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Empire of Atlantis
Player: @Ms. Implosion
Empirical Standing
Division: Not Applicable
Rank: Warrior
Origin/AT: Magic-Blaster/Magic-Scrapper
Security Level: 50/31
Atlantean's Personal Data
Real Name: Ophysia
Known Aliases: Ophy, Princess Ophysia
Species: Merfolk
Age: Appears to be around 12 in human years.
Height/Weight: 4'7"/ 95 lbs.
Eye/Hair Color: Gray/Black
Citizenship: Atlantean
Current Residence: The Temple
Breeding Status: None
Known Relatives: Leviathas (Father) Nereidia (Mother) Posidius (Brother)
Known Mutations
Training / Abilities
Can focus and control the massive amount of electricity that flows through her, as well as minor telepathy.
Personal Items
A gold chain, that is often a part of her armor, which is the only thing she has left of her home.
As powerful as Ophysia is, even she is unaware of her full potential. Her power, being linked to her emotional state, has the power to grow exponentially when she loses control of her emotions.





As a never ending source of energy and entheusiasm Ophysia brings a certain brightness everywhere she goes. Though she is a child, and enjoys childhood delights, like playing games and pigging out on candy, she is also a warrior. A role she takes extremely seriously. With her inquisitive nature, and perpetually open heart, Ophy makes a lot of friends in the world, and cherishes them all deeply. Nothing is more important to her than family, and nothing makes her happier in life than being able to help.






In the early morning hours, on a very unassuming day, deep, deep, deep in the sea, a village of mer were all sleeping peacefully. Silently, gigantic tentacles began creeping through the slumbering village, no one awake to even notice, let alone attempt a warning. In an instant, chaos ensued, as the tentacles began tearing through the deep sea homes as if they were not even there. The bodies of the first of the mer to fall, dead before they even awoke, were flung across the village, as a solitary voice yelled "Kraken!"

One by one, homes were obliterated, one by one, desperate mer charged at the Kraken, and one by one those mer fell, dead. As the massacre progressed through the village, more, and more awoke. Some ran, some attempted to prepare for battle, but they were all dying just the same.

Young Ophysia clung to her parents, desperately trying the stop them from going after the Kraken. The tears were like a waterfall down her face, and she struggled at every breath, but she knew if they went it would mean their death. Her parents had been there every time the village had needed protection, and they would not ignore the lives of so many this time either. They quickly strapped on their armor, kissed the sobbing Ophysia, and pried her off. Ophysia's heart shattered as she watched her parents swim toward the massive beast. As usual, she was not going to sit still, and she swiftly followed behind.

Ophysia laid eyes on her parents again just in time to watch as her mother stabbed fiercely into one of the gigantic tentacles, only for the momentum of it to continue, slamming her into the debris of one of the many destroyed homes. Ophysia's heart skipped a beat and she held her breath, as she watched the horrific scene. Her father desperately tried to swim to his wife, still keeping his sword between him and the Kraken, but injured, flailing tentacles are hard to predict. A bloody stump knocked him into a nearby reef, where a pointed piece of coral plunged through his chest.

In the time it took to blink, everything Ophysia felt vanished. Her sadness, her fear, everything, was replaced with anger. Anger unlike anything she had ever felt before. Her breathing quickened, and she clenched her fists, as electricity began to crackle around her. She let out a scream with every bit of energy she had, and the electricity grew more intense. As if in a trance, completely ruled by her anger, she raised both her hands toward the Kraken and unleashed such a massive blast of electricity that the monster was completely obliterated. The few small pieces that remained of the body slowly fell to the sea floor as Ophysia lost consciousness, and began to fall as well.

Then next day, she awoke to a hero's welcome in Atlantis. Her memory was blurred, and she was completely exhausted, but her parents were all that filled her thoughts. That night, Atlantis held a ceremony of mourning for all who were lost, followed by an extra special ceremony. King Bahamut presented Ophysia with the Atlantis Shell of Courage, a very special honor for only the bravest of the brave. She was the youngest yet to receive such an honor. She sure did not feel brave, nor did she feel she deserved any kind of reward, but she was too sullen to protest. With no family to care for her, and no home to return to, Ophysia gratefully accepted an invitation to live in Atlantis, and pledged her allegiance to the King, and to all of Atlantis.

She served proudly, and bravely until the call from the surface came, Ophysia was asked to venture above and help all she could. The power described by the few survivors of her village, and the bravery that filled her, made her an ideal candidate. So she made the epic swim to the surface world, unsure of what would be waiting for her. Though the surface world was far larger than she had been told, and far scarier, Ophysia remained strong. The electricity she had wielded flowed through her entire body, she could sense it with all five of her senses, and control how it was discharged from her body... this is what gave her the confidence she would need on the surface.

It was not long before she found the other atlanteans who had journied to the surface, and despite her young age, was welcomed as one of them. She strived to prove herself, while learning a whole new world, filled with many new wonders. Leviathas, leader of the atlanteans on the surface, took a special interest in Ophysia, as well as another mer orphan, Posidius. He protected them, cared for them, and taught them as if they were his own... taking them as his children. Not long after, Nereidia, who also cared a great deal for the children, joined the family, also taking the children as hers. Ophysia had what she never thought possible again, a loving family. The happiness, and the pride, that came from her wonderful family, kept Ophysia's energy, and spirits, high despite the overwhelming surface world.




Ophy's Scrapbook

File:ScrapbookPage Family.gifFile:ScrapbookPage Friends.gif


What others think of Ophy

"What can I say about the young mer who has stolen my heart? She is my daughter in all ways but blood, and even more. My little Ophysia... you are my shining starfish, a true blessing for you father and I. I love you, Daughter..." - Nereidia

"Kindness. There is no other word to describe litle Ophy. She brings light into the dark places of our people's hearts." - Nikias

"If such joy at life could be recreated then there would be little to no Sorrow in the world." - Letho

"The Princess? Heh...she is a ray of light even in the darkest of times. I'm fond of her, but I suppose that's just my feelings toward the young ones. I wish I had been around children like her when I was younger, I think ... I might have grown up happy then." - Lykaios

"I feel there is no better image of Atlantis for the surface world to see than young Ophysia. How could anyone's heart not melt around such an endearing child?" - Kyravae

"There's never a dull moment with this Princess, and she always brings a smile to many faces." - Venuleia

"Iff she be sayin' sheez behavin', know dat she be lion I sez! HAHAHAHAW!" - Saeglopur

"With a dazzling smile and a mean right cross, this is my daughter, through and through.Ophysia is the only person I know that can befriend a titan, slay a horde of interdimensional invaders and steal the hearts of millions and call it a day's work. Ophysia is an anomaly of power. She carries the fury of Zeus in her hands and yet her heart is as pure gold. She says that she's lucky to have us. I say we lucky to have her. My dear child. My pride and joy. " - Leviathas</p>




CO Version.jpg

[Champions Online version of Ophysia courtesy of Tritonius]

Enemies Beware, Ophy is very well protected...


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