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Hangin' in the "D"
Player: @bryan26
Origin: Magic
Archetype: MasterMind/Corruptor
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: unknown
Known Aliases: 838, "Pstar," TDKAP
Species: Demon
Age: unknown, appears late teens/early twenties
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110
Eye Color: varies
Hair Color: Pink (usually)
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: Acquisition Specialist
Place of Birth: "The Abyss"
Base of Operations: Formerly the Rogue Isles, now an corner of a pocket dimension, and the Freelancer Island.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother (estranged)
Known Powers
Demon Summoning, Pain Domination, Heat Mastery
Known Abilities
Shape-shifting and telepathy
No additional information available.


Personality and Attitude

The demon known as Pshaw generally has a positive, talkative, teasing, and outgoing personality. She will talk about almost anything, even if she doesn’t know anything about it, throwing in random observations or jokes when she can’t contribute to the conversation constructively. She can be flirtatious sometimes and coy others. She makes frequent pop culture references, but has some obvious gaps in her knowledge. She can sometimes be confused, or misunderstand what is going on because of her lack of practical knowledge or modern Earth culture. Pshaw openly admits she has little understanding or use for money. She is used to just taking what she needs or convincing others to get it for her.

Upon first meeting someone, Pshaw is often guarded, maybe even rude or dismissive at times, but still generally friendly. As people get to know her, or if she is around those she truly trusts, her insecurities are more noticeable. While she can be somewhat aloof to people she doesn't know, she generally wants to see people she care for be happy, and tries to do what she can to please others, sometimes at her own expense.

Pshaw has been getting more emotional lately, but she has been trying very hard to control them to avoid upsetting her friends. She has been known to leave situations in a sudden burst of tears, flying off to be left alone. She has been observed reacting negatively to a few subject matters, prejudice against her for her demonic nature (or someone’s interpretation of the same) and the subject of slavery or submissive servitude.


While she doesn’t correct when someone says that her name is Pshaw, she will always preface her own introduction indicating that “People call her Pshaw” or “I am known as Pshaw,” because Pshaw is not actually her name. She got this sobriquet when she answered a low-level Arachnos bureaucrat’s question about her name. She simply responded, “Pshaw! As if!” The hapless clerk mistakenly believed she was answering the question, and recorded her name as “Pshaw.” She has a tremendous fear over her real true name being spoken aloud, by anyone, and as a result never speaks it, writes it down, or communicates it in any way, concerned that there is a tracing spell placed on it. Those with telepathic ability will find that her name is locked and blocked so deeply in Pshaw’s mind that it is unreadable. No one, other than her, at this point knows her real name.

She pronounces "Pshaw" with a slight "P" sound at the beginning. She does not pronounce it with a silent "P," or as two syllables as in "Puh-shaw." She sometimes refers to herself as TDKAP, or TD Kap (The Demon Known As Pshaw).


Because Pshaw has some shape-shifting abilities, her appearance cannot be reliably described, but there are some specific traits she prefers. Pshaw generally appears as female, although she has assumed a male form on occasion. She favors bright colors, particularly bright green, red, and cyan, and usually wears all of the colors at the same time, but she does not wear these colors exclusively. Her hair is usually a bright pink, but it has been other colors that are not naturally occurring in humans. She also favors showing her full demonic nature sporting her horns, long ears, and wings. When she is in demon form, she prefers to manifest with backless tops, or tops that do not encroach on her wings tightly, claiming her wings are very sensitive although she also often wears barbed wire around her neck and upper arms. Her skin is usually very pale, and she favors dark make-up around her eyes. She has no discernible tattoos or other marks.

Pshaw has expanded her color palette, and can sometimes be seen sporting a decidedly monochrome grey scale look. Initially, it was to reflect the sadness and confusion she is experiencing, but she has grown fond of the look and will wear it even when she is feeling joyful and content.


She openly admits that she is from a plane called “The Abyss” where she was tasked with studying human culture to prepare her for her eventual placement on Earth to tempt and subvert humanity into sin. Something happened about ten years ago and she “went away” someplace where she was unable to continue her studies, she therefore has some gaps in her understanding of human culture and society of the last few years. Although, she is trying to rectify this by watching Netflix or YouTube when she has access to it. Pshaw has become more open about her past recently, revealing quite publicly that she is an escaped slave. She was given as a gift from her mother to an enemy as part of a peace treaty negotiation.

Current Situation

Pshaw has been living in the “Rogue” Isles for the past few months. When she first arrived, she has no permanent residence and never slept in the same place more than two nights in a row. Recently she has begun carving out a place of her own in a desolate corner of the Grandville sewers and some other more mysterious location that is not on Earth. She is most often seen with members of the Tariq family and their extended network of friends and associates. It is believed her current role within the organization is that of “acquisition specialist.” Although how she goes about acquiring things seems to be contrary to the laws of most civilized countries.

Recently, she has also been seen in the company of heroes in Paragon City known as Freelance while engaged in more “heroic” activities. She is clearly conflicted about her true place in the world, balancing her more chaotic nature with her sense of justice and balance. While heroing, she has sometimes adopted the Moniker, Pstar and worn a costume of varying colors with a strong "star" motif.

Pshaw can often be found in Pocket D talking with various people she has met, and sometimes dancing near DJ Zero if she doesn't have anyone to talk to. She has come to refer to herself, often, as the “World’s Worst Succubus,' or "Worst. Succubus. Ever.” for the tendency of people to hook up while she is present. She has more recently backed off of this claim as some of these hook-ups seem to have stalled, failed, or otherwise ended badly.

Although she does not need to sleep, she has recently taken up the practice to more fully study the human experience. This might be an indication to some that she is "going soft," but it remains to be seen how her newfound experiments in being more human-like affect her behavior.

More Recently

Pshaw had been dating an angel named Lux, but broke it off recently. She was not-so-secretly in love with her best friend and has been struggling to reconcile her romantic feelings with her feelings of sisterly love and respect for her friend. Then she was invited to be a triad with Claire and her girlfriend, but it didn't work out. Pshaw is currently angry, bitter, sad, feeling rudderless. Single again and now also having lost her best friend, Pshaw is in a tailspin.

She and her Supergroup mates have become fugitives, which is nothing new to Pshaw, she has always been somewhat flexible about her attitudes towards laws.

She is struggling to find her place in the world, feelings of inadequacy have begun to crop up with her, but she is still striving to maintain her joyful and happy demeanor, most of the time. She feels pulled to be more like a "real demon" by her friend Flannery. This is not to say that Flannery is actively doing anything to cause these feelings. For a time, Pshaw and some of her Teammates in Freelance were wanted fugitives. Fortunately for Pshaw, this situation has resolved favorably. Although she is still not exactly exclusively heroic. She tries her hardest to use an alternate shape or appearance when committing acts that would not be looked on favorably by the US Government.


Flannery Tariq: Flannery, or as Pshaw calls her, Flans, was Pshaw's first friend on Earth. It was through Flannery and her father that Pshaw found her first stable group of associates. Pshaw can still be found talking to Flannery in Pocket D or wandering around the Rogue Isles causing mischief. Flannery is the one who reminds Pshaw of her demonic nature.

Jed: Jed, a former member of the Street Shadows and current teammate in Freelance. Pshaw looks to Jed as something like an older brother. She enjoys teasing him. Of the other Lancers, Pshaw is closest to Jed.

Certainly there are several others that Pshaw associates with that are not listed here. She befriends people easily and likes to be liked.

Powers and Tactics

Pshaw is often in the company of several lesser demons whom she has enthralled. She refers to them as her “Babysitters.” She has some command over Hellfire and a talent for giving, sharing, and relieving pain. Pshaw alters her preferred method of attack depending on the situation. Often in large groups she focuses most of her attention on healing, preferring to let her babysitters attack on her behalf. Pshaw is a shape-shifter, but as of yet has not displayed the ability to drastically change her size.

She also has a strong control over hellfire and powerful magical abilities including telepathy. She claims that she can smell someone's soul.

Quotes and Expressions

“You can’t throw a catgirl at a demon chick without hitting a Poly in the “D.”

“World’s worst succubus.”

Current Playlist

Goodbye is Forever - Arcadia


Pshaw is partially inspired by the character Fall-From-Grace from the video game Planescape: Torment.

She is also somewhat inspired by the character Chiana from Farscape

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