Sylver Nova

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Sylver Nova
Player: @tavmminqat
Origin: Natural Originicon_natural.png
Archetype: Peacebringer Archetypeicon_peacebringer.png
Security Level: 50+
Personal Data
Real Name: Kyoko Musahara/Aegis of Silver
Known Aliases: Kyoko, Silver, Nova, Sylv
Species: Human/Kheldian
Age: 23yrs/12,987yrs
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 107lbs
Eye Color: Brown (Glowing Silver-Blue when using powers)
Hair Color: Black with a Silver-Blue streak
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Hiroshi Musahara (Father, deceased), Michiko Onaga (Mother, deceased), Hiro Musahara (Brother, deceased)
Known Powers
Luminous Blasts, Energy Healing, Shape Shifting, Flight, Psionic Blasts
Known Abilities
Cosmic Balance, Mind-reading (constant, can't control)
Stealth-Field Belt
no additional information at this time

Important Note In regards to the background it is written from the perspective of the subject and it is potentially unreliable. Do not necessarily take it at face value and as fact. It is only fact if you decide you want to somehow be involved in it as the way it is written. While written in third person it is written as though they wrote the article on their life.

The current Sylver Nova is actually the third one to exist in Paragon City, the previous two each served as heroes in the city and had taken on hosts who were well regarded by the community. The first human Sylver Nova was a Firefighter, Matthew Koleson, who was rescuing a child from a burning building when he was attacked by the Hellions who started the blaze. Aegis of Silver appeared in that moment and offered it's powers to him and he readily accepted it. This first Silver Nova served the community and focused on rescuing people from dangerous situations. Eventually though during one of these rescued he was caught unaware by members of the Council and was killed. The Kheldian sought a new host and found a beat cop who was responding to the situation, Arthur Crovien, and they joined together. The second Silver Nova would fight in the Rikti Wars and served as a more traditional here. When this Sylver Nova, died the Kheldian after a suspicious raid by the council the Kheldian half merged with a nearby street thug. Kyoko readily accepted the powers given her by Aegis of Silver, swearing to find those responsible for the many deaths of the previous Sylver Nova's, as well as remedy the difficulties of her own life. This third Sylver Nova took on the aggressive traits of Kyoko, but made the new Sylver Nova seem more innocent due to tapping into the loss of innocence that Kyoko never got to experience. This Sylver Nova is also more than willing to break laws and work with criminals and villains in pursuit of a greater good and greater goal, that being a complete restructuring of society to bring and end to the corruption that plagues the world, as well as end the Nictus threat.



Sylver Nova is affiliated with only two major organizations:


Sylver Nova's personality can be described as innocently violent. She seems easy to please, and is embarrassed easily about anything of a sexual nature, but is quick to violence and has no compunction regarding murder and bloodshed all while maintaining a smile. She comes off as ditsy and a bit distant, never really discussing her past or herself, instead focusing on the other person or on other things going on. If something from her past does come up she can easily become emotional and potentially distant depending on the specific subject.

She is now very focused on trying to develop her own plans to change the world. She sees the systems that are currently in place as corrupt and inherently harmful to all the people. That they are only leading to unending pain because the truly evil individuals are allowed to continue to act, protected by the system, and their deeds swept under the rug. To her the only ideal form of government is one where the Kheldians control the world, as only their lifetimes of experience can truly lead the world towards harmony. The only way to accomplish that is by acting the villain, by being the great destroyer, so that it can all be rebuilt under Kheldian rule.

Personality Traits



Character History

Aegis of Silver

Marius Aurelius Silverian

Host to Aegis of Silver in the period of Ancient Rome. Exact dates are unknown.

Matthew Koleson

Host to Aegis of Silver from 1918 till 1998.

Arthur Crovien

Host to Aegis of Silver from 1998 till 2009.

Arthur Crovien grew up in Chicago, and came from a long line of servicemen, his father had served in the Army, his Grandfather in the Navy. Arthur eventually would follow his grandfather footsteps and serve in the Navy as a Master-at-Arms. After a 6 year term he left and moved to Paragon City to become a member of the PPD. The pay was good, they were low on manpower, and his experience in the military made him a prime candidate. During police academy he found that there was some inherent issues he had with the PPD though. They taught the importance of profiling, and tended to focus heavily on it, something that Arthur determined was due to the super-powered threats of the city. Several other issues he noted were that some of the instructors emphasized the use of force over deescalation, another thing he wrote off as being due to the super-powered foes that the PPD often had to face. Never-the-less they left him feeling a bit uncomfortable compared to his service in Navy as an MA where he had to follow the 'use of force continuum' except in cases where you were actively in a combat situation.

During his first week as a rookie cop his mentor sent him off to grab some donuts from down the street while he filled out some tickets for parked cars. As he was waiting for the donuts at the shop he heard the telltale sounds of council rifles being fired in a nearby building. Going with his instinct he left the shop behind and rushed to the situation, calling it in as he ran to the building. Dispatch told him to back-off and wait for backup, but Arthur felt something in his gut and went in anyway. Inside he came face to face with the Council as they were fighting Sylver Nova, he quickly came to Sylver's aid. After a few short moments though the council managed to utilize their new quantum weapons and killed Sylver Nova, had Arthur not intervened when he did the shooter would have killed Aegis of Silver shortly after. Instead Aegis of Silver merged with Arthur, imbuing him with the powers and memories of all the previous Sylver Nova's. As they new Sylver Nova he managed to defeat the remaining members of the council who were unprepared to Sylver to suddenly reappear.

Sylver Nova contacted dispatch letting them know what happened. 'Arthur' would be called into a special circumstances meeting, and officially released from the PPD due to no longer being 'Arthur', as such they welcomed Sylver Nova as a new hero to fight against the villains of the city. Due to Arthur not having been a member of the Awakened program they could not bring him in as an awakened and he was released as an independent hero. This incarnation of Sylver Nova would serve closely with the PPD on many occasions, but often found that many viewed him as having 'cheated' into his position. Achieving power before he was ready, and not being part of the awakened department of the PPD even though he had once been a cop. This led to some distancing between Sylver Nova and the PPD, but he continued to try to use the system to better the world and save the innocent from the machinations of the various villain groups, particularly the Council and their Nictus allies.

During the Ritki Wars Sylver Nova led from the front, and nearly died on several occasions, but managed to pull through and help the various armed forces in combat. His experience in the Navy led to him fighting beside the Sailors of the United States as well as the Marines away from Paragon City. This military acumen and front-line leadership became what this incarnation of Sylver Nova was to be known for. After the war he would use the skills he learned and his own charismatic nature to solve tough situations. He would take on the toughest assignments, and even managed to talk some villains out of hostage situations and keep them from becoming bloody when the PPD sought to enter guns blazing. This behavior continued to create a rift between the PPD and Sylver Nova. He was also a proponent against Longbow and the militarization of the PPD, feeling that the PPD should be a peace keeping force and not a military force, and that Longbow were technically an illegal mercenary company and that they shouldn't be allowed to operate as peacekeeping forces in Paragon.

This made Sylver Nova very few friends in the growing militarized PPD and Longbow, but he was still willing to work beside them for the greater good. Eventually he was called in to deal with a break-in and potentially dangerous villain in an apartment building. He entered the building and called out to negotiate with the villain, their was no sound and the building was empty. As his senses screamed danger he continued inside trying to do his duty when he was ambushed by Council thugs. He eventually succumbed to a barrage of shots from quantum rifles. Aegis of Silver managed to escape by phasing through a nearby wall and out of the building. Fearful and lost it sought the first body to merge with, which was a girl who was spray-painting a wall across the street.

Pre-merger Kyoko



Kyoko Musahara is a third generation Japanese American, also known as a sansei, she was not raised speaking Japanese and doesn't know any of her relatives in Japan. He father was a member of the PPD, as well as an abusing alcoholic who often took his anger out on his wife and children. As such she lived a bleak and tormented childhood, dealing with an abusive household and a mother who turned to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with the abuse. Her family hid the injuries with makeup and excuses, often rough housing with siblings, falling out of trees, or extended holidays for when the abuse was particularly bad.



During a particular bad session of 'discipline' by her father a small spark of her psionic potential was activated. She instinctively used the power to push her father away from her and her sibling. During the incident she had blacked out, and her father never told anyone about the incident, but after it the abuse became less frequent towards Kyoko but the rest of the family continued to suffer. Her brother would be suffer an 'accident' and he ended up dead from it. The PPD and their medical examiner covered up the fact that he was killed due to abuse and neglect by one of their officers. In Highschool her father was killed during a drug-bust of a Skull hideout, the media hailed him as a hero and he was given a heroes funeral with several supers even showing up and speaking on his behalf. The whole thing filled Kyoko with disdain for the 'Super' culture and the PPD in general.

Joining the Skulls


A few weeks later Kyoko sought out the Skulls and joined their gang, partly as a way to escape the pain she had been dealt all her life, and partly as thanks for killing her abuser. The Skulls in return welcomed her with open arms and she quickly took to the gang life, but held a soft spot for those outside the 'super' system. Often times this would put her at odds with other Skulls as she was unwilling to harm random civilians, especially children. She was perhaps one of their best thieves and she had a knack for skimming credit cards, seemingly always guessing the PIN right on the first try. During her first year in the Skulls she would end up attending her mothers funeral, she had died of a drug overdose, and now Kyoko was alone.

The Merger


When Aegis of Silver was forced from the dying body of Arthur Krovien it flew through the wall of the building and found a young girl spray painting the wall of a nearby building. Fearful, desperate, and angry the Kheldian flew to the young woman and offered her power in return for a blending of selves. Kyoko, who had lived most of her life fearful of her abusive and alcoholic father, snagged the opportunity at getting back at the system that had so harmed her. As the two minds merged and the personalities intertwined little memories began to surface. Kyoko had seen cops go into the building where Sylver Nova was killed only a half-hour before he arrived on the scene. They left ten minutes later with a small briefcase. A feeling of betrayal swept through the newly formed Peacebringer as they came to realize that the police had sold out the prior Sylver Nova to the Council, that it was an intentional ambush to kill the hero. This combined with the fact that Kyoko's father was also a cop, and that they had long turned a blind eye to his abuse made the new Sylver Nova, who once worked closely with the PPD, now see them as the enemy working secretly alongside the Nictus. The only members of the PPD that could be trusted were fellow Peacebringers, and even then only at arms length at best. The loss of innocence in Kyoko's life led to that innocence to become the prevailing personality of the new being, with the anger, hate, and rage hidden just beneath the surface. The innocent and kindly act seemingly a coping mechanism for the pain and trauma that the merged being now felt. The merging of the two had another side effect, the activation of Kyoko's Psionic potential, something the Kheldian had never experienced before.

Sylver Nova was bombarded with the thoughts, emotions, and desires of being within several hundred feat, instilling a feeling of drowning and chaos upon the newly formed being. To further their sense of distrust of the PPD a warrant was issued a few days later after by the PPD stating that Kyoko had stolen the Kheldian and was forcing it into servitude. The PPD began a manhunt for Sylver Nova and she was forced to run away to the Rogue isles until the Kheldians back in Paragon could clear her name. She remained in contact with them as she worked beside the villains of the isles to survive, even going so far as to fight against longbow on Mercy. Her actions as a mercenary in the isles earned her the attention of the Conclave and they sought to recruit her into their number.

When Dr. Pain asked her what she wanted to accomplish she at first could only think of vengeance. Then the question of 'and then what' rang in her head. What would she do after, what would be her legacy. The lifetimes of fighting for justice, for trying to better the world and uplift the weak welled up inside of her. The system was broken, be it the Council or Nemesis, or the Nictus, it mattered not the system harmed the weak and the downtrodden. The whole thing needed to be destroyed root and stem, and a new system must be built. She told Dr. Pain as much and he accepted her into the Conclave. She now seeks to find how best to break the system, while working as a mercenary to survive in the isles till she is strong enough to bring an end to all that hurt her, and continues to hurt others. She holds two rules sacred though, she will not attack those who have not chosen to be part of the system, and she would not harm children. Everything else though was fair game to be destroyed.

Life in the Isles


Her time in the isles even after joining the Conclave has not been easy. She lives in a shipping container on Mercy island, and for many months spent time just eking out a living by doing petty work for Burke as a mercenary, all in the hopes of eventually living a better life to accomplish her goals. Often times she has struck out in violence and anger upon anyone who claims that she is broken, that her Kheldian went insane, or other variations of the same. She has begun to further develop her own ideologies by writing a manifesto, everyday she scribbles into her book the newest iterations and thoughts on how she must destroy the 'system' and bring a unified Kheldian government to rule over the humans. As of yet though the Kheldians have yet to support her actions, though they still inform her of Nictus threats and council base locations.

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