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Cox sariel2.jpg
Market Analyst?
Player: @Iceangel
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 15
Personal Data
Real Name: Kayla Harper
Known Aliases: Sariel, Kay, Janet Morrison, Hanna White
Species: Homo sapiens superior
Age: 22 years
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S. Citizen
Occupation: "Market Analyst"
Place of Birth: Santa Cruz, C.A.
Base of Operations: Port Oakes
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Kenneth Harper (father); Marja Harper (née Phillips, mother); Randall Harper (brother); Gina Harper (née Fitzpatrick, sister-in-law); Lisa Jean Montgomery (née Harper, sister); Wesley Montgomery (brother-in-law); Hayley Harper (sister)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Power armor, various other gadgets.

Why, yes, she is kind of crazy.


Abridged Childhood

What Kayla knows about her childhood comes from what her family has stated, and what the therapists have tried to remind her of. Apparently she had a rather normal childhood, up until her pubescent years when her "mental illness" began manifesting. This illness changed a cheerful, spastic if not good-natured girl, into a self-destructive quasi-anarchist. She began manipulating and harassing her family, abusing her friends, and tormenting strangers. She also apparently began running with a Neo-Nazi gang around her age, the North Thunder, and participated in some hate crimes.

It all came to a crest after an incident in a local shopping mall, where Kayla apparently "went berzerk" and attacked a pair of young African-American girls. The girls were not seriously hurt, but Kayla's behavior remained violent, erratic and dangerous, so her family decided to institutionalize her.

Her first night in the institution was terrible; she fought, she kicked, she screamed, and finally had to be sedated after she punched out an orderly. Once restrained, she had her first dream about the strange war - men with swords on a gory field of battle, under a dark sky speared with shafts of light. Since then, her behavior had been less volatile, but no less strange.


Institutionalization isn't the end of the world. Behavioral progress under the careful eye of many doctors helped Kayla come around. Dr. Jonathan Delgado was her favorite, though. He was young, and he was beginning to believe her. Actually, believe, all the things she was telling him. Like a religious epiphany had struck him. But the board didn't like that, so he was reassigned.

She got a job. Seriously. A company called Image Corp. Industries (subsidiary of Omni Co., International LLC) hired her, helped her out, and trained her to be a 'market analyst'. That's why she's in the Rogue Isles, to see if I.C.I. could possibly negotiate contracts with various groups based in the Isles. They have someone in Paragon, too, but Kayla doesn't know who.

About Image Corp. Industries

This private company is noted amongst those in the know for its military research. Weapons, armor, surveillance systems, GPS and counter-terrorism technology are some of their specialties. They enjoy a high profit margin and good reputation amongst their peers in the business. Just recently they have decided to expand their business ventures into the Rogue Isles, however are unsure as to whether it will be a wise business decision. Thusly, Kayla's presence, and the prototype power armor she wears while working around the Isles.

File:Cox sariel1.jpg
The prototype armor, with some modifications.


Kayla always seems so composed, if not a little weird. Okay, a lot weird. There's definitely something off about her, even though she's polite and very attentive to people she's speaking with. She does occasionally zone out, staring out into space, but she snaps back as if she'd been paying attention the entire time.

She's friendly, loquacious, always willing to compliment if there's something worth mentioning. She doesn't quite care about the "hero" and "villain" dichotomy, she's all business. A little flaky, she runs off on tangents a lot, following a train of thoughts all linked but branching out so widely she often loses other people.

When she's actually talking business, she's sharp as a tack and an apt negotiator. She throws a good sales pitch, and is always willing to show off the power armor she'd been assigned to make a sale.


Born a mutant psionic, Kayla's primary skill revolves around telepathy. She has some telekinetic ability as well, but that's slower to develop.

Noteworthy Features

The therapists have explained these features away to Kayla as by-products of her self-destructive behavior and judicious visits to body modification/tattoo parlors. Her white hair is said to be a result of a rare skin/pigmentation condition not unlike albinism.

Legend: The Wife of the Betrayer


Legend: Messenger Descendant



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