Professor Aegis

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Working on the Hypothetical Matrix
Professor Aegis
Player: @Arliss McGovern
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 19
Personal Data
Real Name: Dr. Montgomery Aegis
Known Aliases: Doc, Monty
Species: Human
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 285 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Grey
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: PCU, Board of Directors
Place of Birth: Overbrook, RI
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Brother in-law: Arliss McGovern
Known Powers
None (Powered Armor)
Known Abilities
Superior Intellect, Multi-tasking
Aegis Mark IV armor, The Hypothetical Matrix
No additional information available.



The Silver Guard.


The Prof is incredibly idealistic, perhaps to a fault, but he holds the truth, honesty and willingness to serve his fellow man above all else. His armor and gauntlets allow him to use ambient energy and project dispersive fields of force, as well as re-channel that same energy into blasts of concussive force. He also uses Zero-Point field generators in his boots which give him the ability to levitate. His abilities are all based on the technology he uses, and while he is in excellent physical condition, he has no known mutations unless his enhanced intellect and problem solving can be considered a mutation. His IQ is unobtainable as he refuses to submit to the testing.


None (Powered Armor). The Hypothetical Matrix, which is the quantum computer he uses exists in extra dimensional space. His interface with it is comprised of a carrier wave emitter on his belt (appears to be a pager) and a small audio video interface and ion projector in his vest pocket (appears to be a cellphone). The interface takes on any form he wishes, to others this appears as a series of floating three dimensional displays that rotate around him when the system is active or a series of glowing shapes projected in front of him that he interacts with. It's driven by an artificial intelligence of the professor's own design that prefers to be called Fitzroy. The actual hardware is powered by a dimensional battery also of the professors own design and is roughly the size of a minivan. After repeated attempts to trigger a catastrophic meltdown of the power supply, by his praetorian double, the professor moved the entire system into extra dimensional space only accessible by an encrypted carrier wave.

The system can do everything from summoning and equipping him with his armor ( Aegis mark IV Battle Armor ) to administer emergency aid to team mates, to purchasing movie tickets online and placing phone calls.


Superior Intellect, Multi-tasking

Weaknesses and Limitations

Takes his failures to heart and believes anyone can be redeemed. These are character flaws that are easily exploitable by darker types. His evil Praetorian twin has no such weakness. If the carrier wave emitter he carries on his person is destroyed it will sever his link to the Hypothetical Matrix. Outside of his armor he is essentially powerless except for his intellect which is a power in its own right.

Character History

After graduating from Overbrook Sr. High School at the age of 12, Montgomery Aegis attended M.I.T. with double majors in Theoretical Physics and Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. While he was a student he helped engineer many breakthroughs in how complex systems generate and channel energy. Some of those advancements even found their way into some of the various enhancements and armor and weaponry modifications that still bear his name.

After the Overbrook incident it was revealed that some of the work he'd contributed to a project based on the applications of advanced sonics had fallen into the hands of the arch-villain 'Faultline'. Stunned and saddened by the realization that his work could have been used in the event that destroyed his home, he was no longer content with simply enjoying his tenure with Paragon University and spending his days buried in research data. He made a resolution to create and build his own field equipment. This new custom gear would allow him to register as a hero and directly serve the city and the people he felt he owed a great debt to, and at the same time further his research with hands on observations.

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