Permafrost Zero

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Permafrost Zero
The Ice Hobo
Too cool for school
· Mutant Dominator/Blaster ·
Player: @Dead Air
Real Name
Tabitha Sinclair
Frost, Subject Zero
Dec 25 (assumed)
CreyBioTech facility 24
Record Store Clerk
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Doctor Eric Sinclair (Project Head of Permafrost)
Physical Traits
Mutant, Clone
Crey Industries
Apparent Age
· Distinguishing Features ·
Numerous scars across her body


Frost's mutation was triggered by Crey experimentation. She has little to no memory of her life up until three years ago, where she fought to survive on the streets of Talos. Thanks to some helpful hands here and there Frost has just started to piece together her life and her origins.


When Frost was coming out of her haze she encountered a young man named Jay. Jay was like an older brother to her at first. He kept an eye on her on the streets and gave her a place to crash. It took about a month before she was selling heroine and another week before she was using it herself. Those days blurred together for Frost and before she knew it a year had past. She met a young girl like herself named Jessica who taught her a lot about surviving on the streets. Jess helped her stop using Heroine and got her away from Jay. For a few months things were going great until Frost came across her friends body in the alley, her throat was slashed. To this day she could never prove who did it. She decided to take on all comers from that day on. She defended the alley until one fateful day she ventured to the pocket dimension.


Frost’s mutation allows her to create and control ice via “Cryomancy” She uses this ability in a number of different ways.

Despite her young age, she has been seen to use her powers with an alarming proficiency. She has a keen understanding of how things react in different temperatures in regards to the expansion and contraction of metals and other materials. She is more than able to generate sub-freezing temperatures that can and have flash frozen humans and shattered them to bits.

That being said, in battle Frost has been known to avoid killing if it’s at all possible. She would rather slow down or immobilize her opponents than kill them but in special circumstances she has been known to use lethal force.

She also uses her ice to help shield her body, when she feels threatened she will cover herself in a protective layer of ice. While this ice is far from impregnable, it has saved her more than once from certain death. Her powers can seem to have a life of their own; although the more rational explanation is that over the years she has learned to allow her sub-conscious to take over. Mostly when someone attempts a surprised attack, ice will shoot up and protect her as best as it can.

Along with her natural abilities Frost is a decent fighter, although she has had no formal training she did live on the streets for a number of years and learned how to protect herself. She also is pretty good with a knife and knows how to operate small firearms.

A lot of her training to become a paragon protector has helped her understand about how to operate and repair a lot of technology. However, these abilities come and go and often surface under stressful situations where her “programming” takes over.

Lastly, Frost is excellent at Parkour or “Free-Running”. Again this is thanks to her growing up on the streets. Anyone, who have tried to corner her or chase her down have usually come up short. Her skills are especially amazing around the areas of Paragon where Frost has had years to learn the ins and outs of every alley, street, abandoned building and sewer-system.


When Frost made her way into Pocket D, she had no idea what she was in store for. All she really wanted was to hussle a few “Rich people” out of their money at best and rob others at worst. She met a woman there who would change her life.

The woman was teacher named Simone, who took an interest in Frost almost immediately. She knew the signs of a girl who has grown up on the street and wanted to help. After a lot of convincing she managed to get Frost in to see a doctor.

She was malnourished and had a lot of old injuries that never had a chance to heal properly but she was otherwise okay. A simple blood test revealed something nobody expected; a barcode. After some investigation the code was tracked back to Crey-BioTech. Everything was starting to make sense. Everything from the amnesia, the memories of a burning laboratory, and her unusual powers were adding up. With help she located the original sight of a Crey Lab. Inside there was nothing, the place had been abandoned for years, showing signs of fire damage and the old remnants of a fire-fight.

Inside one of the vaults remained sealed documents named the location of the sight of Project Permafrost. This only served to raise more questions but now Frost Was determined to discover the truth behind her powers and why she had no memories.

After weeks of digging Frost learned that Project Permafrost was destroyed three years ago by a man known only as “Siv; She finally had a name and with it she learned of an organization known as Black Cell. Black Cell was a division of Hero Corp and was a collection of reformed heroes. Siv was one of the higher members, and it was common knowledge by authorities that he had systematically hit a number of Crey targets.

Frost learned that Black Cell had long since disbanded, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her. With the help of Simone she found where he was and after a brief fight, she demanded some answers.

Siv told her that Project Permafrost was a division of Project Revenant Hero, and that Frost was nothing more than prototype model of Paragon Protectors. She was a clone of a fallen hero during the Rikti Wars. They reconstructed the DNA with Frost and another, the project head, Doctor Eric Sinclair. She was to be the basis of a new wave of Protectors. Her files said that her name was Tabitha Sinclair but around the project she was known as “Subject Zero”.

Siv told Tabitha that he was part of Crey Experimentation too, and hated everything their organization stood for. He told her that, he could help her find the remainder of the project heads and take them out once and for all. Frost was so determined to get revenge she ignored the obvious signs and warnings others gave her.

She and Siv, with Simone found the assumed final location of the Project head still alive but it was a trap. Siv turned on them both and with the added help of a wave of Protectors he captured Frost and vanished through a teleporter.

Frost had experienced a lot of pain in her life but nothing like what she was going through now. They administered a spinal tap and harvested fresh DNA from her body. They would have killed her had Simone not managed to find her in time. Together they took out the Lab and the project head, but Siv was no where to be found.


Frost had experienced a lot of pain in her life but nothing like what she was going through now. They administered a spinal tap and harvested fresh DNA from her body. They would have killed her had Simone not managed to find her in time. Together they took out the Lab and the project head, but Siv was no where to be found.

It had been months since Frost went through the spinal tap. She had taken over the BlackCell HQ as her own and used it as a safe-house for herself. Unknown to many she had become addicted to the Painkillers she was supposed to be taking for backpain. She of course wouldn’t admit her addiction to anyone, and had no understanding that it was simply her heroine habit raising its ugly head, this time in the form of Oxycontine (A cheaper alternative to Heroine on the streets)

While this was going on, it became known to Frost through her street level contacts that more information had been learned about her supposed father “Doctor Sinclair” Although it was believed that he was killed by Siv years ago, there were enough rumours that he stilled lived and was infact starting a new Project permafrost based on the harvested DNA.

Surprisingly this information came from Siv, who broke into her home and threatened her friend Jenny. He said that new batches of protectors have been bred and they all had the ability to create and control ice. He left as suddenly as he came but not before destroying a section of the house. It was almost as if he was goading Frost into coming after him and taking out her “Father”.

Frost was burning with rage and also an overwhelming sense of responsibility. If she hadn’t gone after them in the first place they would never have known she was still alive. She couldn’t change the past but she was more determined than ever to stop them. Again with Simone in tow she headed out to take out Siv and Doctor Sinclair.

When she tracked down Siv she had to encounter the Ice Protectors for the first time. They had her powers and what was worst her own powers were largely ineffective against them. The battle was intense but with Simone’s help they managed to defeat them all.

Finally face to face with Siv, she demanded answers. Siv went on the attack and was defeated, afterwords he told Frost that “She was the last member of Black Cell”. It was a cryptic message but Simone had heard enough she killed Siv immediately after.

They went to the new location of Project Permafrost and confronted Doctor Sinclair, he was a twisted version of his former self. More machine than man, he also had created a new clone base to make new protectors from. He introduced the two to his “Daughter” Subject Zero-One. After an intense battle Sinclair was finally killed and the lab destroyed. Frost couldn’t stand the idea of killing this new clone who was just like her in that she had no choice what she was made to be, so she and Simone took her with them.

Frosts long quest for revenge and answers was over. She knew who she was, and she knew where she came from. Most importantly the people responsible were dead. She returned to the Black Cell base to find the long dormant facility operational. She went to the main computer and it had a list of numerous new Crey facilities and she realized that this was far from over. She then realized what Siv had meant. She was the last Member of Black Cell and would use the HQ to take out Crey at every turn.


Verdandy - Simone came across frost during the holiday season when the chalet was open. After a few days of seeing her again and again Simone realized she had no place to go. Many people took pity of Frost and tossed her some money, or bought her a bite to eat. Simone was the first person to offer her a home, a job and a purpose. She was the one that helped her discover who she was and started this whole journey. Frost owes Simone everything and while she would never admit it, she's the closest thing to a mother she has ever had.

Golden Blizzard Ray is another person who tried to help out Frost when she was still homeless although, she was more reluctant just because he was a man. She had been used by men before and was always a little nervous with just accepting help. He proved himself to truly care about her a many times over and is one of the few people to know the extent of her drug problem. She wants to do better for him, and really that's the highest compliment she can give.

Fang of Illuyanka - Almost like an older brother to her, Thomas or "Tommy" is somebody that Frost is fiercely protective of. He became possessed by an ancient deity and it led her to the biggest fight of her life. She would do it all again if she had to. She doesn't believe anyone around him truly cares about him but her and it causes her to butt-in on his business whenever she sees him.

Thiket - Thikit is a mutant that is a girl after Frost's own heart and the one who got her to join up with Abyss Empire. Frost loves Thiket's fearless "dosen't give a fuck" attitude. Although, Frost tries to do the right thing, Thiket can be a very bad influence on her, and frost is more inclined to listen to the mutants stronger more "fiery" personality. They fight usually as a team in abyss as Team "Frost-Fire". They even have matching red oni blue oni costumes.

Sharrar - Shar is Frost's best friend. They met through Thomas when he and Sharrar were in the Jadewire. They lived in Tommy's small apartment and became close then. During Tommy's possession, Shar stood by and watched Frost get mercilessly beaten. After the battle she offered to help heal her but frost was too betrayed and limped off. They have since reconciled and are closer than ever.

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