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Player: @Zyrenica
Origin: Science
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: Low
Personal Data
Real Name: Rastix Sasnyr
Known Aliases: Ras, Rasti, Rawsticks (Don't let her hear you call her the last one)
Species: Human
Age: 22
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 140
Eye Color: Bright Blue
Hair Color: Deep red ((Dyed))
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Evil
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Taken
Known Relatives: Tobias Hope boyfriend
Known Powers
Super Strength, Conductivity.
Known Abilities
Impervium Katana
No additional information available.

(( New character information coming when I feel like it ))




Rastix can simply be described as a disrespectful, uncaring, perky and feisty smart ass. (( More to come as her personality is worked out. ))



Ras, after a fairly normal childhood marred only by her facination with pain and the trouble caused by her big mouth, started university as a research student working on a new line of metals designed to revolutionize the industry, these metals would be a liquid when not charged causing them to be easily formed and stored at any time. Due to an unfortunate accident one day these metals got absorbed into Ras's blood and the electical signals in her nervous system were enough to energize the metal causing her body to become hardened... due to this she takes little damage from the most horrendous blows and heals fairly quickly due to the metal just reforming around wounds. The side-effect being that the skin and tissues still have to repair around the open wound.

After this incident her fellows at the lab were concerned for her health, and were much reassured when she seemed to make a full recovery and things went back to normal. That lasted until the day she got a small cut on her finger... only a single droplet of blood came out of the wound even though it was a wide and deep gash. Everyone was shocked... and then again when the edges around the wound started leaking a silvery metal that filled in the gash and then hardened. This step essentially ended Ras's old life, as soon after she was held kidnapped, taken to the university's lab and strapped down where her very own professor and his other assistance started performing experiments on her to find out just how this had happened.

(( More to come as I flesh out her backstory. ))

Issue 1: The Black Tie

Rastix, after escaping from the Zig started looking for work... and happened to run into Victor Von Smashenface. Talking to him for a bit she decided to join the Black Tie organization, although things started off badly, ending up with both Ras and her boyfriend getting beaten as a lesson in 'respect' mainly due to Ras mouthing off to Victor. Over the next few days Ras got beaten repeatedly for the same reasons, Ras being her smart ass self and Victor or another leader gassing or beating her half to death trying to teach her a lesson in respect...

Finally Ras was taken under Victor's wing, as he was willing to try to teach her to prevent her from being killed. He saw some potential in her. Unfortunately his first assignment for her was to wash his swimming trunks by hand, after he cleaned the shark pit... And Ras, being who she is, decided that the best thing to do would be to 'wash' them in a nice vat of acid, then climb into the shark pit, beat up the sharks and draw graffiti all over Victor's favorite. This of course lead to Victor going crazy with rage and going after her. Bad Dream also started hunting her due to her animal cruelty. Bad Dream set up a sniper post in Port Oakes and even took a few shots at Ras, although none wounded her badly, and she escaped.

Issue 2: Escape and Wings

Ras managed to escape from those hunting her and has since joined the Weapons Union, although both Victor and Bad Dream continue to hunt her she is proving elusive and has thus far avoided capture. ((This was the point I stopped playing her, anything after this is after I deleted and recreated the character as a member of the Shadow Spiders. ))

Issue 3: The Shadow Spiders

Ras has since left the Weapons Union and joined up with The Shadow Spiders. (( Storyline in progress. ))

Issue 4: TBD

(( Whatever happens next >.> ))

Current information

(( None at the moment. ))

IC and OOC comments

- Is strong, and doesn't care about getting beaten up too much as it never seems to hurt her all that much.

- Her katana is made of impervium and cannot be destroyed.

Views and Opinions about Rastix

(( Feel free to add your own comments or opinions of Ras in this spot. ))

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