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The Dawning of a New Age of Villianry
Player: @Okoboji -or- @Minneapolis
Origin: MAGIC
Archetype: CORRUPTOR
Threat Level: 24
Personal Data
Real Name: (HOST:) Ogden Kahlqurr'hen'i (ENTITY:) Tenebreauxe, the dark, Dweller in the Shadows
Known Aliases: Undisclosed at this time
Species: (HOST:)Presumed to be a Humaniod of Unknown Extradimensional/Alein Origins (ENTITY:)Proposed to be a Mystical/Negative Energy Life form from an alternate Plane of Existance
Age: (HOST:)Presumed to be early 30's ( approximated by Human Standards, if applicable )
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 167lbs
Eye Color: Indeterminable - Optical orbs are covered by a Opaque film of Spiritual energy
Hair Color: Pale Blue tinted Silver
Biographical Data
Nationality: Possessed Extradimensional Mutant Refugee residing on the Rogue Islands
Occupation: Criminal, At-Large. Presumed to be one of the Destined Ones or an Agent of Archnos HOST: Former Scientific Test Subject at a Detainment Camp for Mutants, ENTITY: Presumed to be a formerly Tappable Mystical Powersource or Quasi Deity statused Lifeform)
Place of Birth: (ENTITY:) Unknown (HOST:) Tarq-mahl Nest-Caverns on the c'Daeh'L Planetiod of the Sombraexium Region of the Ӕ'Thaam Asteriod Belt orbiting the Ѧ̥ϪϱʶϡϰЊѫҘҐ solar mass in the Dimension: ѪфӔӡӨҸ
Base of Operations: Currently a resident of the Rogue Islands
Marital Status: Presumed to be Single at this time
Known Relatives: Undisclosed Currently
Known Powers
Dark Essence/ Negative Spiritual Energy Manipulation, Flight, Occult Spells
Known Abilities
(Host:) Accomplished Alchemist and Occultist versed in a number of Rituals & Spells

(ENTITY:) Proposed to be able to manipulate Mystical forces & Open transdimensional rifts via such manipulations

Costume appears to be a quasi-metallic malliable semi-organic Hyper Mesh suit composed of unknown elements totally foreign to Earth. Suit's Skulls appear to be affixed by 'natural growth' as ornamentation with no known discernible powers or effect. Observed during a Bank hiest in Kings Row to have weilded a black metal wand that seems cold in the hand and glows with dark arcane energies.
Conceptually, I intended for his origins to be of a Dual Origins: Magic / Mutation as per the background story i had it semi~worked out as i was piecing together his costume. Still a work in progress ... So Be Patient while i figure all of this Virtue Verse Stuff out. Help and tips about things are welcomed In-game via Tells.

'More to be put here- Yes, I have "borrowed" some cooler scripts from folks as i attempt to learn how to do this sort of a page goes wholely to folks who helped build the Wiki pages for &/or who play these 'City of' toons: Sentinel of Twilight, Soul Train,Psionic Defender & Androgyne for having such astounding pages to use a referrence materials to learn from!!!

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Background & Origins

Home Dimension

Skaine originates from a distant alternate dimensional parallel universe catalogued by Lord Recluse's Portal Scientists as APUC#22487N. While Recluse's Earth postional equivalent Portal point into this particular parallel universe opens into the lifeless viod of space, the Solar system itself encompasses several direct diviations from Earth's as a parallel. PUAD#22487N possesses a solar mass that is marginally greater than Earth's with fewer orbital bodies, a significantly massed asteriod belt which is positioned optiumally witihin the viable life zone of the increased solar mass and supports a diversity of lesser lifeforms as well as two dominate sentient speicies.

Character History


Ogden was content to serve as a courrier for the Taahlmauhltze Overlords ferrying messages back & forth between the various planetiods' work camps and mining operations.

Base of Operations

The Morgue Squad Base


Entry goes here

Powers & Abilities


Dark Essence Manipulation

Dark Blasts

Mind.jpg [Telepathy:] Entry goes here

Mind.jpg [Telepathy:] Entry goes here

Mind.jpg [Telepathy:] Entry goes here

Mind.jpg [Telepathy:] Entry goes here

Dark Maisma

Mind.jpg [Telepathy:] Entry goes here

Mind.jpg [Telepathy:] Entry goes here

Mind.jpg [Telepathy:] Entry goes here

Mind.jpg [Telepathy:] Entry goes here

Trans-Spatial Locality


Mind.jpg [Telepathy:] Entry goes here

Mind.jpg [Telepathy:] Entry goes here

Mind.jpg [Telepathy:] Entry goes here

Mind.jpg [Telepathy:] Entry goes here


Mind.jpg [Telepathy:] Entry goes here

Mind.jpg [Telepathy:] Entry goes here

Mind.jpg [Telepathy:] Entry goes here

Mind.jpg [Telepathy:] Entry goes here


Entry goes here about occult training, alchemy & such


Entry goes here

Culture Shock

Dual Nature

Equipment & Gear


Articles of Magic

Technological Gizmos

Rifting the Dimensions

Home-World of the Host

Entry goes here

From the Dark Beyond

Entry goes here

Socializing & Affiliations


Entry goes here

Villian Group: the Morgue Squad

Shortly after Skaine began his criminal endeavours in Port of Oakes he encountered a small-time operation dubbed the Morgue Squad operating out of a small back alley medical clinic. This minor collection of Up-n-Coming Villians and lackeys was originally gathered under the auspices of Dr. Marlene Troglovolivitz's greedy ambitions to milk the Island Cartel's & Recluse's Agents for additional capital and curried favors through her auxillary medical plans. The good doctor along with a collegue who had mild intersts in the occult & dark powers managed to secure both the materials & means to re-produce a functional replica of the Tri-Essenci Resurrectionary Stone Rings which taps into the ambienant Emo-Psi-Theoi energies of the anguish, turmoil & misery that the Port Oakes Hospital generates

Co-Horts & Lackeys

Notes here

On a More Personal Note



Other Things

Notations: Out of Character

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