Photon Shift

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Photon Shift
Player: @quest
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Peacebringer
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Aiden
Known Aliases: None
Species: Complicated
Age: mid 50s (looks like late 20s)
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 220lbs
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Scottish-American
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: Westford (Father), Nubiti Miu (Surrogate Mother), Ascella Sagittarii (Mother)
Known Powers
Energy Manipulation, Enhanced Strength and Durability
Known Abilities

(( Photon Shift was originally made because I’ve had a long standing desire to make one of the “Future Child” toons. Having seen a number of people use that concept, it just always seemed like a fun idea, but I never had a character I really thought would work well enough with that until Westford. Of course, things change and the original story behind Photon had to deal with that as well when OOC differences came into place. Despite the fact that almost everything that originally defined the character has been destroyed, I’ve decided to keep him going because I enjoy the character. That and gosh darn it, some day they’ll make Peacebringers awesome and I want a piece of that! ))


Aiden was born to a future on the verge of collapse. The Menders of Ouroboros had been preaching and preparing for the Coming Storm, even opening the passageways to the Well to almost any that seek it. This last act of desperation, an attempt to stop the Coming Storm by force, turned into the spark of humanity’s downfall. What started as a small swell in power for the superhuman community quickly erupted into an Incarnate arms race as the heroes and villains continually sought ways to outperform the others.

Despite the growing chaos of the world around them, Ascella and Westford were still living their lives together. Though still working as heroes, the couple had taken a step back to allow the new generation the chance to shape the world for themselves and their children. As it would happen, this ideal led to the growing desire for a child of their own, but they were faced with a problem. Despite Ascella’s appearance, she was not human and could not reproduce like one. It seemed as though fate had smiled on them however as long time friend Nubiti Miu entered their lives once more, and upon hearing of their wishes, she generously offered a solution. A year later, Aiden was born from Nubiti’s womb, but the child to all three.

The world was still at chaos as the fighting escalated more and more, but the three were firmly decided that they’re child would be raised properly, with love and guidance. Nuibiti raised him with her vast stores of information and philosophies on life, West taught him how to protect himself and those around him, and Ella imparted her sense of childlike hope and optimism. As the boy grew into a man, he endlessly made them proud of who he was becoming, especially on the day he decided to strike out on his own and add his own strength to the ongoing struggle.

His upbringing soon showed it’s benefits as he quickly moved into the upper echelons of the heroing community, surpassing his parents wildest expectations. Taking up his own identity, he quickly gained a following as he did all in his power to make the world a better place and to uphold the values he’d been taught. Of course, this is how he met the woman that would change his life. She was a Mender, sent from Ouroboros to stop him from saving a life, the life of a man that had been foretold to bring about great evil. But Aiden was firm on his beliefs that everyone deserved a chance to change and to grow and this difference of opinion led to a fierce conflict as they both fought for what they believed to be right.


Soon after the fighting began, the energies being flung back and forth sparked something unexpected. Nubiti was originally gifted with immortality and sent back in time by a magical artifact, a pendant with a very special stone, that she passed to Aiden when he set out on his own. As the energies collided, the stone sparked to life once more and sent them hurdling through time, over 200 years into the past, and landing in the present Atlas Park.

The two were still not thrilled with each other, obviously not knowing about the stone, they suspected the other of foul play. Nonetheless, Aiden’s parents were long lived and he knew from the stories he’d been told that they were alive and well, living in the city. So he did the only logical thing he could think of, he went to see them and took the girl with him. Ascella and West didn’t take long to figure it all out and as always were very accepting, welcoming them both into their home for as long as they needed.

As for the displaced pair, in their search for answers their original distrust for each other quickly dissolved into a budding love. While answers eluded them, their growing feelings seemed to race on and within just a few short weeks they were engaged and decided that they no longer wanted to return to their own separate times. Soon after they were married and living seemingly blissful lives, content with all they had. Sadly, their disruption of the time stream seemed to be riddled with negative aftershock as their presence was the catalyst that separated multiple couples, and in the end the quick marriage was not to be. The two were soon divorced, and now Aiden has moved on, ready to rebuild his life in his new home.


Energy Manipulation - Gifted by his mother, Ascella, and mixed with the naturally inherited power of his father, Aiden is capable of generating immense amounts of energy from within to various ends. Using this energy, he can fire concussive blasts, use it to amplify his strikes, and even form protective fields around himself.

Healing - By focusing his energy and augmenting it’s output, he can use it as a means to heal himself and others around him. While this doesn’t mean he’ll be regrowing severed limbs, he can heal minor injuries quickly and revitalize an injured person. Of course, the more damage there is, the longer it would take him to remedy it.

Superhuman Strength - Being the son of a Demigod, Aiden has inherited a certain degree of his father’s strength. While not incredibly strong by superhuman standards, he can still lift roughly 5 tons. His strength can be augmented to roughly three times that, utilizing his energy.

Superhuman Durability - Another gift from West, Aiden is tougher than a normal human, able to shrug off minor attacks and indirect weapons fire. When coupled with his energy fields, his resilience skyrockets to near invulnerability.

Slowed Aging - Due to the nature of his parents, he has relative certainty that he will live an incredibly long life and it would seem as though his aging has all but stopped, for the time being.

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