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Champion of Thorns
Player: @1337VV4ff135
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 22
Personal Data
Real Name: Quel'araux Tel'vhera
Known Aliases: Avatar of Ermeeth, Champion of Thorns, Disciple of the Divine Teacher.
Species: Human (Oranbegan)
Age: Many millenia.
Height: Roughly 7'0.
Weight: Approximate 150 lbs.
Eye Color: White (No pupils or irises)
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: Oranbegan
Occupation: Unemployed
Place of Birth: Oranbega
Base of Operations: Oranbega
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: Deceased
Known Powers
Adept sorcery due to naturally magical blood.
Known Abilities
Strong willpower, excellent physique and flexibility.
"Purified" Thorn Blade



Pre Oranbegan Civil War

Life was thought to be a simple and peaceful thing for ancient Oranbegans of days old before Mu'Rhakmet's rebellion. At the time, Quel'araux served the proud city of Oranbega as a librarian of sorts. Oranbega was a city of vast knowledge and magic, and such jobs were very common at the time. Despite the typical lack of war at the time, even so, Quel'araux practiced at was the time a very uncommon skill; swordsmanship. And so in his free time he practiced and fought; both against home-made dummies, and also many a gruesome and terrible monster outside of the great city, slain by his blade.

Oranbegan Civil War

It seemed as though the peaceful and prosperous Oranbega suffered no problems at all; there was no war, and conflict was minimal. Things turned for a worse at the time of Mu'Rhakmet's rebellion. Mu'Rhakmet demanded the Oranbegans' return to a total subservience to the gods of the past. He gained followers among those who felt disaffected by the Oranbegan civilization, and among those who were, disenfranchised by a lack of skill with magic. It began small at first, with attacks on Reasoners and Philosophers, and then progressed into street riots and open conflicts. Soon, Mu'Rhakmet's followers held banners with his stern visage everywhere, demanding that the people of Oranbega return to the worship of the gods they had so long forgotten. Quel'araux, like so many others loyal to Oranbegan principles, fought against Mu'Rhakmet's followers, slaying many until they had fled across the sea in defeat.

Post Oranbegan Civil War/Pre Mu-Oranbegan War

After the Oranbegan Civil War against Mu'Rhakmet's followers, Quel'araux felt much grief for those brothers and sisters slain by his blade. It seemed as though peace had returned to Oranbega for the time, and yet their was still unrest in the hearts of many, including Quel'araux. Many believed that Mu'Rhakmet and his followers fled to the lands of their old goddess, Hequat, while in reality, She had raised for them an island to call their new home. This island would be known as Mu.

Mu-Oranbegan War

On a spring day the denizens of Mu, under the command of the goddess Hequat, returned to Oranbega to attack an enemy they believed was now too weak to fight back. The Mu's initial strike was a success. Magical fire rained down upon Oranbega, and its citizens took drastic measures, sinking their city beneath the Earth to shelter it from Mu's bombardments. Still, Mu progressed into the now sunken city of Oranbega, determined to fight those that they believed to be godless heathen scum. Oranbega took another drastic measure, bartering with fiends of the Hells. The first of the demons' gifts were the Thorn Blades. Quel'araux, like many others, was granted the use of one of these blades. These blades, which turned men into blood-fiends monsters led Quel'araux to as before, slay a countless number of the Mu. Gazing upon the many bodies, the slaughtered corpses of Mu that he had created, Quel'araux once more felt a deep grief, falling into a state of horrid depression. Locking himself away from all society, he entered a deep sleep. A sleep that would last throughout the Mu-Oranbegan War, and many millenia after...


It was many millenia later. Quel'araux, that had slept for so long, finally emerged from his state of prolonged hibernation, only to find the world around him changed. The Thorn Blade with which many Mu were slayed remained intact over the years. While the Oranbegans became spirits after being unable to fulfill their contract with the Hells, Quel'araux, who slept through it all, retained his body. A new power filled him like that never felt before. A third eye now adorned his forehead, its creation shrouded in mystery. It seems as though Ermeeth, the deity of the Oranbegans took Quel'araux as His own. An avatar of His will. Quel'araux questioned his existence, the purpose of his actions, though guided by a divine hand. It seemed as though it was he who was to save the now spectral Oranbegans from the damned fate they bestowed upon themselves, to somehow find a way to break their contract with the Hells.

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