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Player: @ParagonWoman
Origin: Magic Originicon_magic.png
Archetype: Tanker Archetypeicon_tanker.png
Security Level: 50+
Personal Data
Real Name: Alessa Alexandra Chambers
Known Aliases: ParagonWoman
Species: Human (Incarnate)
Age: 19~21 (actually 201)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 158 lbs
Eye Color: Blueish-Silver
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian
Occupation: Hero/Commission Tailor
Place of Birth: Santa Monica, California of Earth-1112
Base of Operations: Primal-Earth
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Marcus Cole of Earth-1112-Step Brother (Deceased) Unknown Mother (Presumed-Deceased) Zeus-Father (Alive)
Known Powers
Same/Similar to Statesman
Known Abilities
Super-Strength, Invulnerability, Zeus's Lightning, Mastery of Several Martial Arts
Hero Costume, Belt with Pocket Dimensional Pouches
"There's always hope for tomorrow. No matter how dark it looks, there's always a bright light. I hope to be that bright light."



Born October 4th 1901, Alessa grew up with just her and her mother. Eventually at age 9, her mom met Andrew Cole, father of Marcus Cole. Marcus and Alessa grew up being best friends. Playing games together, and eventually, going To war together. In WW1 Marcus was a marine, when Alessa was a nurse. Eventually the war ended, and Marcus had been effected by mustard gas. He told Alessa to take care of their parents, and set off on a journey with a friend. A few months passed, and Marcus came back from his journey, saying in another land there were Medicines that helped him get better. Not too long after he got back, superheroes started popping up. Alessa's favorite being Statesman. Eventually the Axis forces attacked Paragon City in 1941, Statesman and the Freedom Phalanx were at the forefront of a heroic effort to push back these invaders. After a brutal battle with Reichsman, Statesman was gravely injured. Alessa, being a nurse on the scene, rushed to his aid. She tried her best to help him, but he just told her to remove his helmet. After doing so, she learned that Statesman was MARCUS COLE. With tears filling her eyes she told him she didn’t understand. He then told her of the Well of Furies. Close to death, he held her hands and told her, “I love you so much sister. Your strength and courage will cause you to use this power well.” After that, their hands started glowing as the powers of Zeus were given to Alessa. With that, his arms fell lifelessly, and she kissed his cheek. Before leaving the scene, she put his helmet on him to preserve his identity. She then left after the ambulance came. She eventually started to use her new powers to help, while dressed in a crude superhero outfit. Eventually, longbow noticed her, and gave her official training and an official superhero costume. Her powers paralleling Statesman caused the paper to label her with the name “Stateswomen”. Several years go by, and though great adventures are had, something terrible looms among the horizon. A war between all factions of the world breaks out. This war destroyed the Earth. Out of pure rage, ParagonWoman destroyed a fleet of Rikti warships, and finally passed out. Waking up on a new Earth in 1936 via an experimental portal project by the US. She promises to not let the Rikti destroy the planet, and do everything she can to save as many as she can.

Known Allies

Freedom Phalanx V_badge_Phalanx.png

Vindicators V_badge_Vindicators.png

Longbow V_badge_Longbow.png


Alessa's known to be equal to/more powerful than Statesman of Primal Earth. On her Earth, she was given the abilities of Zeus from Statesman after his death. Zeus not wanting to loose not only a champion, but a daughter, increased her powers to levels higher then her brother.

Super Strength

Alessa's showed the potential to lift 750+ tons. One of her strongest feats was lifting and throwing a Rikti Mothership. She can disable and enable this.

Super Speed

Alessa has been able to fly from Paragon to Italy in nearly 5 minutes while pushing herself. (She's shown to fly faster in space) Endurance Alessa has impressive endurance. Alessa has shown the ability to breath in space (potentially due to being a demi-god/incarnate). Though, if she hasn't met her daily required 8,889 calories, she tends to face-plant and not be able to move. Usually she eats her food from one of her pouches at super speed to not let anyone know she's eating (due to being semi-shy about her eating face).

"Heat vision"

She claims to have heat vision, but in fact just using her lightning in a focused ray out of her eyes. She believes that saying she has heat vision makes her cooler. She never really uses this ability, and fancies throwing giant chunks of the ground.


Like her super strength she can disable and enable this power. She's claimed to have been able to survive in temperatures of 5,778 K, but has also noted to claim things to make herself sound cooler. This feat was accomplished via her father not wanting her to commit suicide after all of her planet was destroyed. She has in fact actually been shown to survive in lava (1,200 degrees C) and in space. Shes also been eaten whole and lived, shot several times, stabbed several times, punched through her gut several times, and many more. She tends to have very impressive invulnerability, especially if she's focusing most of her energy on it.

Incarnate/Demi-God Abilities

Her Incarnate abilities allow her to be able to do the following:

•Have increased Endurance •Conjure Zeus's Lightning •Summon the spirits of fallen ancient Greek heroes.

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