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The Outside Chance
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 48
Personal Data
Real Name: Erika Langrey
Known Aliases: Inside Shot
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 120-ish
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Hero, Speaker for 'Second Chance Supers'
Place of Birth: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon
Marital Status: Single. Single as you can get.
Known Relatives: None surviving
Known Powers
Rapid regeneration
Known Abilities
Swordsmanship, acting (supposedly)
No additional information available.


Character Summary

Disgruntled. Vehicle for social commentary.


Chance tends to be either exceptionally shy and socially awkward, or brash, rude, and sarcastic, depending entirely on how much she's forcing herself to interact with the person she's talking to. When she becomes attached to someone, however, she tends to be clingy and paranoid every moment they aren't with her.

In other words, she's your average socially inept modern human being.


Her half-Chinese ancestry is relatively apparent, but regular. Most of her appearance is rather regular, to be honest. A square build, with a slightly pudgy face, she's not a model, but she hasn't been beaten with the ugly branch, either. She is amazingly, exceptionally, breathtakingly average.


Or, to be more accurate, power, singular, granted by a sword containing the spirit of her great-great-great-grandfather (Who is, at the moment, chilling out in her left lung, where he has taken up residence ever since the sword shattered).


Chance heals fast. Ridiculously fast. Like, cut-out-her-spleen-and-it-regrows-before-it-hits-the-ground, fast. Really, the only limit to her combat survival would be her woefully low pain tolerance, so though Chance doesn't knock on death's door (Then run away, presumably leaving a bag of burning ectoplasm on the doorstep) very often, she does tend to get knocked out.

She also has a heightened immune response, to the point where her white blood cells almost seem to be hyperactive. Whether this is a good thing is up for debate.


When you find a magic talking sword who claims to be related to you...


... You apply what you learned about stage combat? Chance isn't exactly a skilled combatant, opting for flashy, ineffective attacks that tend to leave herself open, and usually not even bothering to try and defend herself when her opponents attack. On the other hand, she does have 1 minute comic, tragic, and classic monologues prepared!


Besides being a socially inept 'actress' with a shitty rathole apartment and little-to-no fame to call her own?


Sword. Clothes. Rathole apartment? Beeper. Medicine. Cheap sunglasses.

Character History

PPD internal memo: Outside Chance

Name: Erika Lambert

Registered Alias: Outside chance

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Race: Asian/Caucasian mix

Origin: Contact with soulbound weapon, subsequent internalization of protective ancestral spirit contained within weapon.

Birthdate: 8/14/1982

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Height: 5' 1"

Weight: 110 pounds (Ha!)

Known living relations: None

Biography: Early life: Born a single child into an average middle class family in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Erika Lambert attended Vandiver Elementary, Garcia middle school, and Fuller high school. During these early years, the only criminal record that arises is a shoplifting charge in her 15th year.

After graduation, she moved, alone, to Paragon city, where she attended Richland University, majoring in Arts and Performance. However, at the end of her fourth semester attending, the first Rikti invasion occured. Her parents were missing, assumed dead, in the attack.

Post invasion: Wandering years, 6/02 to 4/04: With Richland college in ruins, along with her college record, and no home to return to, Erika settled into a life that has been described as, "in the bottom of the bottle". Several petty theft charges arise in this period, as well as some investigated rumors of drug trafficking; however, the PPD was more concerned with the fate of the city as a whole than minor crime and unsubstantiated rumors, as much as those rumors seem to lead into the next phase of Erika Lambert's life.

Mob years, 4/04 to 1/06: It seems that sometime in early 2004, Erika became involved as a freelance mover of Superadine, and when the Carfelli criminal organization approached her in a threatening manner, she ceded her business and agreed to join them. Shortly after this, The Carfelli group was eliminated almost to a man by the newly burgeoning 'Family', and Erika jumped ship, though her job shifted towards the more legitimate end, that of a dealer at one of the Family's casinos. She took to this task readily, and quickly learned the sleight of hand the Family required of her to keep their casinos as profitable as possible. It's been suggested that her handle arises from this period.

Sometime after this, the family attempted to establish a similar casino in the rogue isles, and Erika was brought along as some of the help. An Arachnos raid later, Erika was commended by the Family for disarming and killing one of the Bloodwidows involved during her escape (She insists the act "Wasn't all it's been cracked up to be"). She was soon promoted, and became one of the Family agents involved in their struggle with the Tsoo, particularly in Steel canyon.

Enhanced years, 2/06 - present: It seems Erika and the Family had a little-recorded falling out, and less than a month later, she and a friend from her former university were out for lunch at Uncle Sun and Mr. Liu's Chinese buffet and curio store. Erika, in her confession to the court, claims the sword she took from the curio store 'asked' her, verbally, to take it. In light of her pleading guilty to the crime and offering to return the sword, coupled with her suspected former involvement with the Family, Erika was registered as a provisional hero in the 'second chance supers' program, and since the sword could not be removed from her possession (we tried), she was given it as a gift from the state.


Positive. Diagnosed May 23, 2008. She hasn't told anyone. She hasn't attended support groups. She doesn't know when or how she contracted it. She's scared and angry. The doctors aren't sure if her immune system will help fight it off, or just provide a more convenient way for the virus to reproduce.

There's nothing romantic about a death sentence.


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