Rebecca Jones

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Rebecca Jones
Player: Silver Echo
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Rebecca Jones
Known Aliases: Becky Jones, Captain Jones
Species: Human
Age: approx. 370
Height: 5'6"
Weight: '
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Not a citizen of any country
Occupation: Privateer
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: '
Known Relatives: Disputed
Known Powers
Command of netherworld energies
Known Abilities
Excellant seamanship, leadership skills.
Wields two modern firearms, keeps a stock of various other weapons for her crew.
No additional information available.

This is an article about the villain, Rebecca Jones. For the hero with a similar name, see article Rebecca J. Jones

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The following pages are neatly typed, with extensive footnotes and references. However, the author's name is not indicated.

First Sightings

The earliest records of Rebecca Jones' existance can be traced to the early- to mid- sixteenth century, and speak of a young woman attempting to defy both nautical superstition and cultural mores by taking work as a sailor at various Carribean ports. (Other, chronologically comparable, accounts mention an effeminate lad known as Robert Jones, whom modern scholars believe may have been Rebecca in disguise.)

Whether by persuasion or pretense, Rebecca was eventually successful, and, despite the common attitude towards women at the time, was fast becoming a popular figure and greatly desired crewmember.

Pirate's Life

Rebecca's sailing career took a drastic turn when she assumed a pivotal role in her ship's mutiny. Rebecca became the second-in-command to the crew's new captain, who lead them on a mildly successful pirating career, until his death two years later by stray gunfire.

At this time, Rebecca took on the title Captain, and led the crew on an incredibly profitable, though short-lived, string of shipboard raids. It should be noted that it was about this time that many of the rumours that still follow Rebecca Jones first surfaced, of particular note, that she was the daughter of the mythical 'Davy Jones'. This tale flourished despite, or possibly because of, Rebecca's unrelenting attempts to stamp it out.

Rebecca's success did not go unnoticed, and more than one vessel was sent out with specific orders to end the threat Rebecca had become to the area's trade routes. Most of these expeditions returned empty handed, until one of them, the Razor's Wake, a well-known pirate-hunting ship, managed to engage Rebecca's ship in combat. Although the Razor's Wake was victorious, Rebecca herself was not found, and it was assumed she had been struck by cannonfire, or drowned amidst the remnants of her ship.

As one might assume, news surrounding Rebecca became sparse following her reported death. However, after several years, Rebecca's name began to resurface, and Rebecca quickly regained and surpassed her earlier reputation.

Rumours of Rebecca wielding supernatural powers also increased after her dissapearance. While a few of these rumours had appeared during her original adventures, these differed in that they were more widespread, as well as more specific. Rebecca renamed her ship New Moon's Glow, at one point, after hearing that she "sailed beneath a perpetual eclipse". Speculation differed wildly as to the source of her powers; Rebecca herself has remained silent on the details.

A common suggestion was that Rebecca was a ghost or some similar apparation. Although this suggestion incorporates the earlier news of her death, it is ultimately very unlikely, as Rebecca has been known to operate both by day and by night, as well as both on land and at sea, in addition to (rare) reports of her taking wounds.

As time went by, Rebecca became increasingly adept at ceasing her activities before being hunted down, only to reappear soon after in a far removed locale to begin anew. As more time passed, rumours of her supernatural abilities increased anew, often centering around evidence that, despite her age, Rebecca still seemed as youthful and vigorous as ever. Soon after these new rumours surfaced, however, credible reports of Rebecca's activities began to decline, eventually only occuring every decade or two.

Catch and Release

In very recent years, Rebecca seems to have regained enthusiasm. She had apparantly moved from her usual haunts and had begun preying on the shipping lanes near Paragon City, leading to a quick and effective retaliation from the city's vaunted heroes. During the fight, Rebecca suddenly surrendered, on the condition that she be held soley accountable for the actions of her crew, although she did attempt a last-second escape.

Evidence suggests Rebecca Jones was present at Fort Hades prior to the twentieth century

Rebecca was imprisoned for only a few days before attempting another escape. This one proved to be far more successful, possibly in part due to outside influences. Circumstances landed her on the Rogue Isles, where the Arachnos government agreed to overlook her earlier activities in the area so long as she left the local trade routes untouched.

Despite the brief period of her incarceration, Rebecca did gain one important thing from the prison: the friendship of a young man named Morgan Pearce. Morgan was at that time little more than a petty thug, consigned to the prison more from the frequency of his crimes than by the severity of them. Through him, Rebecca gained access to a group of miscreants whom she intended to mold into "proper sea-farin' men". Meanwhile, through Rebecca's guidance, Morgan was quickly becoming a capable leader, although he ultimately chose to remain in Rebecca's new crew, rather than forge his own path.

Recently, she has been seen in the company of 'Da Corleones', an offshoot of the Italian Mafia which has begun to diversify its membership.


One page clearly does not match the others. It is of a different size, has been yellowed by age, and was, at one point, ripped thoroughly to shreds. It had been painstakingly pieced back together, and recently been laminated. The script upon it possesses an elegant flourish seldom seen in modern times. It, too, is without author.

Rebecca Jones? Lord no, she is most certainly not a ghost, although it is not difficult to guess what may have stimulated such a supposition. That is not to say that Miss Jones is entirely untainted by the supernatural. One might, in fact, describe her as akin to a beacon. The spirit realm likely can detect her approach for miles distant, although it is unclear if she wears that mantle intentionally.

Some few things are known to me. It is known that she survived the attack upon her vessel by only the smallest of margins, and was treated with a glimpse of the afterlife she had earned for herself, as happens in such situations from time to time. Also known is that she was guided back toward life by a spirit, the identity of which has eluded my divinations to the point of frustration. That it is a relative is clear, however, and one can easily conjecture which. Still, I would prefer to be certain.

At any rate, her ordeal has left her with the ability to reach beyond the veil. Perhaps a boon from her guide. But I will refrain from such speculation for the time being. I believe this missive answers your questions more than adequately.


Rebecca Jones has a longing for a time long passed, although she has been quick to adopt certain modern practices when it has suited her. She scorns most modern sailing vessels, but submersibles she finds especially untrustworthy.

The concept for Rebecca Jones appeared while listening to "Brandy" by Looking Glass, shortly after watching Pirates of the Carribean II, although the Davy Jones of her story no longer bears any resemblance to the Davy Jones of the movie.

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