Silver Willow Sage

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Legendary Mythic
Silver Willow Sage
"You know what the downside of making me come into the sewers is? I'm going to leave you all sitting in it!"
Level 33 Tanker, Level 14 Scrapper
Dark Armor/Battle Axe, Claws/Dark Armor
Player: @K. Miyu
Activity Level: Frequent, but varies wildly
Basic Information
Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: Willow
Titles: None
Rank: Defiant Fist
Physical Identifiers
Species: Human
Sub-Type: Chinese
Gender: Female
Apparent Age: 22
Height: 5'5"
Weight: ~125 lbs
Build: Unknown
Complexion: Unknown
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Distinguishing Features
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh C'thulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!
Biographical Data
Birthdate: June 23, 1980
Birthplace: King's Row, Paragon City
Nationality: Chinese
Residence: King's Row
Occupation: Former waitress/cook/general worker at Chinese retauraunt; now heroine.
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: Registered Hero
Relatives & Associates
None Known
Known Powers
Superior strength; the axe wielded in her left hand is thirty pounds, and a dark 'aura' that has, to Willow, an unkown
Skills & Abilities
Is beginning to train herself in the use of katars as close-range, speedy weapons; her 'skill' with the axe is really non-existent, with simple, brutal swings forming the core of her fighting style. Is also a skilled cook, especially when it comes to Chinese cuisine, from her time working in the restaurant.
Left Black Bracer

The focus for the summoning spell that allows Willow to call on her axe; with it, she can pull the weapon out of the air. Also, according to her, allows her to decide how sharp the axe is, whether to use it as a bludgeoning or cutting weapon.

Right Black Bracer

The focus for the defensive powers that she uses in combat, as well as the 'spirit realm' powers.

Silver Willow Sage is a close-combat fighter who prides herself on being an unbreakable wall; her powers are linked to a pair of bracers that she wears on her arms, both right and left. The one linked to defensive properties is kept on her dominant right arm, while her left one is used to summon weapons, to reflect her choice of priorities. She grew up in the much less well-to-do section of King's Row, and her resolve to become a heroine came from the example set by Longbow sweeps through the streets, that did far more good then the Police Force that she was told to respect. She maintains a secret identity for reasons that she's not forthcoming with, although she is very open about living in King's Row, and being friends with friend and now-heroine Cassie Hannigan, an artist of some note, before said friend became a Peacebringer.



Willow, as she usually goes by, is generally lighthearted and outgoing. Her life has been one forged in hardship more then anything else, leading her to place a high value on the material comforts of the Citadel, the trustworthiness of her fellow Reciprocators, and the camaraderie of her new friends. She has little taste for formalities, but instead, prefers to start out by treating everyone as a close friend - ranging from Black Starbeam (Who never responds in kind), to the more outgoing members like Cyberette. She's also particularly eager to try and help out the Reciprocators as groups or individuals, as part of a way as, she sees it, repaying them for what they've given her in return.


The powers that Willow controls, are to her, very simple; a pair of bracers, one to grant the power to shield and protect, and the other to attack. The former, specifically, is described by her as the focus for 'auras'; auras that, in some ways that she rarely goes into explanation with, can have unpleasant meanings. The 'attack' bracer allows her to form weapons out of nothingness; her preferred choice is a battleaxe, although she has been experimenting with claws recently as well. One, the other, or both, also work to give her supernatural strength and toughness, if not the skill that is needed to use them well.

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Dark Armor

The power, in Willow's words, to 'manifest auras' from her right bracer. Many of them, however, have a clear sign of dark magical taint to those with magical senses - and even the substance of the auras themselves can be questionable. The more benign one includes, in her words, shifting part of herself 'elsewhere' to grant her a sort of invisibility, and a dampening field that reduces the force of incoming attacks; but at the same time, also allows her to forcibly interact with her enemies in the same 'elsewhere', draining them until they become unconscious. The last one, still unexplained by her, leaves most enemies, even ghosts, dizzied and unable to focus, unable to fight, and capable of being finished off at leisure.

Battle Axe

The axe that Willow summons from her bracer is unique in that she has an extraordinary amount of control over the weapon itself. She can alter the weight (Usually thirty pounds - used in her off hand, it is a good symbol of her natural strength), as well as the sharpness. Against most people, she keeps the edge dull, and makes sure to avoid swinging for the head - and her blows are typically brutal and rough to match. Bones are frequently broken and internal damage is caused, but no fatalities. She has no particular compunction about the pain and recovery time of these injuries, blaming it on the criminals for being criminals.


Recently, Willow has been experimenting with weapons meant to refine her fighting skill; a pair of katars, dagger-like claws extending from the bracers on her arms, have been her choice. By splitting them this way, her attention to guarding becomes weaker, but she is slowly becoming more agile and more adept in actual fighting. She also has the same control of strength and sharpness with the daggers, but more often leaves these sharp - gash wounds from a katar are nowhere near as dangerous as an axe in the chest.

Super Jumping

Previous to joining the Reciprocators, Willow wore a full suit of plate armor, along with a rather outlandish wig. In the armor, she was still capable of some acrobatics after intense training. After removing it, she was able to rebound off buildings in jumps hundreds of feet high - a power that she inadvertantly trained, but is very thankful for.

Character History

Early Life

As a Heroine

Present Day


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