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Sebastian Kain.






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Sebastian Kain: “I sometimes believe in a higher power, but make no mistakes about it, I worship no power higher than my own.”

Personality Sebastian Kain is a charismatic, enigmatic, Machiavellian demon, who is considered to be a would-be world conqueror. He generally lacks a moral compass, which makes him emotionally detached from those humans and other super powered beings that interact with him. He comes across as someone who can be polite, generous, and respectful at times to others. It however, is all an elaborate act. He enjoys the game of manipulation; often comparing those caught his web as living breathing chess pieces in a game he has designed to always win. He is cunning, ruthless, merciless and extremely powerful. With his vast wealth and superior influence, Kain prides himself on always being the most dangerous ‘man’ in the room and always three or four steps ahead of his ‘competition’. Abilities Regeneration Because of his demonic heritage, Sebastian Kain has godly regeneration rate. He physically started aging at a slower rate when he was in his thirties. This power which appears to be a magical birth inherent has only increased as he has grown older and more powerful. It was only briefly negated by the Nanotechnology that the villainous Show-Off created, called the God Killer Virus. Impenetrable Willpower Kain’s willpower is what keeps him ahead of the curve. For as long as he has remembered, he has always had to be in control of any given situation. For every action, risk, plot, plan, strategy, no matter the outcome, by his design he is always destined to come out on the other end on top. Even a failure is a successful failure according to him. Education Sebastian Kain holds a MBA from Harvard Business University (concentration in marketing), a Harvard Law degree and an undisclosed honorary degree from Yale University. He is also a Vietnam Veteran, but his duration details are undisclosed. He uses cane, to appear to have an injury because of this. Charisma/Paralyzing Stare Sebastian Kain’s demonic red eyes, a large indicator of his non-human characteristics, give him the passive powers of added persuasion and sometimes brief hypnotism to lesser will powered individuals. Humans and even some super powered people are subjected to this ability. This makes Kain come across as alluring, captivating, and intoxicating whenever he is inviting someone to join in his ‘noble’ causes or practices. This also makes him a notorious womanizer.

Equipment Wealth Sebastian Kain is a world renowned Industrialist and Politician. His vast wealth started as an inheritance from his adopted father, a Las Vegas casino owner. He formed the Silent World Order, a network of individuals from various walks of life and beyond, that operate with less that respectable practices under his guise. In the 80s he aligned himself with some wealthy inside traders from a Wall Street firm. He had a hand to play in their demises that lead to him taking control of all of their assets and information to help pad his empire. Forbes has estimated his net worth at 5.5 billion at the end of 2008. Influence Sebastian Kain has held every political position except President of the United States. He has however, been elected twice to be in the running for the office. Once under the Republican party bid, the second other his own individual party bid, the Silent World Order. However, he had to rescind both times, one involuntary because he was transported to a hell dimension by his alleged real father. The second time because of the hero team he created under the guise of the mysterious Mr. Z, the United Sanction Society. During a webcast rally to celebrate his U.S. Presidential elect victory, three members of the U.S.S thought to be forever lost in the Shadow Shard, intervened and stopped Kain’s bid for the presidential seat. In the ensuing battle, between SK, his loyal Vice President of operations Tsarmina, U.S.S members Novastryke, Anglican Avenger, and Offbeat; Kain killed a civilian Paragon police member on live camera and established one of his most enigmatic quotes:

“I am who I choose to be and I choose to be the villain. Welcome to your end, city of Paragon.” - Sebastian Kain

Character History There isn’t much information to go on about Sebastian Kain’s early life. He was possibly born around the 1940’s and was raised by a wealthy couple from Las Vegas, Nevada. He spent some time in the U.S military and fought in the Vietnam War, he was awarded several accolades because of this and perhaps this is the reason why he walks around with a cane that he hardly has a need for.

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The Evil Within
Sebastian Kain
· Magic Scrapper ·
United States
Legal Status
Clean Record
Marital Status
Physical Traits
Bald/ Black beard
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Immortality, Regeneration, Paralyzing Stare, Impenetrable Willpower
· Equipment ·
Broadsword, Sharp suit
Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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