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The seraph would take even a false mercy under the wings
Player: @Katzen
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Arachnos Fortunata
Threat Level: 50 (+3)
Personal Data
Real Name: Trinity Maye
Known Aliases: Vermilion, Seer Maye
Species: Human
Age: Twenty-two
Height: 5'4
Weight: 170 lb
Eye Color: Pale blue
Hair Color: Strawberry blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Seer for Arachnos
Place of Birth: Crimson Cove, Nerva Archipelago
Base of Operations: Varies; Mainly St. Martial
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Psychic manipulation, barrier creation, mindreading, flight
Known Abilities
Standard Arachnos Fortunata uniform (Helmet optional)


Basic Information

Trinity Maye — Field name 'Vermilion', is one of the many latent psychic Fortunatas in the ranks of the Arachnos organization. Despite her almost devastating powers, she seems more or not troubled with the reality they bring down on her.

By any accounts, she would bring up that she was inducted into the program due to her mother, and on the point that anyone with any spark of brain-talent in them is thrown in without a second thought. Trinity tries to present herself as a cold, generally uncaring individual at the face of things. However else content to use her abilities to make the foes of Recluse squirm in agony and if not quite literally melt heads. Though despite the facade she puts on in the world of her 'work', she is deep down a literal 'soft' person, with a sickeningly anxious outlook.


First glances apon this Fortunata would notice the darkening circles under her eyes, with a bit of light bagging. She's almost in some cases unhealthily pale, though a bit of sun might fix this. At near all times her massive mane of hair is almost managed with a hairbrush, though there's so much volume one could mistake it for bedhead.

For all intents and purposes, she is what the popularizing term 'thicc' would embody. Trinity is a hefty bearer of pudge due to a her horrid appetite, among other odd things, but bearing at an average height when not wearing a pair of heels - like in her uniform or other clothing. Apon any inspection to her arms, one might be able to pinpoint patches of somehow ever paler skin along her bicep, in a spotch pattern. No stranger to wounds or 'battle damage', though most of whatever has been inflicted would be healed and gone by now, besides the odd scar on the side of her waist.


Though being what seems to be a person who tries too hard to be tough, Trinity on the awful reality is a 'soft' person. Easily frightened, anxious, startled, and anything else under the sun. Despite the Arachnos ideals of Darwinism - with the survival of the fittest and 'kill or be killed', it's strange to see her in the ranks under every one else who wants to try to make a name for themself.

She, in some cases, tries to be a person one can confide into. Saccharine to the point of one is unsure if it is simply an act she's putting on, or if her feelings are genuine. In some cases, Trinity has trouble controlling her emotions, easily spiraling into bouts of melancholy or diving down into the drives of anger.
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