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  • Havoc Bane - What happens when a Kheldian merges with a Villain? Whose will is stronger?
  • Foxy Ferret - The true question that lies on everyone's mind; "Is she a hero?" No one can truly tell as this ferrety girl steps along the fence. Is her kind nature just a mask? Wanted by Longbow and the PPD it is anyone's guess as to where her loyalty's lie if she has any at all.
  • Cherry 9 - Cherry is often describe as brash, assertive and too smart for her own good. A demolitions expert who earned her stripes with the Air Force as a combat engineer for RED HORSE and her wings as the first female member of the airborne RED HORSE squadron. Cherry has lived through the Rikti wars and is one of the surviving members of her squad from the first war. She spent several defining years with S.C.O.R.P.I.O. under Jack Slayton, first as a recruit, then as the spec-ops captain and finally as the Deputy Director before she went missing and was then believed killed in the line of duty.
  • Liberties - A WW2 Sidekick, left for dead, once an angry villain no redeemed and determined to be a better hero then his former mentor. Liberties drives forward each and every day to be the best, a shining example of heroism.
  • High Jinks - A clown-styled loner hero with a strong sense of justice, High Jinks is Jonah Patrick, a former circus performer whose father was killed by members of the mob. He modified his old circus costume and eventually brings the mob thugs to justice. In battle, he uses joke-themed devices such as yo-yo's, exploding pies, and toy jacks.
  • Pit Dragon - A trans-dimensional half-dragon, Xyor Pyrefist found his way to Primal Earth not by his own will, but Crey Industries. Eventually escaping, he now freely roams Paragon City and the Rogue Isles pillaging his way into infamy.
  • Battling Bulldog - A former professional prizefighter, Bulldog threw away most of his life due to his drinking. After cleaning up his act, he put his fighting skills to use as the self-styled defender of Kings Row, the Battling Bulldog, protecting the good, hardworking people of his hometown and helping guide the troubled youth.
  • Dead Eye Jake - The legendary outlaw of the Old West, misplaced in time, haunted by the past, and dogged by death. A lover, a fighter, a poet, and self-proclaimed toughest son-of-a-bitch of the Rogue Isles.
  • Goosebump - A camp counselo' turned super hero by magical means.
  • Allie Khazam - Chosen by a mystic emissary of Order and tasked with helping to maintain the natural balance, Allie Khazam operates as an agent of the higher powers with the help of magic, illusion, her upbeat personality, and a hand from her friends.
  • Novapulse - Andrew Carter patrols the streets of Paragon City utilizing an impressive armored battle-suit of his own creation. Billionaire industrialist turned high-tech superhero; what are the chances?
  • Heliophysic- Child prodigy and inventor extraordinaire, Caleb Ellison is the space-born Praetorian, sent to Primal Earth to assist its heroes in their struggle against the Emperor.
  • Steel Advocate - Once a relentless prosecutor with the Paragon City D.A.'s office, Michelle Thompson shifted gears drastically after the Rikti War to work for Vanguard as a Herald Advocate, helping powered criminals seek pardons or clemency for their past crimes in return for their stellar service in the war against the Rikti. As Coordinator of the Herald's Orpheus Initiative, she leads a team of these reformed villains and vigilantes as a frequently publicized hero group to show the world the good Vanguard can do beyond the War Zone.
  • Dawn and Dusk - What happens when a bastard Japanese-American boy is born and thrown out onto the streets, is raised by Skulls, is left as the only survivor in an attack, gains mutant powers that turn his hair blonde and his eyes blue, dies of a drug overdose, has his body thrown into the water, comes back to life, becomes a talented assassin, becomes best friends with a demon boy, gets turned into a half-dragon by his adopted mother and then marries a redhead mutant boy... all by the age of about 20? Madness - complete and utter madness.
  • Cyber Knight - When nearly indestructible armor of unknown origin falls from the sky and impacts Baumton hours after the end of the first Rikti war the newly formed Vanguard is quick to move in and secure the technology of a potential new weapon and it's pilot. 7 years of research and field tests uncover the unfortunate fate of an alternate earth ravaged by the Rikti and possibly, it's only survivor.
  • The Masked Renegade - At first glance, he appears to be your average thief. For some reason, you look away, and then you take a second glance. Big mistake. Your face is caved inwards, and you're uncertain, but...yep, that's a footprint on your ass. You've just received a meal consisting of a knuckle sandwich and a can of whoopass as your beverage. Courtesy of fury, vengeance, awesome incarnate. Your waiter this evening? The Masked Renegade!!
  • Adetos - An ancient creature has been released from its earthen tomb, deep within the festering bowels of our world. Clothed in the chains that once held it, burning with desire for vengeance, the monster has emerged. Will its grateful vows of allegiance to those heroes who freed it temper its rage? Or will the City face yet one more peril at the hands of this unbound giant? dun, Dun, DUN!
  • Wr8th - Cyborg? Cowboy? Pain in the ass? Must be all three. A Malta agent gone rogue, Wr8th does his best to keep a low profile, staying on the run and one step ahead of the organization that gifted him with his abilities all while trying to get, and keep, the girl of his dreams. Its a recipe for disaster.
  • Coldcrash - Forced into the spotlight by a corrupt company as their biggest endorsement, Damian Snow's had a long-standing reputation as a sellout among fellow heroes. His mysterious powers have left him rather cold, which only adds to his image as an illegitimate hero. Behind that bitter visage, however, is a man constantly fighting the ghosts of his past while he tries to make something real of his career as a hero, without all the endorsements and contracts that made him famous before.
  • Blood-Mother - When the spirit of Mother Nature realized that she had been tainted by all the violence and bloodshed of man, she seperated that taint and cast it into the Earth. The Blood-Mother is the physical form of that corruption. Using magic and a unique substance called "Blood Crystals", she has influenced manking throughout the ages. Her influence continues even now, in the age of Heroes.
  • Grinning Guillotine Everyone's favorite Jester Captain! When she's not decapitating victims to use their skulls for jester puppets, she entertains at children's parties and hosts wild dance parties in her bedroom.
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