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Penumbra Edge; Laser Claw Version
Penumbra-Edge(Claw/regen); Penumbra Edge(Kat/DA
Origin: Mutant/Tech/Magic/Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50;6
Personal Data
Real Name: Kael Price
Known Aliases: K.P., Blue, Elf boy, Lil Arc. Edge
Species: Human
Age: 18
Height: 5'6"? (Claw version, gloves emit a holographic image); 6'ish (Kat version)
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye Color: Rusty (Red/brown)
Hair Color: Naturally Black; Dyed blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: College Student; Licensed Hero
Place of Birth: Talos
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Dating Radey Ayte
Known Relatives: Selena Price (Mother; killed during assault on the Academy; Licensed Hero and ex Knive of Artemis), Arcaine (Father; body was taken over by a Rularuu brute), Ashley Price (Sister; killed during assault on the Academy), Alex ("Uncle"), Repulse Shock (best friend)
Known Powers
Regeneration; Shadow Armor
Known Abilities
Trained to scrap by his father, Arcaine. Has excelled using laser claw gloves and is re-teaching himself the katana.
Laser Claw gloves, Katana
No additional information available.



Identity: Public to some but mainly secret

Base of Operations: Astoria (Dislikes it being referred to as Dark), Paragon City, Rhode Island; Boat house in Perez park he shares with Dragonberry and Radey Ayte

Affiliations: Supergroup: Teen Squadron

Former Affiliations: The Academy (Future)

Physical Attributes

Grey skin and a "demon" tail. Dresses in a lot of black.


Kael is a wise cracking pain in the butt. Very loyal to anyone he considers a friend or family. Is known to "brood" if not doing anything. He has a very "scrapper" mind set and never runs from a fight. This has lead to the title of "One man suicide squad" in Sirens.


His powers are mainly secondary in nature. In combat he uses a katana or a pair of laser gloves. While using the gloves they give him back his regeneration ability lost in a fight when he was sent back to the future. While not using the gloves he uses the katana given to him by his mother and his real mutation, Shadow Armor, losing the regeneration gene he had before.


When his ex-girlfriend, Lizzy, was confronted by a shadow creature Kael was given a pair of laser gloves by her father. His katana didn't do much against the monster so it was decided he would wear the gloves to protect Lizzy in case it ever returned. The gloves generate a three laser energy claws on each hand. With a bit of concentration he can send an arc of energy from them, send out a shockwave, or focus a burst of energy.


An ornate katana passed down to him by his mother who received it from her mother. The Tsuka has red rayskin and black braiding. The blade itself is of an unknown metal. Extremely sharp it is black but appears to look like glass. It hangs from his back using a special strap that connects to his shoulders, another strap between those that hangs down and holds the scabbard.


A primary mutant gene passed down from his father and grand-mother. Due to a fight when he was returned home to the future his mutant gene was pushed to the edge and lead to his secondary mutation. Currently his gloves re-create the regeneration effect.

Shadow Armor

After his fight in the future Kael awakened from a coma only to find out his body was unable to regenerate as it once used to. Though devastated he learned that his body had somehow made up for this by unlocking a secondary mutation, Shadow Armor. Part mutation and part magic, thanks to his grand-father on his fathers side, he is able to twist his shadow around himself and also use other's shadows to do so.


His father being a Warshade allowed Kael to fly. Since the Nictus gene in Kael was killed his gloves once again were tweaked to allow him the ability of flight.

Dark Mastery

Tapping into to his secondary mutation Kael is able to use the shadows in the form of blasts. The gene might be attributed to his grand-father's use of dark magic.

Character History

I came from the year 2027. I had been training with my dad in Astoria, was almost a daily routine for us. My dads long time friend Pyre Reaper, or Uncle Alex, joined up with us. On our way back we got a distress signal from the Academy. When we arrived everything was destroyed. All the students, any on site agents, and staff were dead. We found my mom but it was too late, she was underneath a pile of rubble. She told my dad and I that "he" was back, and an army of Rularuu were with "him". She told us she loved us and handed me her katana...then she died. We found my older sister Ashley not to far from my mom, but like my mom it was already too late.

Then "he" appeared. An evolved "Brute". This is the one my dad would tell me and my sister stories about. Sort of like my dads arch-nemesis. Portals started to open and hundreds of Rularuu poured through. We fought back most of them as the "Brute" stood and watched. By time we had finished them off we were exhausted. The "Brute" began one of his "monologues" and before I knew it my dad and Alex began fighting him. I remember them winning...for a bit. Then the Brute did something weird, said a little trick he picked up from his netterling kin. All of a sudden he started to "join" with my dad. My dad tried to fight back but the Brute was too strong.

A bright flash and my dad was now half Brute. Alex told me to get back and he tried to hold off my dad. My dad grabbed Alex by the neck and told me to run into one of the portals. I glanced around and the portals started to disappear. A darker voice came from my dad and said he had already came for what he wanted, revenge, and said good luck on where or when I end up. As I turned around I heard a snap, followed by a laugh that I can't get out of my head. I could hear him running after me, but I was a little quicker. Above me I could see heroes on their way but I still ran. I jumped into a portal right as it disappeared.

I remember "jumping" to various places and times in history. Finally the "jumping" stopped and I landed in Atlas Park. I explained my story and found out it was 2005 and from what it seems I had landed in my niche of the time-line. I couldn't go to the Academy since I landed into the time-frame where my future father and mother were fighting (seems she was working for the Knives of Artemis at this time). I made the decision to fight crime like I had trained to do.


Well...was sent back against my will after it was found out where I came from. Labeled a "danger to society". After some time back home I was able to find a way back into the walled off Academy zone and after a long fight was able to kill the Brute that had destroyed everything I ever cared for or loved. It wasn't without it's prices though. In a comma for three years I awoke to find out I had lost my ability to regenerate but gained the ability to create the armor. After some more time it was decided that I could go back home and be with my new family, Teen Squadron, taking a Portal Corp. portal back I arrived back home. Starting again I took my original name, Penumbra Edge, and my mother's katana.

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