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File:Oracle Widow.jpg
"How delightful!"
Player: @Dark Inamorato
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Arachnos Widow
Security Level: 44
Personal Data
Real Name: N/A
Known Aliases: Oracle, Lestat
Species: Human (assumed)
Age: Assumed to be early twenties
Height: 5 foot 11
Weight: 139lbs
Eye Color: Bright green
Hair Color: Blue/purple (dyed)
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: Diviner, Arachnos Soldier, Merc
Place of Birth: Rogue Isles
Base of Operations: Mercy Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Ghost Widow (mother figure)
Known Powers
Telepathy, Telekinesis
Known Abilities
Skilled in unarmed combat, Divination (through mediums or other means), Psychic Projection, skilled in chess, master manipulator.
Healing device, Arachnos I.D. card, Queen chess piece necklace
Though young for his status, subject is sharp witted. Handle with care. Lethal force recommended if needed.

Oracle has had a "delightful" life to date. He actually enjoyed Arachnos training, though his tone of voice would say otherwise. He loves to push his luck and challenge the Fates, which aids in his manipulation tactics. The most puzzling thing about Oracle is that there is no "Oracle" in Arachnos databases. There isn't a data trail that would suggest it WAS there to begin with. There is also no Lestat...or at least not a Lestat with Oracle's picture connected to it.



If you asked him, he'd tell you he has memories. He has nothing solid, no physical proof of a past life before Arachnos. He finds it odd but doesn't dwell on it. He sees flashes, he has random voices passing through his head. But none of it is ever easy to recall. He doesn't mind speaking about these memories, but it does seem to cause him some physical pain.


One of the most common things he faces are the voices. He cannot ever match a voice to a face nor has he ever, as far as he knows, heard these voices since his time in Arachnos. They spoke to him back then, and they speak to him now. They say things like "Failure." or "Not good enough." Discouraging things like that. One voice stands out though. A woman's voice whom he believes is Ghost Widow's. In his head, when the voice speaks, it's distorted a bit as if she wasn't actually present. But one word is uttered from the darkness of this memory: "Oracle."

The voices never say anything else, and it's always the same voice that says the same thing. So they have to be memories, correct? That's what Oracle would like to think anyway...


As an Operative

Oracle displays a lack of caring. Effortlessly capable of manipulation of those who have come to love and or trust him, as well as ending lives. He has shown that he is more than capable of severing ties without a single though and has not displayed any regret for his actions. Though this isn't to mean that he is without emotion entirely. While on the surface he is cool, calm, and collected, deep down he understands what he's doing. He has the proper feelings there, but they remain under wraps.


Socially, Oracle is quite friendly. He is active and engaging in conversation, and is quick to point out the flaws in an enemy's mental defenses. He gets a kind of twisted kick from watching his enemies suffer as they struggle for control of their own thoughts. With friends he has yet to need to exert his mental prowess over them, but he does always seem to have an agenda behind who he meets.

Despite his friendly and semi-positive appearance, he has been known to state that he is NOT to be trusted. As much as someone may want to trust him. He knows that the next day he may be forced to kill his friend(s) or someone close to them. And it's easier to be mad at someone you didn't trust, than it is to be mad at someone you consider a friend.

Genetic Modifications


He doesn't have the full details of his modifications, but he does know that his body was modified at some point during his life. To his knowledge nobody is born with naturally blue hair...But his is. Blue eyebrows, blue head hair, blue happy trail...His eyes were also modified to be abnormally green. There are also abnormal scars on his back that look like there were multiple surgery operations performed. There is also a birthmark on his right forearm in the symbol of Arachnos.

While he isn't totally sure if this is a modification of his body or just a side effect of his abilities, he

Physical Performance

He has been seen jumping, running, and lifting more than someone with his muscle-mass and body type should. He also seems to require very little food. In terms of his limit, he isn't going to be able to throw trucks or cars (with his physical body anyway), but he can shove people twice his size. However, what he has in increased strength and flexibility, he makes up for in a lack of stamina. While fighting he is quickly drained of stamina and so he is forced to selectively use his powers and abilities.



He has recently come into contact with a man by the name of Mokadara who leads a group of "heroes" known as Breakdown. Despite working for Arachnos, Oracle sees the potential opportunities by getting on their good side. So he did. Setting up a long...set-up to get a meeting alone, in a neutral location, with Mokadara. After a brief, and luckily non-violent, meeting the two came to an agreement. After an exchange of some sensitive information, Oracle went about his day with a business as usual attitude.

Annexe Four

After sub-contracting out to a young up and coming merc, as far as he's concerned, named Dakota, Oracle has come to be loosely apart of Annexe Four. He mainly aligns himself with them for the sheer fact that he now has a place to stay outside of Arachnos' web of influence. The housing is fairly nice. It has a sort of...luxurious feel to it. He spends most of his days out in the field doing work, seeing the future, killing some people, but his nights are typically spent inside either his temp room or rooming with Dakota...He has a nicer room.


Dakota Hamilton

One of the first people he met in the Rogue Isles outside of Arachnos. While Dakota is a younger guy, he seems to handle himself fairly well in a fight...something Oracle can respect. Their relationship started out as just Oracle hiring Dakota to help him take down a rather annoying target. But do not let this be misunderstood as Oracle admitting he couldn't do it by himself. Him and Dakota have since come to do a few more contracts together as well as spend some time just hanging out and all that jazz.

Hurt Kid

The newest addition to his accepted people. He doesn't quite know what to make of this guy. He's either going to be incredibly useful and fun to have around, or the two could end up in some super cliche duel to the death. But Oracle, despite their relatively short conversation, enjoys the guy's company. He is a lot more realistic than the other capes within Paragon City, he also gave off the impression of being able to hold his own in a fight. Both things are things that Oracle can admire and respect.

Arthrovan Roshan

Oracle met this guy around the same time that he met Dakota. He has developed a quick friendship with the man. They haven't run any missions together or anything of the wort yet, but that's just terrible timing on their part. Oracle plans to spend some time testing Art to see if he's any good in a fight. After all...Oracle does risky work. He doesn't want someone around who he isn't sure can handle themselves if his enemies should try to get at him through his friends.


Specific people have not been made an enemy yet. But the groups are as follows: Crey, Longbow, Longbow, Rikti, Longbow, Council, Carnies, Longbow

Aaaaand.....a few club bouncers.

OOC Notes

If you ever wanna meet up for RP, just shoot me a message @Dark Inamorato is my global.

Yes, Oracle is gay, but he isn't flashy or flamboyant...If you think he is, you're sorely mistaken...

Will not read your character's mind without your permission.

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