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Player: Praesul
Origin: Magical
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 30's
Personal Data
Real Name: Allen Christianson
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 26[1]
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Western European Descent
Occupation: Former Law Enforcement Officer
Place of Birth: Augusta, Maine
Base of Operations: Augusta, Maine
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
It is believed that Praesul has his powers bestowed to him by a magical suit of armor. It is not clear at this point where he obtained the armor or its origin. However, being as how he is always seen in the armor and the it never appears to receive damage from his encounters, it must be assumed the armor has some magical properties.
Known Abilities
Praesul has a number of powers which protect him from various forms of attack. Most notably are his ability to become nearly invulnerable. It appears that he even grows in strength when large groups of foes are gathered around him.
Praesul wears what is assumed to be magical armor, and he also carries a large and powerful mace. It is presumed that the mace may also have magical powers.
No additional information available.


Historical research has discovered several sightings of similar personas back to the times of the first crusades. Most of these sightings are in and around Eastern Europe. Agents were sent to several of these locations to conduct a more thorough investigation. This research revealed numerous local myths about a subject known by the name of “Praesul.” The word “Praesul” is of Latin origin and translates to protector or defender. While looking into the earliest of these sightings, agents procured two sets of ancient scrolls.

The first scrolls describe, in great detail, the trial of a knight who challenged the reasoning of the Crusades. The knight was found guilty of being in defiance of his duties and was ordered to resume his position in the army that marched to Jerusalem. When the knight refused to do so he was stripped of his title and lands. He was ridden for days into the wilderness and left to die of starvation with nothing but his armor and weapon. Several days after the knight was left, he appeared again wearing the armor and wielding his mace. The scroll indicates that his armor was glowing brightly and that his eyes burned as blue as the sky. The author of the scrolls believed it to be a ghost of the former knight or an angel who had come to avenge his wrongful death. The subject spoke to the general of the crusade at great length, and then shouted to a group of soldiers that had gathered. His exact words were not recorded, but the author of the scrolls indicated that he called to the men to look into their soul and see the evil they were marching to do. Several of the goodly men then abandoned their place in the crusade and followed the figure into the wilderness. It is unknown what happened to these men. No further information of use could be obtained from these scrolls.

The second set of scrolls outlines what is called “The Order of the Praesul.” It appears to be some sort of medieval organization gathered for the benefit of “the innocent masses.” Described in the scrolls is a mystical set of armor and a mace, blessed by God for the courage and conviction of the man who first wore and wielded them. It is set forth that the armor is to be passed down to those deemed worthy to do the service of God and to protect the innocent. The remaining portions of the scroll were damaged and no further information could be obtained.

The “Praesul” of Paragon City wears a suit of armor, seemingly the source of his power, and wields a large war mace. It is theorized that this most recent sighting of the subject is yet another incarnation of the suit, perhaps having chosen a new host who somehow managed to cross its path.

Investigation into the origin of the subject turned up a PCPD report which states a Sergeant Christianson went missing during a raid on a warehouse in Independence Port. The warehouse was suspected as having connections to a smuggling ring controlled by the Circle of Thorns. Operatives have interviewed an officer who was present at the raid, and he stated that a large armored figure appeared during the raid and single handedly defeated the Circle’s thugs and saved the life of an officer when shots were fired. The officer also stated the armored figure would from time to time call out in a language he could not understand. Reviews of radio traffic recorded during the raid discovered a loud voice crying traditional prayers in Latin. Agents continue to report Praesul uttering Latin prayers before, during, and after battles with the criminals of Paragon City. Agents suggest that somehow during this raid Allen Christianson came into contact with the “Praesul” armor and was chosen as a new host. It is theorized that his powers continue to develop as his connection to this power source is strengthened.


Pandora's Hope:

Early in his career as a hero, Praesul met a hero called Pandora's Hope. The two had some in common due to their unnatural status in the world and found it rather easy to work together.


  1. This is Allen's age, the armor and the spirit which inhabit it are actually several centuries old.

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