Stalking Shadow

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Stalking Shadow
Player: @Stalking Shadow
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 40
Personal Data
Real Name: Dominic Jackson
Known Aliases: Shadow, Sean Thompson,Marcus Black, Jackal
Species: Homo Sapiens
Age: 35
Height: 6'
Weight: 176 lbs.
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American, dual British and American citizenship
Occupation: Freelancer/Risk Assessment and Tactics Operative
Place of Birth: Oakland, CA
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Marksmanship training, Jumpmaster, Army Rangers Combatives, Extensive covert/black ops experience, demolitions experience
ARES combat system, Karnat Industries Quantum Tunneling Device, Karnat Industries Aerial Mobility System
Information as currently available to general public. Some information may be outdated/false.

Stalking Shadow is the codename assigned to a man using the name Dominic Jackson by various organizations, including the Dawn Patrol, Crey Industries, Hero Corps, Freedom Corps, and other government, military, and corporate entities. Among members of gangs and organized crime rings, his name enjoys the infamous reputation as a literal spectre, often claiming the lives of criminals with brutal efficiency and subtlety, relying on years of immersion and experience working for a shadowy freelance intelligence-gathering organization known only as "Watchlight". Among the heroic community in Paragon City, he is known for being terse, aloof, and generally unlikeable.

Shadow originally came to the city in July of 2004 and worked closely with several members of the Dawn Patrol on organized crime cases, as well as providing tactical consultation on magical crimes throughout the city. He left to pursue a drug cartel abroad in June of 2005, and disappeared totally sometime in January 2006. He was rescued from a prison in North Korea that September. He disappeared once more in October, and returned on a flight from the Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Currently, he has been retained by the Dawn Patrol as a consultant on contract as he seeks to rebuild his personal connections with the city.

It is public knowledge that prior to leaving the city in October, Stalking Shadow was engaged to the heroine Alumette.



Stalking Shadow joined the Dawn Patrol in July of 2004. In September of 2004, he was promoted to Leftenant following a favorable review by DPUS administrative staff.

Stalking Shadow has received numerous citations for use of excessive force in the field, however, he has been cleared of all wrong-doing by Dawn Patrol Homeland, DPUS, and the Freedom Corps.

In 2005, Stalking Shadow engaged in an investigation into the narcotic/nano-weapon codenamed "Vitriol". His investigation peaked in 2006, when he was captured in North Korea, by a rogue general of the Chinese People's Army. After his rescue in September 2006 by a task force of Dawn Patrollers and other American allies, he returned to DPUS for debriefing, and was granted sick leave for severe mental trauma related to his captivity.

In October 2006, Stalking Shadow was reported AWOL, after the standard 30 day waiting period, his name was stricken from the record. He returned to Paragon City in April of 2007, and hired by Lt. Alumette to return as a tactical consultant under DP Contractor Code GR-10-B

Prior to employment with the Dawn Patrol, Stalking Shadow worked as a freelance security operative for large corporations.

Hero Status: Under contract.


Threat 5331
NOTE: Classified, Level 4
Dominic Jackson* alias Stalking Shadow
Threat Class: Very High
Current Status: Unknown, presumed dead
Report Filed: February 8, 2003
Last Updated: July 31, 2006
Report Compiled by Agent: 0042

Abstract: Threat is an ex-freelance corporate ops hero. Threat makes extensive use of tactical experience and technological aids to engage a wide range of opponents. Threat's corporate background has given him knowledge of some of Crey's inner workings. Analysis of threat's MO both pre- and post-corporate employment has proven useful for training purposes. Threat has been employed by supergroup: Dawn Patrol, and is in an extended romantic relationship with Threat 7420 (Grace Courbier alias Alumette). Currently, Threat's wherabouts are unknown, presumed dead. However, given Threat's ability to "zero" his own identity, and his predilection to doing so, it is possible that Threat is in deep cover.

Physical Description
Age: 34
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Gray/Hazel
Complexion: Fair
Ethnicity: Caucasian (American)
Sex: M
Height: 6'
Weight: 176 lbs
Build: Athletic
Distinguishing Features: None

Combat Appearance: Threat uses a heavily modified Intel "ARES" I-682 combat suit consisting of: a simple full helmet with integrated electronics, and a goggle-like visor made out of a number of high-strength resins and polymers; a Kevlar "undersuit" with integrated electronics; a pair of Kevlar gloves and boots with integrated electronics and servos, covered and lined in black leather; a high-strength body armor "oversuit" made of the same resin-polymer material as the helmet, (Threat often wears only the upper half of the suit, distinguished with a white "jolly roger" insignia spraypainted on the center of the breast plate and "Dawn Patrol" laurels/heraldry on shoulder plates).

Threat also uses several other modified bodysuits and combat loadouts for various missions, including, but not limited to: Aurora Laboratories UMBRA StealthSuit [Cross Reference: Aurora Laboratories]

Alternatively, Threat uses a customized bodysuit based upon the UMBRA StealthSuit and the ARES. Over the UMBRA's base system, (a flexible bodysuit, rip- slash-, and puncture-resistant, laced with bio-monitoring electrodes and environmental sensors and stealth emitters), Threat wears a type IV bullet-resistant vest with the jolly roger emblazoned across the chest, as on the ARES. Threat wears a bandolier with ammunition, pouches filled with various tactical gear, and furniture on his back to accomodate his assault rifle. Threat wears the trouser portion of the ARES's Kevlar undersuit, as well as the ARES boots, along with a tactical belt.

Threat updates color scheme depending on operational conditions. Currently, Threat uses a simple black and gray scheme to assist in night-oriented/low-light environments.

Non-Combat Appearance: Threat generally wears a simple black cotton longsleeve shirt, with sleeves rolled up to his elbows and gray slacks, with brown leather shoes and belt. Threat wears his hair short, brushed backwards. Reconnaissance reports that he uses "4711" cologne.

The Intel "ARES" (Assault and Reconnaissance Exoskeletal Suit) I-682, unlike most combat suits which supplement raw strength and power, is designed to enhance the user's natural dexterity and agility. Using an advanced suite of powerful aural, thermal, and visual sensors, the ARES suit guides the user's action with servos. The suit enhances Threat's aim, alertness, and overall cognizance in a combat situation. EMP does not seem to be entirely effective, the ARES employs a new Intel technology: the Decentralized Processing Unit (DPU). Threat makes extensive use of ARES's integrated cloaking device. [Cross Reference: "ARES I-682 Manual"]

Threat is armed with a highly modified assault rifle, and an array of other devices, including a floating targeting droid that Threat has nicknamed "BOB" (Battle-Ops Buddy).

Threat has been seen using a proto-type quantum shunt device, much smaller than the cumbersome Sky Raider teleportation technology. [Cross Reference: Sky Raider, Porter]

Threat has modified the ARES suit with nano-repulsors, granting him hovering capabilities.

Modus Operandi
Threat's modus operandi tends to emphasize divide-and-conquer strategies when alone, picking off small pairs of opponents from a defendable position (oftened cloaked and hovering). In groups with other heroes, Threat provides suppression fire and neutralizes infantry-class opponents.

In personnel liquidation, Threat is nearly unmatched in the corporate world. Threat wrote the book on modern corporate warfare, a dubious honor which earned him the operating handle: Stalking Shadow. [For more tactical overview, see Crey Internal Memo #43251: S-Shadow Based Tactics]

Threat suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, doubtlessly caused by his experience in the Rikti Invasion. PTSD formerly manifested in an utter inability to build a relationship that went beyond a simple acquaintance, but his relationship with Threat 7420 implies a change. Threat still manifests symptoms of PTSD when encountering overt reminders of his corporate career, and his social functions seem to shut down. He becomes cold and unfeeling, almost cruel at one extreme, or drowns in self-doubt and pity.

Threat demonstrates a high level of professionalism, coupled with a rabid cynicism that causes coworkers to describe him as a "sarcastic sonuvabitch."

Threat's sang-froid presents an interesting foil to Threat 7420's nearly manic tendencies. Where the latter is a woman composed of quickly changing colors, the former is a man composed of nothing but shades of gray.

Dominic Jackson (*possible pseudonym) was born on April 3rd, 1972 to Irish-Catholic parents living in Oakland, California. He attended public schools, earned above-average scores, and participated in some school sports, with a particular passion for fencing. Upon graduating from Oakland High School in 1990, he attended college at Paragon City University, graduating with Bachelor of the Arts in English Composition in 1994. Jackson apparently did not participate in school sports, clubs, or social events, and did not have many friends. Upon graduation, Dominic Jackson took several years to "find himself", and then found employment with Intel Semiconductor Corporation as a "security analyst" in 2000.

[Note: the apparent lack of detail past the above, and the failure of his supposed "classmates" at PCU to recall him studying there causes this Agent to posit that the above is a fabricated persona, like those of the Witness Protection Program. Forced entry into WPP databases do not reveal the existence of a "Dominic Jackson" in the program, however.]

Upon the breakout of the Rikti Invasion, Mr. Jackson led a unit on a mission under Paragon City to find and raid a rival corporate armory. According to interecepted reports, Jackson’s unit unexpectedly found the corporate armory destroyed, and occupied by Rikti forces. Jackson’s unit was eliminated. Jackson was found by the Omega team, and teleported to the surface for care.

After the Rikti Invasion, Jackson quickly gave the company's obosolete CW department a complete overhaul. In the four years that he worked at Intel, Jackson earned the nom de guerre "Stalking Shadow", colloquially known as simply "Shadow", and became a leader in the field. His assignments ranged from Switzerland to the Amazon, in Brazil, but in July 2004, in a pay dispute with Intel, Jackson left the company with the corporately owned ARES and other gear and came to Paragon City, becoming a registered hero with the supergroup, the Dawn Patrol. [Cross Reference: Dawn Patrol, The]

Since July 2004, Jackson's exploits were those of a typical hero, though he received criticism by some press for his constant use of lethal force. In August 2004, his apartment in Steel Canyon was firebombed allegedly by the Tsoo, starting a string of documented assassination attempts. Jackson went into hiding, and came out only when he had evidently made a pact with his supposed killers. He then moved back into a flat in Skyway City. Soon, Jackson was promoted to the rank of Leftenant in the Dawn Patrol.

Towards the end of August, Jackson and Courbier began to see each other more frequently in a romantic function. September saw them on a weeklong vacation in Provence, France. In October, Jackson's heroics were muted, in favor of more covert crime-fighting operations. In November, both Jackson and Courbier moved into an upscale apartment at 112 Williams Square, Founder's Falls.

Since then, Jackson's low public profile has kept him under Crey's radar. In February of 2005, Jackson was transferred to Dawn Patrol's Britain headquarters, but in the last week of April 2005, had dropped off the radar altogether.

Jackson unexpectedly was implicated in the dismantling of an outsourced Contrapasso distribution facility, and was accidentally dosed with a large amount of the drug during the bust. According to witnesses, Jackson performed physical feats like those observed in Contrapasso subjects, and soon fell unconscious. Police took Jackson to a Dawn Patrol medical facility, where he spent several weeks in intensive care.

On May 22, 2005, Jackson was admitted to Chiron Medical Center's detox ward after arriving in a Dawn Patrol private jet. Soon after he was released from the center, he formed a public task force with heroes to fight the threat of what he termed, “Vitriol”, or Contrapasso. Eventually, leads led him out of the country, where, in January 2006, he was last seen in North Korea. He is currently missing, presumed dead.

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