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Be Scared of the Dark.
Player: @Ashlaylay
Personal Data
Real Name: Pilar Méndez
Species: Human
Age: 23
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Height 5'6"
Weight 126lbs.
Place of Birth: Providence, RI
Marital Status: Single [Dating Voltium]
Known Relatives: Mother,

Father, Sister

Biographical Data
Residence: Founders' Falls, RI
Known Powers: Shadow Manipulation

Ariana Méndez was a free spirit. She was spontaneous and lived in the now. However, things for Ariana soon changed after a chance meeting.

Ariana loved to travel, she thought of it as having an adventure. She was a very social woman and had friends all over from her travels. Visiting friends in Steel Canyon lead to a dramatic change in her life. She was at a coffee shop with her friends and having a wonderful time. When she went to leave, coffee cup in hand, she ran right into someone and spilt her coffee all over them. She apologized profusely and tried to clean the man's ruined shirt with napkins, but it was no help. The man, on the other hand, didn't seem at all bothered. He introduced himself as Doctor Dane Robinson. He told Ariana she could make up for the ruined shirt by letting him buy her another coffee and keep him company. She was surprised, but agreed. Dane and Ariana begun seeing each other regularly while she was in Steel Canyon. Ariana was no fool, she knew what her relationship with Dane was. It was a fling and held no future. Soon enough, Ariana was on her way back to Providence and she put Dane Robinson behind her. Or so she thought.

Ariana had only been home a few weeks when the news hit. She wasted no time and went to the doctor for confirmation. She was was pregnant, the home tests and the doctor confirmed it. While the thought of having a child growing inside her scared her to no end, she was also very excited. This was a new adventure! If she was going to be a mother, she would be the best mother she could be. She briefly toyed with the thought of contacting Dane and telling him about the baby, but as fast as the thought came it was gone. This was her child. She knew where she stood with Dane. Their relationship was in no way serious and while he may have fathered the child, he certainly wasn't going to play the father in the child's life.

Eight months later, Ariana gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Ariana named the little girl after her deceased grandmother and Pilar Méndez was brought into the world.

Pilar grew up well. Her mother was spontaneous which, while sometimes driving Pilar crazy, made growing up pretty interesting. Her mother loved her unconditionally and never let her forget it. The two had a close bond and were just as much best friends as they were mother and daughter.

Pilar was seven when she discovered her powers. While her mother was very encouraging over her daughter's gift, Pilar was frightened by it. At seven years old, she thought darkness was evil and having control over it made her evil too. Her mother refused to let her go on believing that and did everything she could to convince her that these powers were a gift. However, despite her mothers efforts, Pilar would refuse to use her powers. It wasn't until she was sixteen did she decide to finally put them to use and began to practice using them. She gradually got better and better. At twenty-two, she decided it was time for change. She wanted to do good with her powers and do something more with her life. Her mother recommended that she move to Paragon City, the City of Heroes, and figure out what she wanted to do there. Pilar agreed, soon enough she was all packed up and on the road to Paragon.

After getting settled in Paragon City, Pilar soon took on the name Shadowtrick, the hero shrouded in darkness.


Shadowtrickomgbulletpoint.png Aglow: Lilah is Pilar's half-sister, the biological daughter of Dane Robinson. The girls are polar opposites in both looks and power, yet they get along perfectly. They agree on almost everything and their personalities bounce off one another. Despite having not grown up together, the girls show a remarkable understanding of one another and have come to care for each other as sisters should.
Shadowtrickomgbulletpoint.png High Score: A young woman with an attitude that Pilar rather enjoys. While she may not agree with all the things that come out of Casey's mouth, she can't deny that she finds the things she says amusing. She likes having Casey around and thinks she seems like someone you want to have on your side.
Shadowtrickomgbulletpoint.png Voltium: Volt is an interesting person in Pilar's life. He's become a friend and someone she cares about quite a bit. He has the tendency to frustrate her to no end at times, but he's a good person and Pilar knows that. She enjoys his company most of the time.
Shadowtrickomgbulletpoint.png Dusk-Hawk: TEXT INCOMING.
Shadowtrickomgbulletpoint.png Smoking Mirrors: Max is easily one of the sweetest people Pilar has ever met. He's been nothing but kind to her since the moment they were introduced. He's a very caring individual, always showing concern for those he considers a friend. He is also a fantastic cook.
Shadowtrickomgbulletpoint.png Clip-Caster: Dax is an interesting character. he comes from a whole different place where everyone has these weird titles that they're known by and magic is all over. Pilar thinks him to be a great person, especially after their first meeting when he offered to help her with her shadow mimicry.
Shadowtrickomgbulletpoint.png Impact: Pilar met Max in an extremely uncomfortable moment, but that didn't set the tone for their friendship. Despite Max and her sister splitting up, he is still a good friend to Pilar. She finds him to be very understanding and loyal.

Shadowtrickomgbulletpoint.png Pilar's eyes go completely black when she uses her powers.
Shadowtrickomgbulletpoint.png She likes to dance to stay in shape.
Shadowtrickomgbulletpoint.png She speaks some Spanish, not a lot, mostly just curses and insults.
Shadowtrickomgbulletpoint.png She has a half-sister thanks to her father.
Shadowtrickomgbulletpoint.png Pilar has no desire to meet her father.
Shadowtrickomgbulletpoint.png Her favorite color is red.
Shadowtrickomgbulletpoint.png She likes to sing, her voice leans towards the raspy side.
Shadowtrickomgbulletpoint.png She is an occasional smoker, she tends to smoke cigarettes when stressed.


  • Shadow Manipulation: The power to summon, create, control or manipulate darkness/shadows. Pilar can create, control, and manipulate shadows with her mind. This is a psionic practice, but Pilar does not consider herself a typical psychic. She has no other psionic powers outside of manipulating darkness/shadows.
    Shadowtrickomgbulletpoint.png The power to materialize, shape, and manipulate shadows gives Pilar the ability to use darkness as a great weapon. She can surround her limbs in darkness which enhances her physical attacks. She may also create elemental constructs of darkness; more often than not Pilar will create a shield to protect herself with.
    Shadowtrickomgbulletpoint.png Darkness adaption is the ability to adjust and operate in dark environments. Pilar has a natural night vision of sorts and is able to see in a dark atmosphere as though it were well-lit.
    Shadowtrickomgbulletpoint.png Shadow mimicry is the ability in which one’s physiology and anatomy becomes that of a shadow. Pilar is not well practiced in this ability, but she can do it. However, because of that lack of practice she can only hold her shadow form for a few moments. She rarely ever uses this ability.
    Shadowtrickomgbulletpoint.png Pilar is highly resistant to most psychic intrusion. She has managed to build a psionic shield of solid darkness in her mind. If anyone tries to invade her mind without her permission they will only see blackness and/or hear static.


  • Light: This is Pilar's greatest weakness. She can't create shadows when she's surrounded by light and she most certainly can't manipulate shadows when it's impossible for any to be around her. Being trapped in a room full of bright lights would render her powers completely useless; this is her biggest fear.
  • Corruption: Pilar has yet to learn what exactly is the power behind her abilities, but whatever this entity is it isn't friendly. As a teenager just learning to use her powers, she found that the more often she lost her temper when using her abilities the darker her view of the world and the people around her became. She was more often filled with hate during these times and didn't know why. She eventually learned that this was due to corruption. By not keeping her emotions in-check while using her powers excessively, Pilar left herself susceptible to the evils that power her abilities. She has sense learned how to keep her cool in most situations, but when she is under stress it becomes far more difficult to keep her anger and frustration down.

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