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Scion of Ares
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Tank
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Dominic Lombardi
Known Aliases: Pol, Dom
Species: God-Blooded Human
Age: 18
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 468 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: King's Row
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Samuel Lombardi (Father, Deceased), Margaret Koenig Lombardi (Mother), Emmanuel Lombardi (Grandfather, Deceased)
Known Powers
Super Strength, Invulnerability, Fear Manipulation and Absorption, Flight
Known Abilities
Hand-to-Hand Combat, Military Strategy and Tactics
Cult of War mail, Hermes Greaves, Sword of Strife



Justice Crusade


Outwardly brutish and simplistic, Dominic conceals within himself a far more logical and tactically minded individual than he would generally allow to see the light of day. Constantly aware of the mortality of his friends and family, Dom is fiercely protective of those that do grow close to him and, although boisterous and social, often shoves others away before they have the opportunity to grow close to him.


Although he started as an athletic human Dominic has since undergone a gradual transformation into an otherworldly being with attributes inherited from a distant ancestor. He has vast superhuman strength that enables him to dead lift up to 100 tons of mass and a nearly limitless endurance; enabling him to fully exert himself for extended periods of time before feeling the effects of fatigue. His bones and muscle tissue are so dense he has become highly resistant to most forms of damage ranging from high impact forces to a variety of elemental subtypes, though his psyche is still quite vulnerable to attack. His speed and ability to heal are also heightened to superhuman levels, allowing him to outrun speeding cars and recover from wounds significantly faster than the average person. Like some of his ancient kin, Dominic is capable of generating fear within his enemies; his mastery over the emotion allowing him to even absorb the fear out of his enemies and channel it into an energy he can use to empower and augment the strength of his attacks further or expel as blasts of energy through his eyes. Through yet unidentified means he has discovered the ability to fly with speed and maneuverability comparable to high performance jet aircraft.


Upon registering for his ID, Dominic modified one of his father's old Fifth Column uniforms, utilizing tactical armor to compensate for his generally low level of durability. His powers have since grown considerably, affording him a great deal more resilience in the process and allowing him a more traditional 'cape' costume.

Character History

Coming from an ancient line of warriors, soldiers, berserkers, and black knights, Samuel Lombardi was one of the latest in a house steeped in blood and dishonor. Born the eldest son of a stalwart Nazi and super soldier within the Fifth Column during World War II, Sam was indoctrinated at a young age and quickly climbed the ranks under his fathers wing, eventually reaching the zealous ranks of the Raserei. Dedicating a life to the cause, he met a young communications officer in the Column and discovered a bizarre semblance of love; eventually marrying the young woman and giving her a life. On March 21, 1991 Margaret Koenig Lombardi gave birth to Dominic in the Crowne Memorial Hospital.

Like his grandfather and father before him Dominic was born an average, if athletic boy. He wasn't the fastest or strongest kid at first, though he did display interest in the field of biology at a young age, proclaiming he would be a 'vetanarian' or, if he studied a little more, a 'sturgeon.' As soon as he was old enough to be enrolled in the boyscouts, Samuel enrolled him in the Fifth Column Youth Auxiliary; a modern analogue of the Hitler's Youth program designed to indoctrinate and integrate the next generation of fascist officers. Although he initial hated 'day camp,' he grew to enjoy it overtime and found himself excelling as a junior soldier.

Fondly referred to as the 'littlest Ubermensch' by his instructors, Dom's future seemed assured until the passing of his grandfather, still a youthful and active Oberst thanks to years of advanced Super Soldier exposure, amidst a police shootout. Rather than fill him with any desire for revenge, the loss helped open his eyes to the consequences of the lifestyle he was being groomed for and when his father was killed during the Council coup, he turned his back on the organization and aimed his focus on law enforcement instead; much to the chagrin of poor Margaret.

Now in the middle of high school, Dominic was walking through a back alley to get to his apartment when he found an elderly woman being accosted by a group of Skulls and, with no heroes in sight, decided to intervene. He did not win. On the contrary, the Skulls beat the crap out of Dominic so thoroughly, he nurses a small hatred to the gang to this day. The single kind act was successful, however, at capturing the attention of a higher power who awakened the latent power within him. Discovering he was considerably stronger and more durable than he was, Dominic donned a modified Fifth column uniform and hit the streets of Paragon as a hero, paying the Skulls some special attention before moving on to more worthy prey. Having grown significantly further in the scope of his power from his initial registration, more of Dominic's ancestral power has manifested, though shadows of something more sinister have been warping the sense of reality within his mind's eye.


Dom's mother, a former Fifth Column member herself, believed him to be a villain throughout the bulk of his career thus far and has been enthusiastically supportive. The charade was so thorough that when his girlfriend, Liberty Darling, came for dinner after a mission the both of them arrived in mock villain attire. Mrs. Lombardi thought she was sweet, though her costume could use more spikes.

He is the son of Ares. To most this is unsurprising.

After consuming a lot of sugar he becomes not only hyper, but kind and playful. Jill has referred to this state as 'The Teddy Bear Phase.'

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