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Arachnos Nobody turned Super-Spy.
Player: @Agent Emu
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Arachnos Soldier
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Brandon Winters
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 28
Height: 6'5''
Weight: 160
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Arachnos Intelligence Officer
Place of Birth: St. Martial, Etoile
Current Residence: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Alec Winters (Father)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Many gadgets


Service Record

Aspiring to be like his father, Alec, Brandon Winters joined Arachnos to become a Huntsman.

Winters was, in no doubt, punished for this. His father, an Arachnos Submarine Captain at the time, removed all records of their relation. The Arbiters gave him a death sentence for failing to comply with orders and treason. A month had passed and it was coming close to his execution date.

He was suddenly released from prison. Unknown to Winters, it was his father who had bribed the Arbiters to remove the death sentence on his son. Winters was given a second chance, his slate was cleared. But, there was a catch. He had to stay on Fort Darwin for as long as he was in Arachnos.

Group K

It took him eight long and tiring years to get to the rank of Huntsman. He was able to lead a small squad in Fort Darwin. In Fort Darwin, troop survivability was low, and in the later years, squad names did not become all that original. In the main 27 squads that Winters knew (Groups A-Z), Winters led "Group K."

Group K was not the most favorite squad. They were often wild and eccentric. They all had some character flaw that annoyed the rest of the soldiers. In the squad was a male Blood Widow named Agent Walton. Because he was a Widow, people in Fort Darwin would always take bets on guessing his sexuality. The kid was quirky, perverted, but a hell of a fighter. Winters respected that in him, liking his optimism even more.

"Executioner" Jackal, a Bane Spider, had been sent to Fort Darwin for punishment. Jackal was a brilliant tactician. He was also a smart ass and did not obey Winters' orders very well (Or at all). To be fair, Winters' orders were not exactly the greatest and Jackal knew. All he was concerned about, at that time, was that he wanted his mace back.

The only normal character in Group K was a Fortunata named Isaacson. Seer Isaacson only joined Arachnos to get through college. She was the one with the brains. The realist. She got Group K out of loads of trouble thousands of times. The last thing Group K officially experienced was not one of those times.

It had been eight years and Winters was growing bored. The dream of becoming a respected general in Arachnos seemed to be fading away. So, in a desperate search for greatness, he persuaded his squad to talk to Alan Desslock. Alan Desslock, judging by the rumors, apparently was able to push normal minions into Project Destiny. Group K was half and half about this. Isaacson was entirely unsure about the consequence of being caught. Jackal, on the other hand, just wanted his mace back. He supported Winters throughout the scheme. Walton had previously injured himself and gained amnesia... Winters thought he was okay with it, too.

Group K had to enter their names in the Arachnos database. They had went inside Fort Darwin and realized they could not afford any witnesses for their plan to work. They killed their past co-workers, showing no remorse simply because Group K was bullied by all the soldiers. Their names were in the database and they were brought to Kalinda to join the Destined Ones.

Sierra Squad

Proving themselves to Kalinda, the team was ordered a transfer to Sierra Squad under the orders of the officers under Ghost Widow. Sierra Squad was designed to take on tasks that other groups felt were too unmanageable. It was a special Arachnos team for Destined Ones. With this new break, Winters' house-arrest at Fort Darwin was over and forgotten ever since.

Sierra Squad got their assignments from a Tarantula Mistress named Emily. Emily was very monotone and, Winters had thought, very creepy. The team started small, with the original four. But, when Winters was given more freedom and power within the group, he allowed the Sierra roster to expand. With new Arachnos soldiers like Operative Sehtger, and mercenary additions like March Hare, Sierra Squad grew into a powerful fighting force. The group was allied with the AUC (Arachnos Unified Coaltion), but stayed clear of the events that unfolded. They had held complex relationship with the Arachnos Espionage Division. Later on, Winters decided to withdraw from the AUC after arguments between the leaders of AED and Sierra Squad's members.

Sierra Squad was a strong bunch. It was not long until Winters began to seep his ulterior motives into orders. One time, he let his own ambition endanger the team in a plan to capture the Eye of the Leviathan. Winters wanted to use it to have the power to annihilate Paragon City for Lord Recluse. Of course, the plan failed; they were unable to retrieve the artifact. Despite that incident, Sierra Squad had a high success rate in their operations.

Some in Arachnos began to become jealous of Winters' team. They had planted evidence and started rumors that Sierra Squad was going to bomb Fort Cerberus. When Arachnos Arbiters were notified, Ghost Widow tried to clear the charges but it was too late. A team of Arachnos soldiers went to destroy Sierra Squad inside of Fort Cerberus. Ghost Widow sent her own team to rescue Sierra Squad. Many were injured in the battle. Winters had gone with Ghost Widow's team, and afterwards, Brandon Winters was reinstated into Arachnos.

Hydra Platoon






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