection or hers, no one can be sure. One thing is for sure, however. There is some definite "cahooting" going on between the two.

Xel'Drynn - Almost the exact opposite of Vlad, Xel'Drynn is not what one would expect from an alien. While vaguely human in appearance, there are several otherworldly qualities about her. Though, it is not her appearance that marks her as different, but her emotional disposition. Where Vlad believes that love is worth every second of the pain, Xel sees emotions as useless baggage. And, to say the least, it threw him quite a bit. Despite their differences, however, they get along famously.

Lunar Envoy - After recruiting him for some routine mercenary work, the two bonded rather quickly. Partially due to the fact that both are kind souls, and partially due to the fact that between the two of them they can take just about anything and anyone. Also, she introduced him to magick, and was instrumental in granting him what few powers he has.


Enerix - While not technically an enemy, Scarlet and Vlad have had their differences. Most, however, in relation to Psylencia and her 'sister.' It is rumored that she is the cause of the scar on his cheek.

JusticeEagle - An egotistical idiot, as far as Vlad is concerned. Having met him at the D making a fool of himself, Vlad's rather fed up with the man. Though not prone to attack-on-sight, Vlad will make arrangements to be as far as possible from him. That, and he calls Eagle 'Marijuana-Man', which - needless to say - does very little for their friendship.


A well-built young man, of approximately six feet, Vladimir Raze could be easily confused with a Meta-Human. Dirty-blonde, messy hair hangs attractively around his face, and covers one piercing green eye. The other, however, remains uncovered. As does the horizontal scar that starts at his left eyebrow, and curls around underneath the exposed eye. Mirrored on the other side of his face, below the shock of blonde hair, lies another scar. This one, however, is shaped like a perfect pair of lips that appear to have been burnt into the skin of his cheek. On his upper-left bicep lies a black tattoo that vaguely resembles a rather poorly drawn Ruluruu warrior. Despite the frightening array of gashes and tattoos, his demeanor is rather relaxed. A small smile constantly pulls at the corners of his lips, and his emerald eyes seem to twinkle happily. While one would think that his features alone would be enough to catch the eye, in truth it is the massive, black-and-gold, arachnine claws that protrude from his back that seem to draw attention. As he gestures and moves, one would notice that the quartet of claws mimic his movement, as if they were in fact an extra set of limbs. At closer inspection of the limbs, it would become apparent that they connect with a "backpack" of sorts, shaped - naturally - like a spider. Aside from these few oddities, however, there is very little that would clue the casual observer in to the fact that this man is anything but normal.


For a 20-year-old, Ex-Marine/Ex-Arachnos soldier, freelance mercenary, with a price on his head from multiple sides, Vladimir Raze is a rather well-rounded individual. He has no (major) fears to speak of, displays no signs of dementia, isn't overly aggressive, nor is he too passive. More often than not, he's been known to have a relaxed, easy smile on his face. Though in no way the pinnacle of humanity, he prides himself in always being there for a friend in need. He has no trouble making friends either, and always found it easy to enjoy himself, even when around those he doesn't know. While he may have issues at times expressing his own sentimentality, he is a man bred in a society that is (not necessarily actively) terrified of homosexuality. However, should he feel the need, he is not short on love, compassion, and understanding. In addition to these qualities, he is fiercely protective of his friends and loved ones. Due to this, he has been known to jump to conclusions very quickly, and can easily been seen as hot-headed. This is simply not the case, as it his innate need to protect those close to him, rather than an over-active temper problem.



Crab-Spider Backpack

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In order to make up for his obvious lack of powers, Vladimir enrolled himself in the Crab-Spider program as soon as he was able. As soon as he was fitted with a Crab-Spider Backpack (henceforth referred to as a "Crab-Pack") it became apparent that he was a perfect match for the program. He took to the claws like a fish to water, putting most of his fellow Crabs to shame with his inventive tactics and spectacular fighting skills. After passing through the program and switching to active-duty patrolling, he had the Crab-Pack retrofitted with compartment space in the abdomen, 360-degree-flexible joints, and an extra-high-density carapace to protect the fragile robotics. In addition to fighting with the claws, Vlad uses them for minor tasks (such as cooking a meal or opening a bottle) and increasing his already-frighteningly fast movement speed to conquer obstacles he wouldn't otherwise be able to.

Crab-Spider Armor

Never one to let a perfectly good defense-system go to waste, Vlad took his standard-issue Crab-Spider Armor with him when he left the Arachnos. Very much enjoying living, during his time with the Spiders, he opted to go with the Heavily-Armored and -Fortified version of the Armor. As such, the armor itself is much thicker than normal, has a gel-lined inner shock-absorber system, heightened-vision-, infared-, and nightvision-capable HUD, bluetooth link-up, inner iPod jack, and multiple outer USB jacks. In addition, it is fully-compatable with the Backpack accessory, and is easily removable.

'Stim-Pak On Steroids'

A concoction of his own creation, Vlad uses this opaque, cream-colored, fluid-filled syringe to boost his own tolerance for pain, boost his natural regeneration, and clear his head during combat. Though he won't divulge the exact contents, it essentially has the same make-up of a standard-issue U.S. Army Stimulation Packet (henceforth referred to as a "Stim-Pak"). However, while the Army's standard-issue Stim-Pak focuses on merely boosting pain tolerance while still staying within the Food and Drug Administration's guidelines, Vlad is unhindered by such an organization. Partly due to the fact that he does not mass-produce his product, and partly because the Rogue Isles simply does not have one. So, though his injection will most likely have harmful effects on his body in the future, Raze seems singly undeterred by this fact.



"An activity with the aim of moving from one point to another as efficiently and quickly as possible, using principally the abilities of the human body. It is meant to help one overcome obstacles, which can be anything in the surrounding environment—from branches and rocks to rails and concrete walls—and can be practised in both rural and urban areas. Parkour practitioners are referred to as traceurs." (Wikipedia, link embedded) A long-time practitioner of Parkour, also known as Free-Running, Vladimir often used this to his advantage during his tour of duty with the Marines, and brief stint with Arachnos. Seeing no reason to stop once he had left Arachnos, this is primarily what he uses both to get around and to keep up with the more colorful elements of the Etoile Isles.

Sketch Artistry

Despite his humble embarrassment and words of encouragement from his friends, Vlad still doesn't believe that he is good at drawing. While not restricted to any specific type of "art," and despite his own opinions, Vladimir Raze is a fantastically talented artist. For simplicity's sake and due to his own apathy, he generally sticks to what could be described as Sketch Artistry. However, though it may sound rather mundane, therein lies the genius of his creations. Vlad is able to take a simple sheet of paper and pen, and create a work that resembles, for all intents and purposes, a black-and-white photograph of the subject in question. Unfortunately, he is very secretive and guarded about admitting or displaying his sketches to any but his closest friends.



In an extremely short and seemingly uncomplicated ritual, Vladimir was given the gift of a natural magickal affinity by Labal. For a price, that is. He has minor control of the shadows, and can sap the living energy from the surrounding area. This results in whatever foci he chooses (be it his hands, gaze, or claws) to become significantly colder and has the same effect on organic material as dry ice. However, this power is extremely draining as he has just aquired it, and still needs to hone his skills, so he uses it very rarely.


Despite all of the hardware, guns, and skills, Vladimir Raze is nothing more than a normal human being. While he may be in peak physical condition, he still breathes, eats, and bleeds. Also, as a normal human, he has no special resistance to Psionics. It is his body-armor and natural combat ability that keeps him safe. But catch him outside of his armor, unaware of his surroundings, and he is as defenseless as a newborn infant.


It is notable that all evidence or documents concerning Lieutenant Vladimir Raze prior to age 18 (though actually 16) is nonexistant. Not simply very well hidden, it is as if he does not exist until his enlistment in the Marines.


(To Be Written)


(To Be Written)

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Multiverse

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~~ Speaks in a normal American accent, but occasionally the hint of Russian descent slips in

~~ Lives in an apartment in downtown Marconeville, Port Oakes

~~ Has developed a resistance to pheromone-based charms

~~ Has no ties to Arachnos, aside from the occasional old friend

~~ Is actually responsible for his sister(Denise Raze)'s death

~~ For such an intelligent young man, it's hard to believe that he only barely graduated from high school

~~ Theme Song: Believe, by The Bravery

~~ Constantly has a headphone in one ear, though quiet enough that he can still have a conversation. Wondering what he's listening to? Go ahead and ask!

~~ Is wanted by Arachnos, Longbow, and various other organizations

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