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Player's Note: This page is a work in progress, and will be updated over the next while. Please also be aware that this character does have some dark/violent aspects to her story, and yes, there may be naughty words here and there.

File:11123931960Monica Bellucci027.jpg
"Lo ricorderete."
Player: @The Syko
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 30
Personal Data
Real Name: Bella Mondello
Known Aliases: Bella
Species: Human
Age: 27
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Italian
Occupation: Classified
Place of Birth: Milan, Italy
Base of Operations: unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother, Father - Deceased
Known Powers
"The Gift (or curse) of Shadow and Flame"
Known Abilities
Intelligent, Secretive, Observant


Apparenza / Appearance

"So che sono bello e so che lo invidiate. Non faccia."

As played by Monica Belluci Remember2.jpg

Her beauty is dark..exotic..very European. Even then, one would believe her extraordinary beauty to be otherworldly--those who are able to pick up on her 'curse' might even notice that to a certain extent, her beauty can be attributed to it. Bella is well aware that some look on her with a range of jealousy to awe, though she seems to barely notice.

Personalità / Personality

"Non selo sbagli, dato che sono un predatore."

Bella is sophisticated, charming, and can be rather flirtacious on occasion. As well, she is more than capable of dark manipulation, having no trouble using that charm and beauty of hers to further her own goals, should the situation call for such. She is fiercly protective of those she cares for, for they are few and far between. She will often to go great length to insure their safety and happiness. Bella herself is often sad, though she covers it well beneath her nearly flawless ettiquette. In spite of her inner melancholy, her smile when in the presence of a loved one is sincere.

She speaks with a heavy Italian accent, frequently slipping into Italian in conversation. Her tone of voice is most often calm and polite, rarely raised in anger. Her laugh is melodic, as are her words when she speaks. It might seem to those who are able to pick up on such things that her voice, as well as her appearance, carries some of the effects of her 'curse'.

Affiliazioni / Affiliations

"È migliore essere sicuro che spiacente."

Because of her past and fear of her mother's group hunting her, Bella is rather stand-offish when it comes to forming friendships. When she does allow someone to see beyond her formal ettiquette and social propriety, however, that person will have become a true and trusted friend in her life, someone she would be willing to give her life for. Bella doesn't use the words 'friendship' or 'love' lightly, however, and it takes much more than a laugh over a glass of wine for her to feel those emotions for anyone.

With permission, I am using excerpts from the various characters' own bios below. I give credit for anything that isn't a statement from Remember to them, and applaud their creativity in their characters, concepts, and writing ability.

Associazioni / Associates

"Siete utile. Per ora."

"Interessante. Ugualmente Male devo per ora usarlo alla mia propria estremità. Perhaps in the future..."

Those of the magic community have heard whispers of an assassin by the name of Allen Gabriel. No one ever sees him come or go but he always leaves a trail of bodies in his wake to mark his passing.

Amici e soci / Friends

"Gli darei la mia vita per."

"La bellezza è nell'occhio dello spettatore. Mm. And he is handsome man, in his way, though he is not seeing this. If I am being lucky, perhaps I am not only tool in his eyes."

The leather clad figure is dark, might seem menacing, even, if not for the flash of a yellowed, sickly eye passing along a hint of frailty, looking all the worse for the network of blue-black veins that frame them. From time to time, he can be seen with a great grey rat perched on his shoulder.

...More to come...

Nemici / Enemies

"Mi concluderò la vostra vita. E godrò di di agire in tal modo."

Bella has no enemies that she knows of, aside from her mother.

If you would like to see your name on any portion of her list of associations, please feel free to add your name, and if you like, a portion of your bio. I'll get to an opinion from her as soon as I can!

Poteri / Powers

"Trasporto la maledizione del Cerchio. E soffriranno per esso."

She is an unwilling and uneducated vessel, though she is slowly learning the true power she has within her to command that which hides in dark places. She has found that while she can bring pain to those she has wish to, she is also capable of aiding, as well, to the extent of even raising the fallen.

Corsa / Travel

Bella has been granted through her 'curse' the gift of flight.

Abilità / Abilities

Player's note: This ability is roleplayed using only the bio of another character. Bella will be able to see any character's Arch/Origin, but the player will always ask permission for more detail than that.


Debolezze e limitazioni / Weaknesses and Limitations

Bella is only human. She has a human's limitations, strengths, and emotional ties that weaken her.

Storia / History


Musica / Music

"The Heart Asks Pleasure First" by Michael Nyman

"Always A Woman" by Billy Joel

"I'm Not Jesus" Apocalyptica, featuring Corey Taylor


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