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A Foreword by Aeolon:


My mutant abilities manifested when I was a child. I was young, inexperienced and scared. Being so young and wielding one of the most powerful elemental forces was overwhelming, to say the least.
For years I was wondering why I was cursed with these abilities.
Why was I given the most destructive of the four elemental forces? Why was I given the ability to wield what many consider to be a symbol of hate, war, death... Hell.
At that time I only had a few people that really cared about me and tried to help me. My mother and father stood by my side through it all. They didn't reject me, even though I was convinced I was an abomination.
My father made it his job to find me a mentor to control my powers. And he did. I was taught by a gifted mutant who wielded fire as on of Paragon City's heroes. I didn't like my powers, but I could control them now. At least I would not hurt anyone.
I went on with my life for a few years, disregarding my abilities as best as I could, but come college I had no choice but to see what I could do. A morbid fascination.
I became quite adept at using my abilities, and even showed them to my then girlfriend. However, I was cocky... I burned her. It was minor. She forgave me. I couldn't forgive myself. I stopped it right there.
I studied biology to find a cure for these dreaded mutations. It was finally at age 24 that my powers were needed for the first time. The Rikti invaded. This was the first time I used my powers to fight. I played a minor role in the war, but I was there, reluctantly using my powers.
2003. The world was devastated but it seemed we weren't done. Scientists detected a major solar flare building up on the surface of the sun. We were all going to die. It wasn't until one hero suggested a Task Force of people who could bend fire should set out to space and attempt to control the massive flare.
The government immediately set everything in action. We used alien spaceships, or anything that could get us out there fast. I joined at my mother's insistence and flew out to space. I was scared as hell.
At first it seemed we controlled the fire well, but it seemed to grow stronger. Two of my partners on the ship Kai'lah (She had the ability to create forcefields) and Silver Strife (He controlled ice to cool the ship from the immense heat) began losing faith.
At this point I don't know what came over me. I wanted to leave the ship, protected by Kai'lah's forcefield to take in what I could of the solar flare. I exited the ship and directed as much of the fire as I could and began to absorb the energy as much as I could. Even for me it was too much. I pushed and pushed beyond my body's willingness. Then it all went black.
I woke up after what seemed like a good night's sleep and was told by doctor's I was in a coma. I had taken in over half of the solar flare into my body, allowing the other heroes to control it enough to guide it away from Earth. He said I saved the world.
It was that day, July 19th, 2003 that I realized why I was given these powers. I was born as a protector. A guardian for those who cannot fight for themselves. A Hero. I realized on that day that I was meant to fight for good.
I called Kai'lah and Silver Strife, informing them both of my decision to become a hero. They joined me and we agreed to form The Order of the Blue Flame. I'm the last of our trio, but the legacy lives on now.
New heroes join us, fight with us and help protect what they cherish. We are The Order.

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