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As a Heavy RPSG, there are some things you need to be aware of in order to maintain continuity within the groups stories. Below is a list of things which need to be acknowledged out of character so that we can maintain our immersive RP environment.

  • You can use ((, (, [[, [ or OOC: to indicate that you are out of character.
  • Actions should be expressed with /e. Remember: A little extra description probably wouldn't hurt.
  • ** and < > are also acceptable action denotations.
  • Supergroup Channel is spoken through a radio. Noted by the jagged and transparent speech bubble in game. You should not say *thumbs up* in the Supergroup Channel while IC. This also applies to Coalition Chat as well as Team:
Local v SG.jpg
  • That is not to say you never emote in these channels, in situations where it is convenient and necessary to the arc actions may be described in these channels. And certainly audible emotes are expected: *laughs* *chuckles* *sneezes*

The Base.jpg

The base contains several amenities for you both in character and out.

  • The base is located in Founders Falls.
  • The Sentry base is staffed by civilians. Your character will see workers at desks, carrying files, and resting in areas around the base.
  • The base is actually called "The Palladium"
  • In the back of the base are government employees working in league with the Sentry. For example, in the Crisis Room at select times (i.e. when there is a crisis) there will be military units monitoring NAICA.
  • NAICA is the Crisis Room.
  • The receptionists name is Kelly.
  • The bartender's name is Jimmy.
  • Teleporters are organized by Yellow Line, Green Line, and Hazard Zones.
  • Enhancement tables are set up by origin.



Assuming a role of leadership in the Sentry earns you a well sought reward: Your very own office. Players who earn an office have a small section of the base which is completely theirs to customize. This does, however, require a great deal of hard work. The purpose of having such an extrinsic reward is to elicit work. One cannot be a leader in any form if they are not prepared to go above and beyond in some way to make this SG perform better as a whole. Offices have become a bit of a commodity amongst members in the group and I imagine they will only increase in demand. The good news for me is that I have people willing to help out running the SG. Players interested in office space need to exhibit leadership qualities such as:

  • Kindness
  • Patience
  • In game knowledge
  • SG mythology knowledge
  • Presence

Players who currently have offices have them for multiple reasons:

  • Organized RP Functions/Arcs
  • Organized Task Forces
  • General contribution to the SG
  • Founding Members of the SG
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